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  • 1. Morgan the Monster
    By: Lizzi Jackson
    Grade: 9th
  • 2. CAST
    AHS Performing Arts Center
    Morgan Monster
    Morgan was a high school theatre student and the cast list for the schools new play was posted on the theatre doors. She had been so nervous the night before that she hardly slept a wink.
    She ran strait to the Performing Arts Center doors and found her name on the list. Annabelle- Aunt Marge, Chelsea- Hannah, and so on till she found Morgan- Soul Sucking Monster.
  • 3. Morgan had wanted the role of Hannah, but she knew that no matter what role she got, she had to do it well. She began to contemplate how to become her character. She had no real world experience with monsters, and so she thought and thought of what one might be like. But non of them were quite what she wanted to portray.
    In order to become her character Morgan new there was only one person to turn to; Stanislavski. He is responsible for Stanislavski's Method, which provides a way to examine and analyze one’s character. Morgan went strait to Google and looked up Stanislavski's method.
  • 5. BEAT 1
    BEAT 2
    BEAT 3
    BEAT 4
    Morgan discovered the first thing she needed to do was divide her script into beats. Beats are specific moments within the play when your character changes his or her attitude. Once she did this she found the given circumstances of the sections. Such as weather, setting, and time of day.
  • 6. FRIENDS
    Morgan’s next step into solving the mystery of her character was to find the wants of her character in each beat. She found many different wants. She found the more obvious ones at first, but as she continued to search the script her character began to develop depth.
  • 7. Morgan was starting to become her character. But just discovering the wants, did not give her a full strong character.
  • 8. The next step in developing Morgan’s character, according to Stanislavski, is to find the obstacles preventing her character from getting its wants. So Morgan went back to her script, and while she found her character’s obstacles she thought about ones she faced in her own life.
  • 9. Morgan’s discovery of her characters obstacles had brought her even closer to her character. But it still wasn’t as strong and full as it should be.
  • 10. Her next task was to find the different tactics her character used to overcome its obstacles. Tactics are a way to understand your characters motives behind lines, actions, and movements. She noticed that as one tactic failed a new one began.
  • 11. All of these different tactics made Morgan’s monster quite close to complete. However, she still didn’t know how to act like the monster naturally, without implying stereotypes on how it ought to act.
  • 12. Morgan’s final task to complete a strong, fully comprehensive, and natural monster was to find where she would use the monsters tactics in her own life. This allowed Morgan to act out her part naturally and convincingly. Morgan had to do an examination of her personal wants.
  • 13. Morgan had now fully analyzed her character’s wants, obstacles, and tactics. She applied real life situations to her character, and became a full grown, strong, and SCARY monster.
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    • 22. Clip art- dog, wall art, weather, moon, stars, and thought clouds
    • 23. All other art done in paint or using PowerPoint personally