Don't @Tweet Me, Maybe


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5 Common mistakes companies make doing influencer outreach via Twitter.

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  • “This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” T it up by telling the story of how the relationship evolves. This degree of cooperation, trust and bending the rules can only come after they have been through the rest of the story together. It works because trust has been built.Now it’s your turn to start building that kind of trust with reporters…
  • Don’t do this capriciously and insincerely, but if you like something you see and you’re going to RT it, you might as well pass along a compliment while you do so.Just saw a great tweet? Love what you just read and want to share it with others by repeating (retweeting, aka RT) the tweet? Cool! You're getting the hang of Twitter. Now do me a favor, and DON'T TOUCH THAT RT ICON!I know, I know. That link in the bottom of every tweet is darned convenient. It's fast. It's simple. But you're really missing out if you use it exclusively.The most obvious disadvantage? You can't add anything to the tweet -- your opinion, why you felt it retweet-worthy, what you'd like to point out or add -- at all. Being able to add to the initial tweet is a really important aspect of retweets that Twitter missed when they built the RT function.It also misses the important relationship-building role that RTs play. With automatic RTs, the person you're retweeting won't know it unless they habitually check their "Your Tweets, retweeted" tab. (Yes, you have one.) They'll likely never know you shared their post. Old school "manual" RTs on the other hand, are a nice little compliment (and who couldn't use a nice compliment?).
  • Not only are you thanking them, you’re making sure they know you will promote their work.
  • Don't @Tweet Me, Maybe

    1. 1. #outreachmarketing #dttm DON’T @Tweet Me, Maybe? 5 mistakes you’re (likely) making with influencers on Twitter, and how to turn the tide. Laura @Pistachio Fitton #outreachmarketing #dttm
    2. 2. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 1 DON’T @Tweet Me, Maybe? 2 Ask NOT What Influencers Can Do for You… 3 Don’t touch that RT button! 4 Credit Where Credit’s Due 5 Stay Classy
    3. 3. #outreachmarketing #dttm The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums #outreachmarketing #dttm
    4. 4. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 1 DON’T @Tweet Me, Maybe? Are you @Spamming?
    5. 5. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm
    6. 6. #outreachmarketing #dttm build relationships #outreachmarketing #dttm
    7. 7. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 2 Ask NOT What Influencers Can Do for You… (Please tell me you know the next line!?)
    8. 8. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm
    9. 9. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 3 Don’t Touch that RT Button! There’s a much better way to share
    10. 10. PAY COMPLIMENTS: RT right! 1. copy/paste 2. cleanup 3. edit 4. append #dttm
    11. 11. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 4 Credit Where Credit’s Due Is actually extremely good for you
    12. 12. for heaven’s sake, when you get mentioned, @mention the reporter who wrote it. THANK THE @REPORTER #outreachmarketing #dttm
    13. 13. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 5 Stay Classy Support, don’t stalk
    14. 14. #outreachmarketing #dttm Don’t cross the line between OUTREAC H and STALKIN G!
    15. 15. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm
    16. 16. #outreachmarketing #dttm Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
    17. 17. #outreachmarketing #dttm#outreachmarketing #dttm 1 DON’T @Tweet Me, Maybe? 2 Ask NOT What Influencers Can Do for You… 3 Don’t touch that RT button! 4 Credit Where Credit’s Due 5 Stay Classy
    18. 18. #outreachmarketing #dttm Why @Tweet When You Can @Connect? DON’T: • @Spam • Beg for attention • Ask for… … a followback … a RT or share … an @mention … help …“feedback” “check out” DO: • Find their contact info • Earn attention • Give instead Follow RT their stuff Answer their questions Provide help Show what’s in it for their audience
    19. 19. #outreachmarketing #dttm Blogging Social SEO Tools to Attract Visitors Tools to Convert Leads Tools to Close Customers Landing Pages Forms Email Marketing Automation Analytics Salesforce Sync Calls-to-action Lead Management All the tools you need to do marketing – all in one place. Four FREE TOOLS FOR YOU: Your grade and checklist to-dos Marketing Library Marketing Academy Try Social Inbox: THANK YOU!
    20. 20. #outreachmarketing #dttm More Customers Than Any Other Marketing Automation Tool #outreachmarketing #dttm
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