Social Media A Low Cost Solution To Attract Emerging Talent


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Social media is changing the way we communicate. Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ , Yammer, Yelp and blogs are creating unique opportunities and challenges for companies today and employers must decide how to interact with these ever-evolving venues. This presentation will address the benefits of using social networks and how a company can strategically build its social networks; how a company can build its brand on LinkedIn™, Facebook™ & Twitter™ and how these sites are being used by recruiters today; and how to incorporate the latest trends in social media to create a competitive advantage for your organization.

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Social Media A Low Cost Solution To Attract Emerging Talent

  1. 1. L MEDIA: A LOW COST SOLUTION TO ATTRACT EMERGING TALENTzz Pellet, Felix Global Vice President USA November 4, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda and Points to Ponder • Social Networking – what is it? • Who are the major players? • What are the implications for HR • How to utilize these platforms in your recruitment activities to achieve ROI
  3. 3. Quick quiz to get started• Do you Google a potential candidate before making an offer?• Do you tweet on Twitter?• Have you created a Twellowhood?• Are you currently blocking access to Facebook at work or have Malware protection?• Do you agree that web 2.0 is just another fad?• Have you had an encounter with a “virtual world”?• Do you blog or feel bloated after a large meal?
  4. 4. What is Social Media? • Fundamental shift in the way people communicate via real-time conversations online • Social media has given HR the ability to showcase their employer brand to attract, retain and repel the right employee • Regardless of platform, advertising must be authentic and congruent to your organizational culture
  5. 5. What is Social Networking?Social Networking is any application orwebsite that links communities of peopletogether through the ability to upload andshare media such as photos, videos andbookmarks, blogs, or to message or linkwith friends, or to make new ones.
  6. 6. The World of Social Networking ChangesEvery Day!
  7. 7. Can Social Networks Help To Attract,Retain and Repel Talent?• Attract – how can you get the best of the best from the current and future talent pool – both active and passive candidates?• Retain – how will you keep the good ones you have that really are a good fit?• Repel – how can you keep the ones that just don’t fit from applying in the first place?
  8. 8. Recruitment Efforts Have Shifted to the Web• Businesses are spending less money on paid media (classifieds, display advertising and job fairs)• Recruiters use social media more aggressively to discover and learn about top candidates• Traditional recruiting tactics are getting crushed by social media As much as 60% - 70% of recruiting is now happening through social networks!
  9. 9. Sourcing Trends Indicate a Growth in theUse of Social Media LinkedIn Social mediasEmployee referralsCorporate websiteInternal databasesNetworking events Online videos Online job boards Resume databases Career fairs Ads, Online No plans to use Open houses Decrease usage Ads,Print Stay about the same Increase usage Ads, Broadcast Source: JCSI, 2010
  10. 10. Today’s Employees Want Transparency• Candidate research• Cultural fit
  11. 11. LinkedIn is the Most Popular Social Networkfor Recruiters Source: Vicenzo Cosenza,
  12. 12. Demographics of LinkedIn
  13. 13. Industry Breakdown of LinkedIn Users Source: Vicenzo Cosenza,
  14. 14. LinkedIn Users by Company Size:The Big Guys Get it! Source: Vicenzo Cosenza,
  15. 15. Sales vs. Human Resources Recruiting is selling! How can we get the passive candidates? • 560,000 visit the home page every day • 450 M pages are viewed, every week • 42 pages are browsed per member, every month Source: Vicenzo Cosenza,
  16. 16. Looking For a New Job?Four mistakes You Might Be Making 1. Having a Vague Headline in Your Profile 2. Maintaining a Passive Profile 3. Not Trying New Tools 4. Networking Only When You Need Something
  17. 17. Goodbye desktop…..
  18. 18. …Hello Smartphone More than half of consumers in the US, UK and China say they would substitute their Internet usage on a PC for a mobile device. Source: IBM Online Survey, October 2008 By 2012, sales of smartphones will exceed 700 million in the global market as compared to about 190 million in 2008., August 2008
  19. 19. Twitter User Engagement• Twitter states they have 175 million registered users.• 119 million accounts following one or more other accounts.• 85 million accounts with one or more followers.• A little subtraction shows 56 million accounts following zero other accounts, and 90 million accounts with zero followers.• So all of those registered users who do not follow anyone (or arent followed by anyone) are active?• Sure, there are some active celebrities who have huge followings while not following anyone, but those are few and far between.
  20. 20. Twitter User Engagement
  21. 21. This is NO Fairy Tale…Once upon a Twitter time at Yahoo!Yahoo! employee Emily West is one of the 1,500 who lost her jobtoday. Just like Ryan Kuder did during Yahoo!s February layoffs,Emily updated her Twitter account throughout the wholeordeal: Here are her actual tweets:• Managers are in early and tv crews are outside. Commence bloodbath. about 3 hours ago from txt• I checked the employee directory and a couple of people are gone from the East coast that I know. about 2 hours ago from web
  22. 22. Once upon a Twitter time at Yahoo!• They have pretty pre-printed signs on doors of the rooms where they are telling people unlike the red sharpie signs from the last round. about 2 hours ago from web• Five people I trained were cut in NY, none from Boston. One girl in NY that started at the same time as me also got the axe. about 2 hours ago from web• Four months of severance is the rumor. Plus they’re herding people to an employment service after they’re told the news. about 2 hours ago from web• FU#$@!!&%**, just saw my new hire trainee from October go into The Room with her manager. They are laying off an amazing employee 10 yards away. about 1 hour ago from web
  23. 23. Once upon a Twitter time at Yahoo!• My work BFF Michelle who helped me get my training job and taught me so much is out. The tears are coming. I hate crying at work. about 1 hour ago from web• I’m kicking myself for not bringing some Bailey’s for my coffee. about 1 hour ago from txt• The campus gym just sent an email offering 20 min. $20 massages starting at 11. Doubt that’s a coincidence. HAW! about 1 hour ago from txt• Some haters say that bloggers are turning the layoffs into a sport. I think that’s b$$@sh##!! about 1 hour ago from txt• I’m out. 14 minutes ago from txt
  24. 24. How to Get Started: Become an Observer• Watch and learn• Follow individuals• Follow companies• Leverage emerging technologies
  25. 25. Engagement is a Two-Way Street• Communication is key• Be timely• Be responsive• Be honest• Be transparent• Be personal
  26. 26. Facebook User Engagement• 3rd most trafficked website in the world!• 400 million active registered users• 5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day, worldwide• Over 500,000 new active users a day• Average user has 120 friends• More than 30 million users update their statuses at least once each day• 62 billion page views per month• More than 8 million users become fans of pages each day
  27. 27. Start to Engage It’s all about the conversation!
  28. 28. Facebook Users are PassionateThere are over 60k user-created groups about careers and networking with over 2 million members.
  29. 29. Facebook Special Interest Groups 140,834 members of a Nurse Group 16,194 members
  30. 30. Keys to A Successful FacebookRecruiting Page Ongoing relevant content generation Goals: • Build relationships with talent Seeking out Open fans dialogue Careers • Strengthen your Page employment brand Success Asking for Employee input participation
  31. 31. Elements of a Facebook Page ShouldEngage Perspective Employees • “FANS” • Company Info • Candid Photos • Polls • “Day in the Life” • Videos • RSS • Corp. Responsibility/ Sustainability • Recruiter Photos
  32. 32. Starbucks Facebook Page
  33. 33. Scottsdale Healthcare Facebook Page
  34. 34. To Best Engage, Be Available Sodexo offers 16 ways for candidates to network with them. Very engaging!
  35. 35. Syndicate Your Opportunities
  36. 36. Make Sure the Social ExperienceMatches the Candidate Experience Your brand must be in line with your culture and your social efforts need to be consistent with your brand!
  37. 37. HR Policies and Practices
  38. 38. Create Social Media Guidelines• Focus on the “do’s” versus the “do not’s”• Guidelines rather than policies• Must align with corporate codes of conduct• Check your privacy policy• Keep your guidelines up to date
  39. 39. ROI: Get Your Executives Investedand Involved••• blog/2009/01/03/your-culture-is-your-brand
  40. 40. Encourage & PromoteExecutive Sponsorship
  41. 41. ROI of Social Networking:How can we track it?• Some companies see how it fits into their Green efforts• When is the last time you used a newspaper classified ad to conduct a candidate search?• Paperless processes• Live virtual Interviews and career fairs
  42. 42. Why is Green Important to Your RecruitingStrategy and Overall HR Initiatives? “While candidates of all generations have begun evaluating potential employers based on their “greenness” few in recruiting have leveraged this hot topic in recruitment communication and activities”. “Individual recruiters need to make their firm’s environment stance a critical element of their sales pitch to potential applicants and candidates” Dr. John Sullivan June, 2007
  43. 43. What is “Green” Recruiting?
  44. 44. The Way We Interview Candidates isForever Changing
  45. 45. Debunking Risk It’s too risky and uncontrollable!• Social media interactionshould be viewed nodifferently than existingcollaboration models (email,meetings, etc)• Identify top 5-10 “worstcase scenarios” and buildcontingencies• Embrace and prepare forfailure
  46. 46. Creating Rationale and Justification  Focus on proficiency instead of It’s a fad…a technology “tools” or “platforms” waste of time…  Identify potential impact to all business units (marketing, service, HR, etc)  Look for synergy and unification vs. a silo build out
  47. 47. Addressing ROI • Tie social recruiting to the What’s the ROI? strategy and goals • Keeping the “I” low will reduce the dependence on “R” • Incremental vs. “Big Bang” • An executive sponsor with clout and interest
  48. 48. It’s All About Charts and Graphs• Better measurableresults will emerge asbusiness needs for thisinformation increase• Statistics and ROI willhelp determine howbusinesses grow or reducesocial media staffs
  49. 49. ROI: The Cost of Using Social Media vs.Other Methods$$$ $$ Free Corporate Niche boards Micro sites Web advertisements (word press) (application)
  50. 50. Building your Social Networks:How to Get Started• Decide on your corporate voice – who will it be and how will it be maintained?• Transparency and authenticity is paramount.• Approach your social media guidelines with care• Get executive sponsorship• Monitor your “Social Footprint”
  51. 51. Questions?Lizz Pellet’s Contact 221-9649Follow me on me on