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Getting Started With Social Media For Business


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Can small businesses really benefit from Social Media? The answer is yes, if you use it strategically. Whether or not you have already jumped on the social media bandwagon, you will learn something …

Can small businesses really benefit from Social Media? The answer is yes, if you use it strategically. Whether or not you have already jumped on the social media bandwagon, you will learn something from this teleclass. We will discuss the basics of:
Why Social Media is an important piece of your Marketing Strategy,
Gettting started with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for your business, and How to use them together to make more of an impact.

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  • 1. Social Media for Business: Learn how to benefit from Advisors On Target & Pro Painting Net Teleclass
  • 2. What we will cover today…
    • Why is Social Media important?
    • The Big Three Online Social Networking Platforms
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
    • Setting up a your Profiles and Fan Pages
    • Networking with Social Media
    • Using Online Networks effectively and wisely
  • 3. Why Social Media?
    • Everyone is participating
      • 200 million on Facebook
      • 40 million on LinkedIn
      • 12 million on Twitter projected for 2009
    • People do business with people they know-Online networks mirror offline networks
    • Low Cost Marketing
    • Good Search Engine Optimization from the top sites
  • 4. Online Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook
      • Use to connect with personal friends/family
      • Use for business
      • Create a Facebook Business Page and/or group
      • Use to broadcast interesting news and promotions to your network
    • LinkedIn
      • Use to connect with professional connections
      • Use to expand your professional network
      • Use to broadcast what you are doing professionally to your business network
    • Twitter
      • Use to broadcast interesting items to your network – social or business
      • Use to create a buzz and expand your network
      • Use to entice people to buy, act or sign up for something
    • Directories with a social media aspect
      • Biznik and others
    • Review Sites with a social media aspect
      • Yelp, Amazon and others
    • Other Social Media platforms
      • Google FriendFeed, Stumbleupon, Digg and others
  • 5. Why LinkedIn?
    • Most credible professional online network
    • Commonly used in the business world
    • Having a LinkedIn profile is becoming the norm
    • Enhance your offline networks - online
  • 6. LinkedIn Features
    • Professional Profile
    • Groups
    • Polls
    • Answers
  • 7. Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Current and Past Positions
    • Add a Professional Profile Photo
    • Write a good summary – use key words
    • Edit your LinkedIn url
    • Add your website(s) & Edit titles
    • Add Blog feed
    • Add relevant affiliations
    • Get & give recommendations
  • 8. Use LinkedIn Effectively
    • Visit often – weekly if not daily
    • Update status frequently and strategically
    • Look for opportunities to grow network
    • Communicate with network
    • Set up a group
    • Join groups
    • Communicate with groups
    • Use answers area
  • 9. Why Facebook?
    • Most popular online network
    • 25 million new users joined Facebook in July 2009
    • Beginning to get major play in business as well as social world
    • Another opportunity to get your business in front of more eyes
  • 10. Facebook Features
    • Facebook Personal Profile
    • Facebook Groups
    • Facebook Pages
    • Facebook Ads
    • Networking on Facebook
    • Social Media Link Options
      • Twitter
      • Networked Blogs
      • Promote on your website, blog & newsletter
  • 11. Personal vs Professional Presence
    • Keep personal profile primarily for friends and family
    • Limit the amount of marketing you do on your personal profile
      • Some crossover is inevitable for some small businesses – primarily those whose businesses revolve around an individual
    • Drive traffic and fans to your Facebook business Fan page
  • 12. Your Personal Profile
    • Decide how you want to use your profile – personal vs. business – or both
    • Privacy on Facebook
      • Settings
      • Online Status
    • Applications
    • Add Notes – Import Blog
  • 13. Create a Facebook Fan Page
    • Add a Professional Profile Photo or Logo
    • Write a good summary – use key words
    • Add your website(s)
    • Add content – photos, videos, boxes
    • Create a custom url for distribution
    • Add Events
    • Get the word out
    • Add an interest group as another channel
  • 14. Why Twitter
    • Short 140 character status updates can generate quick interest
    • Link feature to Facebook page or blog can expand your social media reach
  • 15. Use Online Networks Effectively
    • Visit often – weekly if not daily
    • Update status
    • Look for opportunities to grow network
    • Communicate with groups
    • Find other relevant pages to “fan” or follow
    • Comment on relevant posts
    • Post items of interest
  • 16. A word to the wise
    • “Google” yourself – you already show up online
    • Manage your online presence
    • Decide how you want to use social media and connect accordingly
    • Be consistent across personal and professional spheres
    • Make use of privacy settings
    • Be smart and be aware
  • 17. In Conclusion : Leverage Social Media to:
    • Promote your business
    • Network with clients and referral partners
    • Expand Your Web Presence
    • Drive traffic to your website
  • 18. Links
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Pages
    • Publish to Twitter from Facebook Page
  • 19. Connect with us online
    • Connect on LinkedIn
    • Follow on Twitter
    • Become a fan of the Advisors On Target and Pro Painting Net Facebook Pages!
    • Become a free member at Pro Painting Net
    • We share information that we discover to help you market your business online as well as other information that is relevant to your business
  • 20. Need Help Getting Started?
    • Social Media Package: $297
    • Here is what we do:
    • Set up and/or Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Set up Your Business Facebook Fan Page
    • Set up Your Twitter Account
    • Link your Facebook Page and Twitter Account to automatically update each other
    • Link your Blog to your social media accounts
    • Coach you on developing your networking strategy using social media in a way that works for you
  • 21. Thank you for attending!
    • For more information about managing your online presence contact:
    • Linnea Blair
    • Tel 619.291.3700
    • Email [email_address]