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Lavacon 2011 Social Media
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Lavacon 2011 Social Media


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They say knowledge is power. Well, Information is King! …

They say knowledge is power. Well, Information is King!

If you want to keep the crown, then you need to be able to stay ahead of the curve in providing content assets to your end consumers instantly. While fast is good, it’s not enough! The tech-savvy, rapid pace of today’s market requires you to be prepared to meet the demands and deliver assets in the format, language, channel, and medium that the consumer chooses.

If you are ready, then you are leading the way. But if you aren’t ready, you run the risk of being left in the dust.

Join us for a look into how you can transform your management and delivery of product information. We will show you how to take your content from creation to multiple media channels, such as social media. Instantly publish it and connect with your customers anywhere they’re looking for you.

What we see happening in the industry today is more tech-savvy customers with a fast-paced demand for information. Consumers want information instantly and they want it personalized. No longer are they satisfied to wait or to dig through text, they need to act fast so they need you to respond fast. During this lab we will show you how you can transform your content asset management in order to capitalize on multi channel output.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Designing Content for Dynamic Output to Social Media Liz Fraley
  • 2. Content is an asset• Three main objectives for content –Attract –Capture –Retain• Just like any asset, you need to invest in the right channels
  • 3. Latest Wave in Communications
  • 4. Social Media has a cost• Time to author content• Time to publish content• Multiplied by the number of social media sites – Linked In – Facebook – Twitter – Community – Blog – Newsletters
  • 5. Time• Average time spent by marketers using social media today: o 43%, 4–5 hours/week (down from 64% in 2009) o 33% (1 in 3), 11+ hr/week o 12.5%, 20+ hours/week (up from 9.6% in 2009)• Experts also agree that you can expect your commitment to rise as your expertise in social media develops. There is a direct connection between the length of time someone’s been using social media and their weekly time commitment o Beginners: 2 hours/week o Several months: 10 hours/week Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 2010.
  • 6. Cost• Content creation, authoring, publishing, and monitoring• 10 hours per week X 6 types = 60 hours per week or 240 per month o Employee: (@$54/hr): $12,960/month to create content and publish o *Marketing Firm: ($50/hr avg): $6,000/month just to publish – *No content creation or creative work, only the mechanics of posting.
  • 7. There is hope• Create a strategy• Transform the creation of content• Unify the tools used from creation to delivery• Form a single source of truth
  • 8. Short Description
  • 9. Same Summary Value
  • 10. What else can you do with it?
  • 11. What everyone needs• Access to information• Ability to instantly update content and notify• Streamlined process• The ability for strategic response rather than reactionary response
  • 12. Content Bridge or Silo?They say knowledge is power. Well, Information is King! o Engineering o Marketing o Sales o Service o Training
  • 13. Want more information?Need a Media Coach?Contact us at: Phone 408-660-3219 e-Mail Twitter: @SingleSourcing Skype: arbortext411 Or visit us on the web: