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Birdsong power point

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Slides with pictures and birdsong which correlate with the book "Birdsongs" by Betsy Franco and Steve Jenkins.

Slides with pictures and birdsong which correlate with the book "Birdsongs" by Betsy Franco and Steve Jenkins.

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  • 1. Birdsongs A book by Betsy Franco and Steve Jenkins Celebrate the neighborhood birds in this poetic picture book, and count their sounds backward from ten to one, until all is quiet in the yard again.
  • 2. Red-headed Woodpecker Woodpeckers eat all day. Some find tiny insects or larvae in trees and dead wood. Others Peck holes in dead trees and telephone poles to store their nuts.
  • 3. Mourning Dove Mourning doves are Easy to find all over The United States. Their name comes from their mournful, sad birdsong.
  • 4. House SparrowWhile eating their favorite seeds at the bird feeder,some types of sparrows dont like to share.They make other birds wait in nearby trees while theyeat most of the seeds and leave a mess on the ground.
  • 5. GullGulls are known asAcrobats of the sky.When they catch a breezein just the right way, itlooks like theyre floatingCompletely still in midair.
  • 6. Black-capped Chickadees Chickadees are songbirds that live in flocks of about five to twelve birds. One pair of birds are usually the leaders of the flock. The leaders sometimes chase the others around and show whos in charge.
  • 7. Mallard The male mallard has a shiny green head and a white ring around his neck, while the female is brown all over. Since the mallards feathers are “waterproof,” water flows right off his back.
  • 8. American Robin  A robins egg is a light blue color. The mother robin fiercely protects her nest while she waits about two weeks for her eggs to hatch.
  • 9. Brown Thrasher A thrasher busily thrashes around In the leaves and twigs with its strong, curved bill, searching for food. It can also dig holes With its bill to find bugs in the soil.
  • 10. Ruby Throated HummingbirdA tiny hummingbirds wingscan flap about forty toeighty times in a can hover in the air andeven fly backward!
  • 11. Northern MockingbirdThe mockingbird can not onlyimitate the sound of other birdsssongs, but it can also copysounds such as a squeakingdoor, a barking dog, oreven a cell phone.
  • 12. Red-Winged Blackbird