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  1. 1. MCAMotor Club of America
  2. 2. Would you like to stay homeand make money? How if I told you that you can make money by staying at home on your computer while being on Facebook and twitter all day. Would you be interested? How if I told you that you could make $21,000 this year alone by simply working part time and I mean PART time. How if I told you that you can make $410 minimum a week by working as little as possible? Would you be interested?
  3. 3. Does this all sound to good to betrue? Why of course it does but it istrue. Here are the facts! You can work your own hours. You truly can work from home. You can work either part time or full time. You can work all online but if you choose to work face to face you can as well. This is not a scam trust me I’ve done my research. This company has been around since 1926. This company was given A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). You can make 21,000 up to 140,000.00 a year. 200% commission.
  4. 4. Job description I am a representative for MCA if you are not familiar with MCA it’s like your “AAA” but better. MCA gives insurance coverage for cars, boats, rv’s, roadside assistance and so on. I will be your sponsor and help you succeed and soon you will sponsoring others. If you’ve heard of companies such as Avon, Thirty One, Mary Kay you may know that those representatives spend lots of their time and money investing into their products in hopes to sell enough. Well with MCA you will only invest $40.00 and the outcomes and benefits are out of this world crazy. How many of you know at least 10 people who are in need of a job, almost everyone can answer that. You’re job is to refer those people to MCA as associates. Your job will to sell MCA coverage memberships as well as signing associates to do the same. You are selling a "job" and getting paid to do so and in this economy there are so many people looking for jobs and youll be making 200% commission with every sale and associate you sign on. You will get paid every Friday.
  5. 5. Confusing? I understand it’s a lotof information to take in so I’ll domy best to explain. This is you! You become a member with MCA insurance coverage and all you pay in $40.00 and you yourself are now covered through this insurance. MCA wants to make you an associate for them and with that all you do is refer others to MCA insurance coverage to do the exact same thing as you. For every person you sign on you get paid $80.00 and up to $90.00 a person. Your job is to give jobs to your friends and family or whoever it may be.
  6. 6. PAY Now let me make an example of your possible WEEKLY paycheck: Say you sell only 1 membership OR sign on 1 Associate a day for 5 days (say you choose to take the weekend off).. Now lets add that week up: If you get 1 sale/sign on a day for 5 days then that is 5 people for that work week.. 5 x 82= $410.00.. Now that is $410.00 extra dollars in your pocket every week by only getting 1 person a day with weekends off! That’s $1,640 a month and $19,680 yearly. If you work this, then add that up! It is amazing! The possibilities are endless if you put more effort into getting people to join as associates then the more money you make.
  7. 7. Want more info? Here is one of the links that I used during my personal research. I believe this will help you understand. america-business-opportunity-program.html And here is a link where you can view the MCA Membership Coverage and the Compensation Plan pdf
  8. 8. It’s easy to get started and youcan be making money in no time You can contact me on Facebook or email me at