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This presentation was given as part of the continuing professional development syllabus for Volunteer Programme Managers

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  • What is LAA volunteering project and why is it important to Ealing
    Signed agreement between Ealing Council, the Local Strategic Partnership (ECVS a member) & central government.
    Identify prioritiesfor improving services and quality of life in Ealing from 2007 to 2010.
    110 targets have been identified in Ealing, with 14 key targets which have been chosen by the LSP for Performance Reward Grantsof £740,000 for achieving increased ‘stretch’ targets – volunteering is one of these. If the volunteering target is achieved, this considerable sum will be ploughed back into Ealing’s voluntary sector.
    Ealing Volunteer Centre(part of ECVS) is leading on achieving the volunteering target, which aims is to increase the number of volunteers in the borough of Ealing between 2007 and 2010 by 1085:
    490 socially excluded from target groups ( BMER and Eastern European communities, volunteers with disabilities, volunteers without formal qualifications) , 460 general volunteers 460 and 135 specific areas (Hosp, police, Steetwatchers)
    Working in partnership with 2 large vol orgs (PLA & GMSW), 10 smaller vol orgs & 3 stat partners (police, hospital, Streetwatchers) to achieve the stretch targets
    Very significant benefits to Ealing’s voluntary sector – improved good practice, more volunteers to support VCS groups, VCS groups enabled to carry out more, benefits to individual volunteers, improved partnership working, PRG ploughed back into Ealing’s VCS
    To be eligible for an award, volunteers must meet 3 criteria
    The first criterion is simply that they should live, study, work or volunteer in the borough of Ealing.It doesn’t matter how the volunteers are recruited – they don’t need to have come via Ealing Volunteer Centre. As long as they live, study, work or volunteer in the borough of Ealing, they count towards the targets.
    Secondly, they must be ‘new’ to your organisationie joined your organisation some time in the previous 12 months
    Thirdly, they must complete 100 hours of volunteering a 12-month period. That’s an (average of 2 hours a week. The hours can be accumulated in a short chunk or spread across the year – as long as the total is reached within a 12-month period).The 100 hours is anapproximate figure, and can include travel time to and from the volunteering, training, research, meetings– anything associated with the volunteering. If someone volunteers at more than one organisation (e.g. helping at school events or at the local church or faith group), the hours can be added together
  • How you can help
    There are 3 things you can do to help, andWe’ll do all we can to make it as painless a process as possible
    1. The first is to nominate volunteers who complete 100 hours of voluntary service for an award.We will invite nominated volunteers to the next awards ceremony ,where the Mayor of Ealing will present a Certificate of Volunteering Achievement to everyone who has been nominated. Each volunteer will have their photo taken receiving their award, and they will be able to record the award on their cv.I’ll explain who is eligible for a 100 hour award, and you’ll find this information on our website too. (wwwEaling CVS – Volunteering Section – Awards page]
    2. the second way in which you can help is to provide confidential monitoring information.We are aware that some volunteers may not wish to receive recognition for their volunteering – they may not like the limelight, or perhaps they have moved on from your organisation, or there may be other reasons for not nominating individual volunteers. However, we want to be sure that we capture and record data for all volunteers who meet the 100 hour criteria.. I want to emphasize that we will do everything we can to ensure that this process does not become an administrative burden for you . We have several ‘creative’ solutions up our sleeves e.g. recruiting ‘admin volunteers for your project or organisation, to help you with the process of providing the monitoring data (Lesley can vouch for this technique. We recruited Eileen to help Lesley – she now has a paid role at PLA – and we have now recruited Anne to take over where Eileen left off, or visit to Groundwork. Please get in touch with me so we can find a solution that will work well for you..
    The 3rd way in which you can help is to register new volunteering oppswith the Volunteer Centre. Lizzie mentioned earlier that there are currently 5551 volunteers registered with the VC – talented people keen to give their time freely to help others. If you are able to provide more openings for them, we’ll find volunteers to fill the roles
  • This is how to register a volunteering opportunity.
    Go to our website www.ealingcvs.org.uk/volunteering, or type ‘Ealing Volunteer Centre’ into Google
    The red arrow shows where to find an opportunity regirstration form (under Key Resources).
    Fill it out online, email it back to the Volunteer Centre
    Remember to make the volunteering opportunity sound exciting. Choose a snappy Opportunity Title, and whet the volunteer’s appetite with your first sentence! Or ask Wendy for help.
  • 2 1/2 years into the LAA VP, we’re alreadymaking a difference,
    The profile of volunteering in Ealing has been raised.
    Good practice in volunteer management has improved.
    More people are volunteering. – enquiries at the VC are up 1/3
    Individual Ealing residents are benefiting ­ - hard-to-reach who are being drawn into volunteering for the first time, and are gaining confidence, skills, something to add to their cvs
    ,organisations are benefiting _ extra pairs of helping hands to help them raise the quality and quantity of their service delivery ,
    Partnership working has had a real boost, andthe voluntary and stat sectors are now working more closely together
    We have another year to build on theseachievements.
    Think how much more we can achieve if we win that pot of gold in 2010 too!
  • Funders
    Attractive to funders
    Strengthens the network in eyes of outside world, and therefore our voice re influencing and lobbying
  • Voluntunteering Into Work Vcf 18 Oct 2009 For Website.Fnl

    1. 1. Quick Start Volunteering Meghan Hutchins Volunteering Placement Worker
    2. 2. Volunteering into Work Projects • DWP 2 hours of tasty snack volunteering • One Stop Job Shop 2 hours for 5 weeks – a more sustaining meal • Personal Best – Olympic Feast of Delights – group volunteering, events helping out, customer service • •
    3. 3. Forum Discussion Please share with the forum in 2 minutes • Your Name • Organisation • Brief summary of activities • What works well now, what’s changed? • What help would you like from Experts?
    4. 4. Coffee and Networking • Information gathering • News and excitements • Resource Centre – hot desks !! • Interview Rooms • Training Room •
    5. 5. WENDY SENDER Volunteering Development Manager Ealing Volunteer Centre 020 8280 2242 wendy@ealingcvs.org.uk 100 hours and still counting
    6. 6. What is the Local Area Agreement (LAA) Volunteering Programme? • Increased volunteering in Ealing • 1085 new volunteers by 2010 • 490 hard-to-reach volunteers • 135 defined category volunteers • 460 general volunteers • Significant benefits volunteers, VCS organisations, partnership working • Potential £670,000 reward funding for Ealing
    7. 7. 100 hour awards • ‘Ealing’ volunteer must volunteer, live, study or work in Ealing • ‘New’ to your organisation started volunteering after April 2007 • 100 hours within any 12-month period - include travel, training, etc Nominate for award OR provide information to be kept confidentially •
    8. 8. How you can help 1.Nominate volunteers for ‘100 hour’ awards • Details & nomination form at www.ealingcvs.org.uk/volunteering (Awards page) • For large numbers contact Wendy 2.Provide confidential monitoring data to capture additional ‘100 hour’ volunteers 5.Register volunteering opportunities
    9. 9. www.ealingcvs.org.uk/volunteering
    10. 10. 100 out 100 • We have achieved the target !! • We need 100 more to be home and dry! • Next awards ceremony 6th November • Last awards ceremony 5th March 2010
    11. 11. London’s Volunteering Charter & Volunteer Management Health Check Experts in Volunteering Project
    12. 12. Anne Layzell Development Manager, Experts in Volunteering Project Greater London Volunteering Anne’s direct line: 020 7953 7040 anne@glv.org.uk
    13. 13. What is the Experts in Volunteering Project? 1. London’s Volunteer Management Charter 2. Health check 3. Training 4. Action learning sets 5. www.expertsinvolunteering.org
    14. 14. The Charter & Health Check: background • IVR Report: Health Check: all fit for 2012? • Based on what the GLV network asked for • Move towards ‘standardisation’ across the network • Improve volunteer management > better volunteering experiences
    15. 15. The Charter and Health Check: what will they mean for the London network? • Strong message of unity • Evidence of collaborative thinking and working • Clarity and consistency on what constitutes good volunteer management • Documents we can use as part of the process of improving volunteer management. • • • •
    16. 16. What could they mean for you? They could: • identify areas for improvement. • suggest new ideas. • help find support/signpost you to other resources in the sector. • help with structure and direction. • link you in to a wider pan London community. • be a stepping stone to Investing in Volunteers (IIV). • be good for publicity, Annual Reports, funding bids. • be harnessed for promotional purposes (could be used as a quasi-quality mark). •
    17. 17. ….. and it’s free!
    18. 18. What the GLV network told us: • They liked the Charter • They thought that the Health Check was comprehensive • • They wanted a short version of the Health Check for initial contact with organisations, defining the essentials of good practice in volunteer management. • •
    19. 19. How it could work for HNCAG (Happy Neighbours Community Action Group) HNCAG: •will endorse the Charter by signing it •are then ‘Working towards being an Expert in Volunteering’ •complete the Volunteer Management Health Check
    20. 20. “The Association of Volunteer Managers works to support people who manage volunteers; and as such we really welcome initiatives such as GLV's Charter of Good Practice which promote good volunteer management, and help to highlight that volunteer involvement needs to be planned and resourced properly. We hope that it will be a positive step forward for volunteer managers, and volunteer management, across London.” Sean Cobley, Chair, AVM
    21. 21. What does it all add up to? • Practices do not stand still • Legislative changes • Increase costs of checking and vetting • Valued volunteering programmes • Budgeted volunteering programmes • •
    22. 22. Influential Changes • The nature of employment • Changes in the resources on offer • Changes in client /funders expectations • Increased importance of human capital • Fluid organisational structures • Distance from decision makers
    23. 23. Volunteer Managers’ Forums 2010 Wednesday 20th January Tuesday 27th April Thursday 15th July Wednesday 13th October NEXT AWARDS Friday 5th March NOMINATIONS CLOSE Friday 29th January
    24. 24. Charities Evaluation Service Four-day Outcomes Champion course - spring 2010 • 4th & 5th February and 16th & 17th March • The course will be running in London and you must attend all four days. Course Pricing • Third sector attendees with: • 1-5 FTE – £373 • 6-15 FTE – £532 • 16-49 FTE – £732 • 50+ FTE – £865
    25. 25. Upcoming Excitements • Thursday 15th October 2009 10:30 to 12:00 The Lido Centre – Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual: An Equality Perspective • Wednesday 18th November 2009 9.30am to 4.30pm Ealing Town Hall – West London LGBT Out on the Edge