Community snaphots: Technology workshops for parents


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Lizzie Chase and Donna Sirmais: suggests a series of after-school workshops for parents, to build their confidence about 21st century learning skills.

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Community snaphots: Technology workshops for parents

  1. 1. The raft, the river and the rainbow: Community research in the 21st Century library context By Lizzie Chase and Donna Sirmais Resources: Website: Sample survey report:
  2. 2.  Margaret Redrup-May and the team at the Blacktown Council libraries. 40 000 parent ‘sign ups’ in 2012 for Baby rhyme time and early childhood programs  The great good place and Celebrating the third place – Thanks to Ray Oldenburg [and others] for analysing & celebrating what makes places into community hubs  All the people who have shared their stories & beliefs about what matters in the Raft, river, rainbow project  Cambridge Park HS and Chifley Bidwill – 2013 videos With thanks to
  3. 3. For authentic community research about the nature of wisdom: 1. Ask questions which matter 2. Resource a project effectively 3. Engage the community in responding and co-creating 4. Communicate findings & support community publishing IE A strategic mix of creativity, welcome, skills exchange, seeking feedback & supporting the publication of community “voice” videos, interview sound files and digital stories as a valued part of a library’s current digital collections & archives. What “works well” with community research?
  4. 4.  An adult writing group meeting at Mt Druitt Library  A P&C group meeting at a Blue Mountains PS library  Educational consultants at a specialist educational library [Henry Parkes Equity Resource Centre]  An email focus group + a student writing group  A student leaders meeting at Henry Parkes  A parents group meeting at Cambridge Park HS library, over a series of sessions Our interviewees
  5. 5.  On the current affairs front, which items in the news are on your agenda at the moment & why? Within Australia and Globally:  For public libraries to act as community hubs, which new activities do you believe they could host, possibly in partnership with other agencies?  What do children need, to be 21st Century young adults who are confident, skilled and caring? Emotional and social needs, Intellectual needs, Other needs: Our SURVEY questions about what matters
  6. 6.  Community writers: Write about a person who is very important to you – show us why.  Community writers: Explain what matters most to you. What do you believe in? How do you gain peace? OR Write about a life changing experience /conversation you had OR the best holiday…  Student writers: These things really matter to me, as a young person, in the Australian news, in world news  Our WRITING TASKS about what matters
  7. 7.  Raft, river, rainbow workshops for community writers: Celebrating people & memories we value and beliefs that we cherish. Cards to inspire discussion and writing at  You, me and 21C workshop series at Cambridge Park HS: Exploring what matters in a school context  SEAT student leaders express their views about what matters. 2012 videos at Workshop series – 2012 & 2103
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Raft, river, rainbow project Images to inspire talk & writing Illustrator: Gina Harrowell
  10. 10. 1. Ask about what matters: Survey Monkey & getting to know the participants & their technology needs 2. Find the key messages: Wordle, Infogram, Piktochart, Easelly - Data visualisation tools 3. Share voices and opinions: Sock puppet app interviews + Voki, Weebly websites + blogging 4. Share stories, journeys, beliefs & values: Mixbook + ipad apps; Animoto videos  for ideas Community Snapshots Workshop series
  11. 11. Flyer
  12. 12. Workshop 1: Getting to know you + Survey skills PARTICIPANT TASKS: COMPLETE THESE SURVEYS Children’s needs: Library of the future:
  13. 13.  SCHOOL COMMUNITY GROUPS: Join up to Edmodo and JOIN the Community Snapshots group by using the PIN: znnvw8 – as a student of this class PARTICIPANT TASK: ANSWER THIS QUESTION  Which items in the news are on your agenda at the moment & why? Within Australia: Globally: Edmodo – In a school context
  14. 14.  Wordle about young people’s needs Workshop 2: Data visualisation skills
  15. 15. WordSalad: One person requiring respect and welcome
  16. 16. • ONLINE: Paste the writing from your Edmodo post to make your own Wordle about current affairs issues that matter to you OR • ON YOUR IPAD 1. Write your opinion into the Notes app 2. Select all - Copy 3. Use WordSalad app: New - New Salad 4. Create PDF or Save to Camera Roll – Find it in Photos Participant Task
  17. 17. Infogram – Infographic
  18. 18. Piktochart – Infographic 9b91-adaa74cd3f82
  19. 19. Easelly - Infographic ple/image.jpg
  20. 20.  PARTICIPANT TASK: Create an infographic to display your main ideas visually  Display your opinions about what’s in the news in an infographic created at  You may wish to focus on Australian issues OR global issues Easelly – Task
  21. 21. Secrets for success for community projects By Donna Sirmais Session 2
  22. 22.  There will be real outcomes for participants  Ownership by participants  Build trust and strong relationships  Over a period of time – a series of meetings  Hospitality – food is welcoming, relaxed talk happens  Build a sense of fun – it’s okay to make mistakes  A strong sense of purpose Secrets for success in community projects
  23. 23. Project processes
  24. 24. Treasure hunt - Example
  25. 25. Cambridge Park HS Video &sff=1&authkey=!AIjjUW1z5eLegOA
  26. 26. Storyboarding key ideas
  27. 27. Sock puppet interview
  28. 28.  Using the Sock Puppet app, interview a partner about what really matters to them – Take turns to have your say  When you have finished your interviews, share them with another pair Participant Task
  29. 29. Voki Example
  30. 30. Animoto video
  31. 31.  Create your own short Animoto video, using 5-12 Creative Commons images.  ONLINE: What matters to me images – Download these from 633514162862/  ONLINE: Library images – Download these from 633711582486/  APP VERSION: Take 5-8 photos now to upload… Participant Task
  32. 32. Mt Druitt Library Writing Group
  33. 33. Mixbook Example: Blacktown Library Writing Group
  34. 34. Participant task - Mixbook  ONLINE: Go to to create 5 pages: 5 key messages about what matters most to you.  Choose your own images OR select images from 2157633514162862/ Mixbook – Task
  35. 35. Student leaders at Henry Parkes
  36. 36. Student Voice Video example
  37. 37.  Megan said: Spinning, lifting, falling, leaping, flying….most people do not describe this exciting performing art, dance, as peaceful. But pushing my body to its limits and releasing all the tension and emotion definitely makes me calmer. When I dance, it’s like I am a bird, free and flying. Being able to express myself through dance comforts, excites and frees me all at the same time. That is because peace is feeling contented and quiet, and despite leaping and spinning everywhere, when I dance, my mind relaxes. When you push your body to its limits, when it hurts so bad you could collapse, something happens that makes to pain all worthwhile. When you dance, and reach heights you could never have imagined, it’s like an exhilarating wave coming over you, the feeling of achievement. When you do more than your best and go the extra mile (the mile you could never conquer) a feeling of completeness, satisfaction and peace comes over you, because you know that what you just did was better than your best. Peace is not just having no negative emotions, or feeling quiet or still, it is what makes up your heart, what you are passionate about. Peace is living in the moment, it’s that fiery, free feeling you get when you grow wings and fly. For me, among other things and people, it’s dance. Blogging / Websites
  38. 38. Anzac reflections - Weebly Google Advanced Images Search – Usage Rights: Free to use or share + Jamendo for creative commons images & music
  39. 39. 21st century community research: Joint knowledge building Extract from Morphing into a 21st century teacher by Mia MacMeekin See also: ffanypoirier