Using LinkedIn to Find and Be Found


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Using LinkedIn to Find and Be Found

  1. 1. LinkedIn 2013Using LinkedIn To Be Found and Find OthersPresented at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church Job SeekersLiz duToitMay 13, 2013© 2013, Liz duToit
  2. 2. Quotes“I like to say that Twitter is like a bar, Facebook is yourliving room, and LinkedIn is the local chamber ofcommerce.” -BSStoltz“Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say,‘Look at me’ without saying ‘Look at me!” ~BobbyDarnell
  3. 3. Tips Add all emailaddresses to avoidcreating 2nd profile Watch what youclick, or you mayinvite your entireaddress book toconnect
  4. 4. Agenda  Pre-Submitted Questions  Communication Methods  Contacting Someone in a Group  Getting Found by Recruiters  Profile Strength  Finding Full Name of 3rd Degree Connections  LinkedIn Today  What If You’re Not Collecting a Paycheck?  LinkedIn Etiquette  LinkedIn Groups  Companies  LinkedIn Labs  LinkedIn Job Searching Tips  Recap
  5. 5. Pre-Submitted QuestionsHow to request recommendations. How to edit recommendations.•  Profile > Recommendations > Ask for Recommendations – it helps if you ask forrecommendation of specific skills or traits – especially using your keywords•  You can manage recommendations, such as requesting a new or revisedrecommendation (for instance, if the recommendation has spelling or grammaticalerrors)•  You are not able to edit recommendations – that would allow you to enhance therecommendationHow to turn on and off my settings. How do I turn off the setting that sends everyupdate to all my connections.•  Name (upper right corner) > Settings > Profile Tab > Privacy Controls
  6. 6. Pre-Submitted QuestionsHow do I copy my resume into my LinkedIn profile?•  The Resume Importer is no longer supported•  You can, however, export your profile to PDF–  This option includes your recommendations, which may be useful to have inhard copy (View Profile > Edit Profile Button (blue) > Export to PDF)–  LinkedIn Resume Builder ( do I attach a PowerPoint presentation to my profile?•  Click on icon when in edit mode on profileHow do I send an email through LinkedIn?•  Free accounts can have up to 5 open introductions at a time•  If you share a group with someone, write to them via the group•  InMails are available for purchase for $10 each (try figuring outcompany email syntax instead)
  7. 7. Pre-Submitted QuestionsHow do I introduce two of my first level connections to each other?•  Go to one of the profiles, click Send a Message, click Include others onthis message (in blue)•  Write message and sendWhat is a low - midrange - high number of profile viewings for job seekers(the section on "your profile has been viewed XXX number of times in thelast YYY number of days”).•  I have no empirical data to answer this question•  Focus instead on Trends – Total Views and Appearances in Search•  Are views and appearances trending upward as you enhance yourprofile
  8. 8. Communication Methods  Invitations  Requests to connect  Messages  Sent to connections, groupmembers  Introductions  Requests to reachconnections of connections  InMails  Private messages directly toother member  OpenLink  Premium members can getOpenLink messages fromother LinkedIn users at nocost to them
  9. 9. Contacting Someone in a Group  Determine the group you share – if none, join oneappropriate to your career & job search  Go to the group  Click on the Members tab  Enter the member’s name in the search box  Hover your cursor over the result  If they haven’t changed their settings, you’ll see Send aMessage hyperlink over on the right  Click and send a message
  10. 10. Getting Found by RecruitersLSEO – LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization•  Where do you show in results when searching your keywords?Recruiters have access to LinkedIn Recruiter•  Can search entire LinkedIn network–  Full names and full profile view•  Advanced search filters•  Boolean search for keywords•  People you may want to hire–  Recruiter lets them follow candidates•  Can see who viewed AND applied for jobs••  Their views of your profile are anonymous
  11. 11. To Increase Profile Strength  Industry & Postal Code  3 Recent Positions  Education  At Least 5 Skills  Photo  At Least 50Connections  A Summary
  12. 12. Finding Full Name of 3rdDegree Connections  Search forcharacteristics  Copy Headline &Location  Search in favoritesearch engine  Full name amongfirst results  LinkedIn ranks highin search engines
  13. 13. LinkedIn Today•  Follow Influencers•  Follow Channels•  Follow Media•  Read and postarticles of interest•  Make sure to addyour comments•  Post as statusupdate•  Post in Groups•  Drives profileviews
  14. 14. What If You’re Not Collecting aPaycheck?Create position and include:•  Volunteer Work•  Consulting•  Education•  Expanding Professional Network•  Engaging Professional Organizations•  Research, Webinars, Conferences
  15. 15. LinkedIn Etiquette•  Always personalize request to connect – boilerplate implies laziness–  Don’t indicate you’re a friend or you’ve worked together if you haven’t•  Don’t ask people who haven’t worked with you for recommendations•  Don’t spam your connections•  Follow individual group guidelines on what’s okay to post•  Connection requests aren’t always the best first contact•  Use please and thank you in requests•  Don’t flood connections’ news feed with numerous status updates•  Reply to messages within a short period of time
  16. 16. LinkedIn Groups Industry, Company, Function, Geography Discussion Boards – show expertise,engage others Learn about trends, new ideas Gain profile views
  17. 17. Companies  Read Status Updates  Hiring  See How You’re Connected  Insights  Promotions  Where employees camefrom  Top skills & expertise
  18. 18. LinkedIn Labswww.linkedinlabs.comProjects andexperimental featuresbuilt by employees•  SpeechIn•  Year in Review•  Connection Timeline•  Resume Builder•  Signal•  Swarm•  InMaps•  NewIn
  19. 19. LinkedIn Job Searching Tips•  Job Search Webinar•  Build your network•  Update your profile•  Ask forrecommendations•  LinkedIn Jobs•  Jobs you may beinterested in•  LinkedIn Blog•  Customize your URL•  Profile SEO•  Following thoughtleaders
  20. 20. Recap  Pre-Submitted Questions  Contacting Someone in a Group  Getting Found by Recruiters  Profile Strength  Finding Full Name of 3rd Degree Connection  LinkedIn Today  What If You’re Not Collecting a Paycheck?  LinkedIn Etiquette  LinkedIn Groups  Companies  LinkedIn Labs  LinkedIn Job Searching Tips
  21. 21. Additional Tools•  LinkedIn Job Search Webinar–•  LinkedIn Blog–•  LinkedIn Support–•  LinkedIn Help Forum–•  LinkedIn Safety Center–•  LinkedIn Learning Webinars–
  22. 22. Thank you!Questions?Liz duToit(503) offer a one-on-one 2 hourpackage with unlimited emailfollow up questions. Contact mefor scheduling.