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The Kenscoff Orphanage in Haiti provides a home for over 400 children including many with special needs.
On the second anniversary of the earthquake, we are seeking support to build a new kitchen for the orphanage - costing approx $120,000.
You can help by donating to http://www.mycharity.ie/event/kenscoff_kitchen_400_projects_event

or by participating in our "Canteens for Kenscoff" day on 27th Jan 2012 - find us on Facebook.

So our aim is to build a new kitchen capable of catering for up to 1500 meals per day in order to improve the capacity of NPH, a successful organisation already providing for the needs of hundreds of children every day.

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N P H Kitchen Professional[1]

  1. 1. On 12th January 2010, Haiti, already thepoorest country in the Western World, washit by a huge earthquake that devastatedit’s largest centre of population – the capital,Port-au-Prince.In excess of 230,000 people were killedwhilst more than 1.6 million were displacedout of their damaged or destroyed homes.Our Little Brothers and Sisters, as it is registered in Ireland, has been providing homes fororphaned children in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1954.The home in Kenscoff, Haiti was opened in 1987 and currently caters for in excess of 400resident children. An additional 240 children live with extended family or in studenthousing offsite that receives NPH support.The property has an elementary school, Special Needs clinic, playgrounds, chapel and asmall kitchen. The children are not placed for adoption but instead are given a permanenthome within the loving NPH family.
  2. 2. On October 9th 2011, President Bill Clinton, United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti,announced that Ireland would run a week long series of fundraising and awarenessraising events to be collectively known as “Haiti Week”. Events are to take placethroughout Ireland from January 21st – 28th 2012.The objective of Haiti Week is to raise awareness of Haiti through art, music andthe business community, and to celebrate a special island that is bravely strugglingto meet a range of challenges.The 12th of January 2012 is the second anniversary of the catastrophic earthquakein Haiti that killed over 230,000 and displaced more than 1.6 million people fromtheir homes.Kenscoff Kitchen 400 Project will be organising a number of fundraising andpublicity events during this period to launch our fundraising campaign for 2012.

  3. 3. Gena is an Irish woman who has been working and living at NPH’s facility in Kenscoff, Haiti since 1993. Her vocation is to provide for the requirements of the most vulnerable children, particularly those with Special Needs. In 2010, Rehab Ireland awarded Gena Heraty, along with Dr. Louise Ivers of Partners in Health, the International Person of the Year Award, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the people of Haiti.“For their selflessness, generosity of spirit and tireless work for the Haitian people whoselives and country have been shattered, Gena Heraty and Dr Louise Ivers are jointrecipients of the International Person of the Year Award.”It is Gena’s drive and determination that has sparked off the Kenscoff Kitchen 400Project.
  4. 4. The current kitchen is dilapidated and no longer meets the requirements of the increaseddemands placed upon it. For example, there is little ventilation to remove the steam andsmoke from the kitchen, and as a result the ceiling and tops of the walls are black withsoot. In addition they do not have sufficient storage facilities for their goods.The staff work miracles in these very limited facilities to prepare up to 1500 meals perday.
  5. 5. - US$ 20,000 already donated- 100% of all funds to be used solely for local labour & materials- No funds to be used for administration / supervision / flights etc.- Construction of Kitchen – local labour salaries only- Construction using locally sourced materials- Donations & Volunteers- Design Engineering and Supervision donated- Frequent updates on open access Facebook Group Page- The organisation is well established with an excellent reputation- See articles in the Financial Times / People Magazine / FastCompany.com
  6. 6. - Poster and leaflet distributions to raise project awareness- Contribution collections from staff and management- Staff and management working together for mutual charitable goals- Corporate Social Responsibility: Management to match Staff Contributions?