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Originally presented at CMS/DITA NA 2010
UPDATED: 16 September 2013, TC Dojo Open Session
UPDATED: May 2014 for STC 2014
Updated version given at Lavacon 2014

Video from 2013 presentation here:

There’s a software side to dynamic information delivery. We know this. Customers who have seen IBM talk have come to us and said “Sure, they can get there, but can I?” What if you’re not a software company? What if your paper product is your deliverable? What about the Medtronics of the world? Or the Harcourt School Publishers? Or the National Council on Insurance? What’s in your reach? What have they really achieved over the years? Did they see the ROI they expected?

Over the last year, Single-Sourcing Solutions has spent time interviewing long-term Arbortext customers to find out where they are now. We wanted to know whether our customers were realizing the full potential of their solutions. We wanted to know what data they’d collected, what lessons they’d learned, and what they’d implemented over time.

This talk highlights success stories from companies who have been doing dynamic information delivery for a very long time. Not one at a time but aggregated together. We will include qualified, hard data on benefits, breadth of projects, and feature impact on long-term implementations.

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  • Video from 2013 presentation here:

    URLs mentioned during the 2013 Webinar:

    Interview with Greg Johnson - Medtronic's Story

    * 'Dynamic information delivery systems reduce translation costs' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/03/reduce-translation-costs/

    * 'Benefits of dynamic information delivery for life sciences' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/01/benefits-of-dynamic-information-delivery-for-life-sciences/

    * 'The benefits that reuse brings.' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/03/content-reuse-benefit/

    * 'The Quality Driver' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/01/the-quality-driver/

    * 'The Time to Market Driver' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/02/the-time-to-market-driver/

    * 'The Cost Savings Factor' http://blog.single-sourcing.com/2010/02/the-cost-savings-factor/

    Interview with Todd Nowlan, Nortel http://podcast.single-sourcing.com/2010/08/tnowlan/

    ROI of XML - panelists Andy Pieper, Toro, Todd Nowlan, Nortel, & Greg Johnson, Medtronic http://single-sourcing.com/events/2010/09/xml-roi/
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Where Are They Now?

  1. 1. Where AreThey Now? LizFraley,Single-SourcingSolutions 9/16/2013TC Dojo Open Session 1
  2. 2. Agenda • Success stories from companies who have been doing dynamic information delivery for a very long time • And maybe some new ones too
  3. 3. 9/16/2013TC Dojo Open Session 3 Invest in technology and take it to the limit
  4. 4. B52
  5. 5. How do you know when you’ve reached the limit?
  6. 6. Limit – first car
  7. 7. Limit - Taurus
  8. 8. Limit - Shuttle
  9. 9. Fundamental Change
  10. 10. Understand what specific product or service you really offer, and then do it as well and expertly as possible.
  11. 11. The most successful businesses for the next century will turn out to have been based on a combination of competence and passion
  12. 12. Wide Array of Customers 9/16/2013 TC Dojo Open Session 14
  13. 13. Some Old Customers 9/16/2013TC Dojo Open Session 15
  14. 14. Medical Device (1) Company • Medtronic • Large international corporation with varied and complex products • Organization divided by business units • Each business unit is given autonomy Business Drivers • Speed time to market • Meet regulatory requirements • Exceed quality standards • Need a better way to reuse information • Automate process and drive down cost
  15. 15. Solution: Arbortext • Achieved 90% reuse • By 2005 had exceeded optimistic projections and all other commitments • Translation costs down from $50 to $5 and still trending down due to XML authoring • Drastically reduced time to market • Traceable quality improvements – Documents produced by the system are held to the regulatory standard of a class 3 device • Achieved a higher ROI than if they had put the money into another product Selected: • Editor • Publishing Engine They had a chance to see what Caterpillar had done with Arbortext Began implementation in 1999 “Reuse is directly proportional to chunk size” Star of Excellence for their BU and the Medtronic Star “The most successful project that Medtronic has ever done”
  16. 16. Heavy Equipment Company • Caterpillar • Industry leaders in heavy equipment for over 80 years • Global product sales • Over 300 products • Initial implementation: approximately 1990 • So successful starting a whole new extension to their project… Business Drivers • 230,000 users – Service providers and sales centers • 53 languages • Content library has 42 million words • In 2010 they published 5,142 documents to support 8000 possible product configurations • 20+M hits per day for people looking for service information
  17. 17. Solution: Arbortext • With that kind of volume, they need deliver what the client needs when they need it – Searching thousands of pages of documentation just didn’t work any more – Not all clients have a high-speed network. • The success they’d achieved from their initial product information delivery system in combination with changing technology requirements (and capabilities) … • Allowed them to take their existing XML content and start a new project • This new project allows them to provide interactive content, published to mobile devices • Users can navigate content as they navigate through a visual representation of their product Original implementation: • Editor • Publishing Engine Began implementation in 1990 (approximate) Started a brand new extension to their content delivery model in 2010 Key to new challenge? Service Information Center
  18. 18. Life Science (1) Company • I cannot disclose at their request • Large international corporation with varied and complex products Business Drivers • Existing platform was not validated • Wanted true Content Management – Needed content libraries and the ablity to populate changes • Workflow was essential – Need to be as efficient as possible
  19. 19. Solution: Arbortext • Volume is in the high thousands of docs with reused content • When something changes, they can republish them all without a human being touching it • Support 60 users with 5 support staff • Very satisfied with the solution they chose • Now looking at new, more interesting projects that can be implemented faster because content is already in XML. Selected: • Editor • Publishing Engine (OOTB) • Documentum for content management “This is Bottled Gold!”
  20. 20. Heavy Equipment (2) Company • John Deere • Founded in 1897 • Largest equipment manufacturer of Agriculture, Turf, Construction and Forestry • Large international corporation with varied and complex products Business Drivers • External Dealers – Infrastructure, internal and external content creators – Mixed content creation stream with wide variations in available technology • Consolidate toolsets/suppliers and content – 100 repositories to 1 • Reduce cycle time • Leverage translations worldwide – 7 processes to 1 – 35 TMs to 1 • Multichannel publishing
  21. 21. Solution: Arbortext • When I tried to reach the original team (2010), their system was working so well, no one was left! • As of 2004 – 3M “pages” (SGML) with 3M graphics and 33+ languages in 35 TMs • 50% reduction in translation cycle time due to repository consolidation and translation processes • 50-60% reduction in “freeze date” for new product content • Could integrate dealers automatic publishing to multiple outputs • Able to achieve more with less resources Selected: • Editor • Publishing Engine (OOTB) • Trados (SDL) • “Service ADVISOR” created by RWD Initial implementation 2000 “System was working so well, no one’s left!” As of 2012, they’d started hiring again to start new projects using their content for more purposes
  22. 22. Publishing Company & Business Drivers • Harcourt (FL) – Became Houghton-Mifflin, HQ in Ireland, continuing to consolidate their business units • A long project, attempting to implement a system with XML as the editing backbone with content management • Selected: Arbortext Editor Results • Executive shakeup combined with a series of layoffs • Most of the technology people, including CFO, went to the wind • No one knows if the project in the US ever got through implementation • Made a lot of headway, but when you start and then the business changes, you don’t have the opportunity to get where you really want to go
  23. 23. Financial Publishing House Company • One of the oldest public companies in the US Business Drivers • Complex style-intensive documents – Used for marketing and websites • Drive toward greater efficiencies • Clients wanted rapid turnaround on in-house rush edits • Evolution toward self-service model • Challenged with XML/XBRL for financial statements • Not all source content is in XML
  24. 24. Solution: Arbortext • Page-level granularity – Page proofs – Every job is customized with generic, all- purpose tools • Unlimited flexibility in document comparison – In WYSIWYG • Excellent foreign language ability • As of 2010: – Compositors work with both the formatted document and the formatting code, side-by-side – Significant improvement in productivity, accuracy, and page turnaround times while shortening staff and training cycles. Selected: • Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (formerly, 3B2) Initial implementation 2003
  25. 25. Network Equipment Mfg Company • Juniper Networks • Architecting the new network • Large international sales and support of high- performance network infrastructure equipment Business Drivers • Go from FrameMaker to XML – Manage reuse across books, multiple books, multiple releases simultaneously • Wanted to have content libraries – SIGDOC 2003 paper
  26. 26. Solution: Arbortext • Original implementation – Reduced 1 week publishing to overnight (black box) publishing • Since then – Moved to topic-based authoring – All BUs are in XML – Techpubs now produces 50% of all content on juniper.net – Consistency, content leverage across business units via a single content repository – 8 people supporting entire company’s techpubs team (6-7% of techpubs overall) • Future – Looking at customized content and dynamic books Selected: • Arbortext Editor • Publishing Engine (OOTB) • Interwoven (CMS) Initial implementation 2000 Moved to DITA in 2005-6
  27. 27. Telecom Equipment Company Company Business Drivers • Had an existing SGML implementation throughout the 1990’s that failed • Needed distributed , 7x24 accessible globally by internal writers and vendor writers • Merged all technical publications teams across all product lines into one functional business unit • Business case was built on reuse because design teams were working that way (20%)
  28. 28. Solution: Arbortext • Originally a team of 6-8 (not including IT) supported 600-700 technical publications staff • Now, the system requires only 1 staff member supporting 240 technical publications staff and they can still get everything out the door! • Proprietary DTD that was DITA-like in the end • What they achieved made them an attractive target for acquisition “They see what we’ve done and are very, very envious.” Selected: • Arbortext Editor • DLM • Publishing Engine (OOTB) • Documentum (CMS) with Arbortext API “The system is all running today like a Cadillac. Ultimately, it’s humming right along.” “This is all doable because of the fact that we went to XML and Arbortext and Documentum in 2004”
  29. 29. Some New Customers For future stories… 9/16/2013TC Dojo Open Session 31
  30. 30. Ingersoll-Rand Club Car • Company – Ingersoll-Rand keeps pace with product information supporting more than 90 models in 17 languages – Includes operator manuals, service information, illustrated parts catalogs, and sales collaterals • Drivers – To improve global dealer service performance with real-time access to model-specific information in all required languages – To cut information delivery costs, reduce cycle costs, and improve information accuracy • Solution – Reuse existing product data from engineering and operations – Enable collaborative authoring and multi-channel publishing to support variable formats and languages • Results – Expecting a reduction of $92,000 in publishing costs in the 1st year and $500,000 in the first 3 years – The publishing lifecycle reduce from 25 days to 5 – Publications available online and paper-based
  31. 31. Porsche • Company – Porsche supports 10,000 mechanics worldwide with integrated information processes tied directly to product data to ensure information accuracy and consistency • Drivers – Support 600+ dealerships worldwide with up-to-date, relevant information to reduce service errors – Improve technician productivity – Cut information production costs • Solution – Provide product-configuration specific service information tailored for a precise service task in minutes to minimize a technician’s search for that information – Produce service information automatically to the format (online and offline) and language needed for the immediate repair – Unify more than 10 disparate authoring and delivery processes and links to service information – Provide closed-loop reporting on the service task to identify procedural errors • Results – Minimized service errors, increased productivity, and improved customer experience – Reduced information costs, minimal manual labor, unified processes
  32. 32. ZTE • Company – Founded in 1985, ZTE is China’s largest listed telecommunications manufacturer with shares publically traded on both Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange • Drivers – Reduce time-to-market – Improve quality of content – Deliver customized content based on user profiles • Solution – Processes improved: Change and configuration management, product publications, technical publications – Capabilities implemented: XML Authoring, planning, enterprise content, process management, dynamic publishing – Arbortext DITA solution with training • Results – Managed publication content as a single- source of reusable components – Created and updated publication content with multiple authors concurrently – Established a collaborative process for managing the publication process – Automated formatting and delivery of publications
  33. 33. The American College • Company – For more than 80 years, the premier training organization for financial services professionals – 90 courses, with 30-40 courses published on a quarterly publishing schedule, includes 20 books of 11 different types – 50 users working in DITA • Drivers – To keep web content synchronized – Automating manual processes – Quicker time to market – Provide customers with more consistent, accurate, timely information – Future product positioning (eBooks) • Solution – Arbortext DITA – Integrated Authoring with CMS • Results – Editing reduced from 1-2 months (copy & paste) to 1-2 weeks (referencing high-quality content) – Editorial review reduced form 1 month to 3 days – Composition production and review reduced from 3 months to 4-7 days “Our custom publishing capability supported $144,000 of new business for our Corporate Consulting to date. Most of that activity was in the [first] 12 months!”
  34. 34. Toro Company • Manufacturers of outdoor power equipment and services for the creation and maintenance of landscapes • 65% commercial; 34% residential • 5,000 people worldwide Business Drivers • To eliminate process friction • Automate manual processes • Avoid communication stalls • Reduce work or time to perform processes or tasks • Improve efficiencies of storage and delivery of data
  35. 35. Solution: Arbortext • Single task set produces ALL required work product • 70% increase in number of parts publications • 25% decrease in staff • 227% increase in productivity in 9 years • Optimized data reuse • Elimination of redundant process steps • Optimized search capability • Instantaneous distribution to the web Selected: • Editor • IsoDraw • Publishing Engine • Arbortext PDMLink, with Master Parts Author “Their docs --in 25 languages– were ready before the product was even on the loading dock!”
  36. 36. Medtronic (BU) Company • A BU with lots of sub- divisions that had been acquired over time • Had been working in Adobe InDesign • Each had their own look and format depending on who and when that content had been created Business Drivers • Standardize formatting • Meet regulatory requirements • Exceed quality standards • Automate process and drive down cost, reduce cost of implementation • Reduce redundant, non-localized content • Didn’t want to do any tool building • Wanted to be able to do their own maintenance going forward
  37. 37. Solution: Arbortext • Didn’t reinvent the wheel – Applied standards with little customization – Looked outside-the-box for an inside-the- box tool – Followed best practices and cooperative readjustment to existing processes • Decided on “Guided Implementation” with OOTB software – Self-Governed maintenance – Learned how to perform maintenance on their own and not at the hand of a contract or consultant • Applied best practices from other disciplines – Library Science, Change Management • Changed their culture – Smaller battles for real estate – Got rid of document dictators and created true content kings Selected: • Editor • Publishing Engine • Arbortext Content Manager They had a chance to learn from the efforts of other Business Units Began implementation in 2011 “We invested in ourselves, not the consultants, the software, or the programming to make it work”
  38. 38. Questions?
  39. 39. Coming up... • Next TC Dojo Open Session – Title: Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information – Date: Monday 14 October 2013 – Topic: The information about your products or services should be at the front of the line leading the way for increased market share. In order to do this, the value of the information needs to be recognized by the top-level executives. After this presentation, you will be able to show those in the C-Suite how a transformative adoption in product information can differentiate your company in the marketplace and provide breakthrough results in driving shareholder value. – Registration link: http://bit.ly/16xzm5n
  40. 40. Coming up in the Arbortext Dojo • Next TC Dojo Arbortext Edition – Title: Create Your Page set in 30 minutes – Date: Thursday 26 Sept 2013 – Topic: Build your basic customized page layout in 30 minutes or less using Arbortext Styler. In addition, you will learn what kinds of pages are in page sets and how to determine how many page sets you will need for your project – Registration link: http://bit.ly/168NY6V
  41. 41. Next Master Series session – Mon 23 September A single conversation among a small group of peers. Attendees will have the opportunity to present their challenges and solicit advice in a confidential supportive environment with other Master Series Members. Sign up at http://tcdojo.org
  42. 42. See You Next Time Don’t forget to vote for your choice of upcoming session topics http://svy.mk/120AaAb