Culminating Power Point Example
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Culminating Power Point Example






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Culminating Power Point Example Culminating Power Point Example Presentation Transcript

  • Topic Name By Student Name
  • Anecdote (Story)
    • Story is not necessary, but if you have one it helps catch the audience’s attention
    • Only put major points of the story in the PowerPoint, present the rest verbally.
    • Splitting the story up can create good suspense and anticipation
  • Topic Defined
    • Define the topic using the exact definition from what ever source you chose. Don’t paraphrase, put the entire definition as it applies to your topic.
    • Be sure to state your definition source on this slide. Example: “according to the New World Webster’s Dictionary…”
    View slide
  • Thesis Statement
    • Put your entire thesis statement on this slide
    View slide
  • Pro-(*****) Viewpoint
    • Put one of the views from your topic on this slide.
    • Only type main points on the slide, verbally expand on each of those points.
    • If you need more than one slide for this point of view, title the following slide the same as this one with the word “continued” after the title.
  • Pro-(*****) Viewpoint Continued…
    • See how easy it is?
    • Pro- (*****) Viewpoint could also be worded differently such as stance, or slant.
  • Graph
    • Add your graph to the slide show to help support which ever side it backs up.
  • ART
  • Anti-(*****) View
    • This slide is identical to the pro-view slide, but the opposite. In fact, you could title this one: opposition to (*****) view.
  • Religious Aspects
    • Put your religious aspects on this slide
      • Use the indent tab to help explain each of the main points.
    • If you have CCC paragraphs, put which paragraphs, then summarize them
    • If you have quotes, put them in your own words as a summary following the quote.
    • If you have articles or Papal documents, give them credit and summarize. You don’t ever want to type this much on one slide or your audience will be busy reading and not listening to you carefully enough.
  • Religious Aspects Continued…
  • Definitive Statement
    • Type your definitive statement here. Explain it verbally if necessary
  • Anecdote
    • If you split your anecdote up, this is a good place to put the second part.
    • It will help wrap up your presentation and prepare the audience for questions.
  • Thank You Any Questions?