Venturefest collaborative working


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Presentation for #VF2010 on Collaborative Working Online - work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

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Venturefest collaborative working

  1. 1. Why go it alone? Collaborative Working Online Work is something you do, not somewhere you go Liz Cable, Reach Further
  2. 2. Reach Further offers Training & Consultancy: • Online Communities • Elearning • Social Media • Agile Working
  3. 3. An old-fashioned organisation chart CEO Marketing Finance Training IT Director CEO Director Director Director Office Training & Coding Sales & Legal & Training Training Support, Consultancy & Design Marketing Financial Team Team Team Team HR & Team Team Admin
  4. 4. Associate Trainers Virtual Assistants How we work Freelancers today .4 Office Administrator Social Media Junior Subject .4 INTERN .3 Matter (SEO & Web 2.0) Experts Events & Training Administrator .8 SEO & SMM “Friends of the FLEXIBLE Company” WORKING INTERN .2 (Viral videos) REMOTE WORKING Finance Coding Director Company Researchers Branding Web Company IT Director Tax Company Payroll
  5. 5. Collaboration for Growth Partners Partners Freelancers Channels to Market Core Experts Workers Our customers _______ customers Friends Support Virtual Fulfilment Virtual Support
  6. 6. WHEN and WHERE do you need people to be? Location independent Time Time independent dependent Location dependent
  7. 7. Benefits of Collaborative Working 1. Reduce the need for permanent office space 2. Deliver the right talent for the job 3. Pay for what you use (Pass cost savings on?) 4. Collaborate on bigger pitches & contracts 5. Enables you to “Stick to your knitting” 6. Add BRILLIANT people to your workforce who simply can't work 9 to 5.
  8. 8. Benefits of Collaborative Working ONLINE 1. 24/7 global workforce (customer service perhaps?) 2. Everyone has (restricted) access to all materials 3. Virtual Presence - “Smoke signals” on Twitter 4. Amplification through Social Media 5. ZERO start-up cost 6. FREE recruitment – & check them out online
  9. 9. Collaborative Working Online Out-Source EVERYTHING What's YOUR time worth? Use collaboration to support YOURSELF as well as your CLIENTS
  10. 10. Collaborative Working Online • Virtual Assistants • Student researchers & Virtual INTERNS • “My Man in Mumbai” • Crowdsourcing - Research & Development • Subscribe to the software, – and the expert comes free
  11. 11. Tools for Collaborative Working • Simple Tools for Sharing: – Writeboard – Delicious – Skype – DropBox – Huddle (also as an application on LinkedIn) – Doodle (for arranging meetings) – Twitter: twitdocs, twitpics, audioboo, etc.
  12. 12. Tools for Collaborative Working • More complex projects – DimDim Webinars and virtual meetings – BaseCamp Document sharing & PM – Wrike PM with email integration – Unfuddle Customer Service – CrowdVine Online Community – WetPaint WIKI based community
  13. 13. Charles Handy's Shamrock Organisation • From his book “The Age of Unreason” • When was this published?
  14. 14. ANY QUESTIONS? This presentation is available on my LinkedIn Profile Twitter: @lizcable LinkedIn: Liz Cable Facebook: Liz Cable Blog: Skype: lizatreachfurther Email: