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    Team presentation   ireland Team presentation ireland Presentation Transcript

    • Ireland Toyota Manufacturing Plant Team Presentation by: Liz Clarke & AJ Wakeford
    • Building a Toyota Manufacturing Ireland
      • Intro to Ireland (the Emerald Isle)
        • Population 4.5 million
        • Dublin capital
        • English and Irish are the main languages
        • Main Exports are machinery and equipment
        • Monetary Unit is the Euro
        • OECD High Income Region
        • $40,990 is average citizen income (GNI Per Capita)
    • Intro to Toyota Manufacturing
      • Multinational Automaker
      • Toyota is one of the most successful Automakers in the United States.
      • Wide range of vehicles from SUVs, Pickups, Crossovers, Hybrids, and Sedans.
      • Eco-friendly production line consisting of many Flex-Fuel Vehicles(FFVs)
    • Toyota Manufacturing in Ireland
      • Toyota intro to Ireland
      • Ireland Economy
        • 2008 – 2011
      • Building a manufacturing plant in Ireland
        • Space availability
        • Increase in jobs – Boost in Irish Economy
    • Ease of doing business in Ireland
      • Ranked against all OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation Development) High Income countries
      • Ranked 13 th , tied with United States in Ease of doing business.
    • Where and How to enter the Irish Market
        • How?
          • Local Surveys
          • Advertisements
            • Commercials, Billboards, Poster (on highways as well as rural roads)
        • Sports Sponsorships
          • Local rugby and soccer teams
        • Where?
          • Dublin, Ireland
            • Why Dublin
    • Benefits
      • A rise in employment opportunities
        • Construction (John Sisk & Son) and long term manufacturing
        • Holiday Tax Exemption
          • If a company’s liabilities are less than €40,000, it receives a 3 year exemption from paying Irish Taxes!!
        • Lower Corporation taxes compared to most European countries
        • Ireland’s workforce
    • Disadvantages
      • Why not?
        • Increase in traffic and noise
        • Destruction of green fields
        • Decrease in other auto sales
        • Toyota is a Japanese Company. Are the Irish people only “bolting parts together?”
    • Solutions to Disadvantages
      • Toyota Manufacturing can set up shuttles for their employees
      • Take an Acre, Give an Acre
      • Toyota Manufacturing will have a variety of jobs
        • Production and Executive
    • Additional Information
      • Setting up a business requires 4 procedures taking just 13 days.
      • Cost .4% of income per capita (Average is 5.5%) and requiring paid-in minimum capital of 0%.
      • Business has gotten increasingly easier in Ireland over the years and continues to get easier.
    • Conclusion
      • Building a Toyota Manufacturing company in Ireland would be beneficial to the Irish people and economy.