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Lesson plan description

  1. 1. Date : 22nd February 2012 ( Wednesday ) Time : 12.00 – 1.00 p.m. Year : 4 Bestari Attendance : 36/39 Proficiency level of pupils : Intermediate General objective : To enable pupils to ask for and give information. Behavioral objective : To enable pupils use the following questions. - What do I wear during rainy day? - What do I wear during sports activity? Previous knowledge : Pupils have been taught on sentence structure. e.g. - I wear……….. - I put on………….. - I use…………. Language focus : Subject-verb Agreement (SVA) Moral value : Cleanliness , tidiness Vocabulary : cap, hat, shirt, trousers, watch, socks, shoes, necktie, belt and etc.
  2. 2. Steps Set induction ( 5 mins ) Presentation (10 mins) - Teacher calls upon a boy and a girl to stand in front of the class -Teacher lets other pupils to observe the boy and the girl ( 1 minute) -Teacher asks the pupils to state the names of the clothes that were worn by the boy and the girl. e.g - shirt - baju kurung - trousers - scarf -Teacher writes the answers on the whiteboard. -Teacher introduces few types of clothes to the pupils. e.g -watch -necktie -scarf -shirt -Teacher pastes the names of the clothes below the pictures shown. -Teacher asks the pupils to say aloud the names of the clothes shown. -Teacher guides the pupils in pronouncing the words correctly. -Teacher drills the pupils on spelling the words. -Teacher puts off the flashcards. -Teacher gets the pupils to name and spell the words randomly. -Teacher asks the pupils to group the boy’s and the girl’s attire in separate group. -To enable pupils alert with their surroundings. -a boy ( Harith) and a girl (Nissa) -whiteboard marker Appendix 1 AVA -flashcards -pictures
  3. 3. Practise ( 20 mins ) -Teacher sets up another group for the similarities between the boy’s and the girl’s attire. -Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. -Teacher gets the pupils to sit in a group of six. -Teacher distributes the mahjong paper to all the group leaders. -Teacher instructs the pupils that they are suppose to discuss and write down their answers on the mahjong paper. -Teacher calls upon the group leaders and give an envelope to each of them which consist the questions for all the groups. e.g -What do I wear during rainy day? -Teacher calls a representative from each group to present their answers in the class. -To enhance pupils’ teamwork spirit and generate their ideas (creative and critical thinking) -To share ideas among the pupils. AVA -whiteboard marker -envelopes -mahjong paper Appendix 2
  4. 4. Production ( 20 mins) Closure ( 5 mins ) -Teacher asks the pupils to get back to their place. -Teacher distributes the worksheets to the pupils. -Teacher asks the pupils to name the correct types of clothes that can be worn on the parts of the body provided individually. -Teacher reminds the pupils to refer to the vocabulary given on clothing previously. -Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils. -Teacher carries out a game on “Who is it?” -Teacher posts few questions regarding few pupils in the class. e.g -That person wears a pair of glasses. Who is it? -Stephanie -That person wears a songkok. Who is it? -Suhaimi -Teacher picks the fastest pupils that raise their hands to answer. -Teacher recaps the lesson. AVA -worksheets Appendix 3 Appendix 4