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Social media marketing can be a powerful way to engage your small business customers if it's done well. Facebook helps build a community of followers who may be interested in purchasing your product or service.

The problem that arises for many small businesses who are thinking of using social media like Facebook to help market, is 1) not knowing how to set the account up properly and 2) use the online presence well.

Liz Provo of Mass Marketing Resources, a Western Massachusetts small business specializing in helping other small businesses with their marketing, takes attendees through the various steps in setting up an account, finding followers, posting and sharing content and using insights to monitor success.

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Like Us - Using Facebook For Business

  1. 1. “Like Us” On Facebook Social Media For Small Business Presented by: Liz Provo Mass Marketing Resources
  2. 2. About Me• Extensive background in sales, marketing and customer service• Small business owner for 11 years• Early adopter of blogging, email marketing & social media• Provider of marketing services for small businesses (• Member of HBRAWM since 2001
  3. 3. Why Facebook?• 950 Million users• Today’s marketing is all about relationships, not hard selling• 51% more likely to buy a product after “liking” the brand on Facebook• Provides a personal way for companies to interact with customers• Drive “Word of Mouth” and referrals
  4. 4. You Will Learn How To: Set up a business page & define a marketing strategy Educate, Inspire & Entertain: posting content Share, build relationships Promote your business
  5. 5. Got A Page? Check It!Personal or business? How to tell.• Personal pages have “friends”• Business fan pages have “likes”• Using a Personal page for commercial interests is a VIOLATION of Facebook’s policy – you can be banned without warning.
  6. 6. Mass Marketing Resources
  7. 7. Upload Your Cover & Profile Photos Custom is best. Have someone design one for you. Cover: 851 x 315 pixels, under 100 KB resolution Profile: 160 x 160 pixels, usually a logo, make sure it fits May not contain pricing, discounts, calls to action, contact information, copyrighted artwork, or any incentives to purchase, “like”, etc.
  8. 8. Edit Page Information
  9. 9. Add Company Information  Kind of business, sub categories, user name, street address
  10. 10. More Company Information Page Name Start Date Hours About Description Add. Info. Contact info. Website
  11. 11. Manage Permissions & Admins• Who can see your page?• Assign administrators • Must “like” the page first, Type in email address
  12. 12. Additional Resources  Link to Twitter?  Select a Username!  Use Plug-ins?
  13. 13. Get Followers Ask personal FB friends to “Like” your business page Find Us On Make sure you put your Work info. in Facebook! your About section of your personal page Add a “Like Button” on your website, blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter accounts “Like” related businesses, community & news organizations, etc. Like Mass Marketing Resources arketing1I’ll help get you connected.
  14. 14. Finding Your Voice• Educate consumers?• Showcase projects?• Consumer safety?• Highlight team members?• Gain insight?• Have contests?• Provide company updates?• Collaborate?• Lead buyers to your website, blog or newsletter?• Share good news?ALL OF THE ABOVE ???
  15. 15. RelationshipFind The Self DrivenRight Mix Promote 10% Share Educate, Inspire, 30% Entertain 60%
  16. 16. Connecting With Your Customers Educate/Inspire/Ente rtain - Pictures, articles, events, video, links to your website or blog (60%) Share: 3rd party sources (via Facebook, or web) (30%) Promote/Sell: sales, promos, etc. (10%) Avoid hard selling on any social media “Like” our new mascot? Help us name him!
  17. 17. Engaging Your Audience  Post frequently, daily if possible  Choose best days or times  Use pictures or video to draw more attention  Link to relevant 3rd party content  Set up “auto-posts”
  18. 18. Create A Content Calendar• Have a plan• Tie relevant posts in with master marketing calendar (don’t have one?)
  19. 19. Understanding EdgeRank Facebook wants content that’s POPULAR, RELEVANT & TIMELY 3 attributes: weight (relevance), affinity (popularity) & time decay (timely) EdgeRank increases with TIMELY ENGAGEMENT Engagement = “likes”, “comments” and “shares” Ask for a response - CALL TO ACTION (What do you think?, looking for feedback here, click the like if you want this, etc.
  20. 20. Monitoring EdgeRank
  21. 21. Yes, But Can Facebook Make Me Money?
  22. 22. Beyond Posts – How To Promote Be Warned: Facebook Guidelines prohibit promotions or sweepstakes to gain “likes”. Promote sales and services; new products, accomplishments Encourage followers to subscribe to your newsletter Use Social Campaign software to ask your newsletter subscribers, Twitter and LinkedIn contacts to “like” your page (ie. Constant Contact/Social Campaigns) Plan ahead and have FUN!
  23. 23. In Closing• Create or improve your page – ask for a professional review• Tie your page to your website, etc.• Find Followers, “Like” others• Start posting (use an editorial calendar for stress-less marketing)• Check insights for progress and get help if needed A Special Offer . . . . .
  24. 24. • “Like” Mass Marketing Resources on Facebook and leave a comment! • Subscribe to my Newsletter: - on our home page! • Connect with me and recommend me on LinkedIn: • Subscribe to us on YouTube: Facebook Set Up or review when you sign upfor 2 months of our Marketing Check-in Service* (must authorize as FB admin)What you get: Custom Cover Photo and Profile image, About Us, Initialfollowers, cross promotions, 3 fifteen minute phone check-ins and 1 hour inperson marketing session per month.Value: $120.Act Now – offer expires on Oct. 31, 2012. Must be pre-paid prior to startof work.