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[NTMM13] TM is Serious Business
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[NTMM13] TM is Serious Business


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AIESEC UK National Talent Management Meeting 2013 output.

AIESEC UK National Talent Management Meeting 2013 output.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. POL 101: Introduction to Political Thought Dr. R. Ayley Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 2. TM is a Serious business Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 3. = Nicola VP Business development LCP Birmingham VP ICX Birmingham Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 4. objectives ✦ we understand that during recruitment students perceptions of aiesec are their perceptions of us ✦ We are all able to communicate the value prop of the four sub products ✦ We are able to tailor our sales approach to different student profiles Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 5. we need to understand how to sell to students Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 6. How can we engage students? Scenario Imagine when you were at your freshers week... Which society caught your attention? ‣why did they engage you? ‣how did they do this? ‣Did this influence your opinion on whether to join them? 5 mins share in groups of 4 -Groups of 4 share their thoughts - 2 or 3 groups can share for 5 mins Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 7. What were your first impressions of AIESEC? - Ask the delegates what their first impressions of an AIESEC member were? - What impression did this give you of AIESEC? - So how do we want AIESEC to be perceived by students? Ask 2 or 3 people to shout out for each question Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 8. Global Responsible Leadership For youth by youth collaborative & democratic social entrepreneurship Diverse Daring Dynamic Inclusive Impactful What are the attributes that we want students to associate with AIESEC - explain these and how these words represent the organisation. - explain what behaviour and attitudes are linked to these attributes - And if we are to represent being... (next slide) Brand Attributes Manifestation Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 9. ... (continuation from the previous slide) We need to attract students who also connect to these values & exhibit these qualities The global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 10. It’s all about putting it into practice! - know we understand how to engage students - And we know what qualities & behaviours we need to exhibit to represent the organisation & the type of members we want to attract - we need to practice how we communicate & engage students for our sub products - analogy of sales being like riding a bike - takes some practice, but once you know it comes naturally Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 11. Introducing... We’ve prepared something exciting for you all to practice your selling skills Can we have some excitement in the room Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 12. TM’s got talent - Hands on chance to practice how you will engage different profiles of students in a lecture shout out. - stress the importance of being able to communicate the value prop - It’s those first moments that count!! Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 13. TM’s got talent HOw is this going to work? ‣In Pairs you will be given a sub-product & a profile of student ‣1 minute lecture shout ‣two heats ‣Deliver your lecture shout out ‣you decide your winner of TM’s Got talent PITCH OFF Judges will be giving you feedback on how you tailored your pitch to your target audience, how you engage the audience, was the value prop clear, did you get the audience wanting to know more Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 14. what should you include? ‣why would AIESEC be of value or interest the audience? ‣brief intro of aiesec (or not...) ‣when & where will the info session be How are you going to initially engage & retain the audience’s attention? Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 15. TM’s got talent PITCH OFF dynamic engaging tailored ‣pairs ‣5 mins to prepare ‣1 min lecture shout out ‣each one of you has to deliver creative main thing is that your pitch needs to be tailored to your audiences needs and what would appeal to them Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 16. heats Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 17. head - to - head Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 18. winners Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 19. Wrapping this all up... Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 20. What have been my key learnings from this session...? What am I going to take-back &implement for recruitment? -1 min individual reflection - 3-4 people can share Tuesday, 17 September 13
  • 21. Moving forward... lecture shout outs are not the only channel we engage with students. Email Freshers Fairs Social Media open space at dinner Once we understand how to communicate the value prop of the sub-products to different profiles of students it becomes a whole lot easier to write an email, make a tweet etc... Tuesday, 17 September 13