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Students are connecting with new friends in a global project with a school in Guatemala.

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E palsfriends

  1. 1. Hello from Riverside, Illinois
  2. 2. Hi Friends☻This is Diego, Cale, and Zac. Diegolikes to play his X-box 360® andalso loves to play American football.Cale likes to play American footballand likes to play PC and Wii®games. Zac likes to play hisPlaystation 3® and loves to playAmerican football and kickball. Caleand Zac like pizza and everybodyloves tacos.
  3. 3. Hello Friends! Hi, we are Daniela (left) and Mia (right). Mia likes to sing, dance, play with her brothers, read, draw, swim, play soccer, make movies, and play on her Wii. Mia is 11 years old. Daniela likes to swim, play basketball, sew things, draw, play with friends, and play on her Wii. Daniela is 10 years old.
  4. 4. Alyssa and Jeanene This is Alyssa and Jeanene. Alyssa enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, drawinganimated people and play four square. Alyssa has a pet dog named Coco, and she loves to dance and listen to music. Jeanene loves to swim. Alyssa and Jeanene both like to draw at recess (sometimes) and, bring their binders. Jeanene has 3 pet snakes! Their names are Buggy, Hector and Popsicle. She also, has a awesome turtle names WandaThe Wonderful Turtle. Alyssa and Jeanene love to do projects on the computer at school.
  5. 5. HI FRIENDS!!! :) Hi, this is Anthony and Christian. Anthony enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and American football. Christian enjoys playing baseball, American football, band, kickball, and likes to play Xbox! Also Anthony’s favorite colors are blue, black, purple and green. bye
  6. 6. Devin, Mitchell, and AnthonyHi we are Devin, Mitchell, and Anthony. We all like sports. Devin’s and Anthony’sfavorite sport is American Football. Mitchell’s favorite sport is Basketball.We all areeleven. Devin is the one to the left Mitchell is in the middle. Anthony is the one tothe right.Mitchell and Anthony like to play XBox 360 and Devin likes to play PS3.Devin’s favorite animal is a dog. Mitchell’s favorite animal is also a dog. Anthony’sfavorite animal is a monkey.
  7. 7. Hello friendsHello we are Mickey, Emilio, and Erik. We all go to BlythePark School. We all like to play American football, baseball,and Emilio likes competitive wrestling. We are all interested incomedy and are very funny. We all play the saxophone.Emilio has a pet gecko and Mickey has a frog. We all likevideo games. Often we ride are bikes to get candy and icecream. Erik likes the Bears a ton. MIckey plays the guitar.Emilio likes to have a piece of cake. Mickey’s and Emilio’sgrandma has a restaurant. We are all good friends.
  8. 8. Hola Amigos Hi we are Nicole(right) and Vanessa(left) and in the middle of us is our teacher, Mr.Preble. Nicole likes to play basketball and loves Mindless Behavior(Roc Royal).Vanessa likes to play soccer and loves Justin Bieber and Mindless Behavior.WE BOTH LOVE JADEN SMITH!!!!!!!!Our favorite color is PURPLE!!!
  9. 9. Rachel and Katie! :)Hola! My name is Hola! My name is Katie.Rachel. I like to play I like to play with mypiano and the flute, brother Joey, my dogplay with my pet dog, Ruby, my two catsand my pet frog, Benny. Captain Shae and Molly,I used to have a frog and my bunny, Henry. Inamed Gus, but he like to play the pianodied. My family also and the clarinet. Ihas an aquarium of fish. absolutely love to playI also like to draw. I video games such ashave a twin sister, Super Smash Brothers-Laura. In the summer, I Melee, and Wii. I likeenjoy swimming, and in every sport except forthe winter, I like hockey.sledding.
  10. 10. Hello friends...This is Olivia and Kaitlin. Olivia likes to play piano, write, read,practice cello, and mess around with GIMP and Photoshop (drawingprograms on the computer). Kaitlin likes to play outside, do math, run,play tennis, and play softball. Kaitlin also likes to watch sports. Weboth are 11 years old and have our own computers in school.
  11. 11. Hello friends....Hi, our names are Bella and Audrey. Bella (on the left) age 11likes to play basketball and play football. Bella’s favorite subjectis gym. Bella’s favorite color is purple. Audrey (on the right),age 11, likes to sculpt things out of clay and play with her dog.Audrey’s favorite subject is art. Audrey’s favorite color is green.
  12. 12. Hello Friends...Hello, our names are Mariano and Lucio. We are both 11. Mariano likesto play soccer, football, and x-box 360. Lucio likes to play x- box 360,soccer, and basketball. Mariano has 2 frogs and Lucio has 2 birds. Marianohas 2 brothers and 1 sister. Lucio has 1 sister and 0 brothers.
  13. 13. Hello Friends... Hola, our names are Sam, Jordan, and Asiel. We all like video games.Sam is 11, Jordan is going to turn 11 but he is 10, and Asiel is still 10. We alllike ribs. We all like to go to the movies. Asiel likes to play soccer and X-Box360. Jordan likes to chat on Facebook. Sam likes to play X-Box 360 and likesto play with Nerf guns. It is spring now.
  14. 14. Hello Friends...Hola! We are Jacob and Jack. Jacob is 11 and Jack is 10. Weboth like to play football. Jacob also likes to play baseball.Jack likes to practice Kung Fu Martial Arts. We both like toplay video games. We are both pretty athletic. We bothplay percussion in band class. Jack also learns pianooutside of school. These are some things about us.
  15. 15. Billy and AndyHello! Our names are Billy and Andy. We like to play football after school.Since we have our own computers, we play on them after school.Billy also likes to play soccer and his XBOX 360. Andy also likes to playbasketball. Billy plays the trombone. Andy plays the drums. We both havebeen at Blythe Park School since Kindergarden.
  16. 16. HelloHello, our names are Jacky { Jacklyn }and Jaidin. We bothlove animals. Jaidin has a dog named Coconut and 3 horsesand Jacky has a dog named Puffy and four horses. Jaidinloves to dance and sing and Jacklyn loves to go horsebackriding.
  17. 17. Hola Amigos!Hi, it’s John and Jesse. John loves baseball. Jesse onthe other hand loves to skateboard, play football,and basketball. We both like to play Madden NFLon XBox. It is a football game.