GFS Chemicals Organic Manufacturing


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GFS Chemicals Organic Manufacturing

  1. 1. Custom Products GFS Chemicals, Inc. A specialty chemical manufacturing company supporting businesses on bulk/pilot/research scalesGFS remains focused on what we dowell. Our production environment pro-vides the flexibility to offer customerssolutions to their problems. We have adevelopment staff ready to supportyour application need and the manu-facturing capabilities to support youlong term. GFS is the perfect businesspartner for your specialty chemicalneed. Our flexibility is an asset.We would be happy to talk directlywith you about your individual require-ments. Please contact us and learn theadvantages of working directly with themanufacturer for any of your organicproduction needs. For more informa-tion call toll-free at:800-858-9682 or
  2. 2. Our long term commitment to thespecialty organic chemical businessGFS Chemicals is a specialty Distillation Equipment (all capable ofchemical manufacturing full vacuum operation):company capable of 30 gal glass-lined pot/4” x 4 columnsupporting businesses on w/receiver (column internals:research, pilot and bulk structured glass packing)scales. As an ISO 9001:2000 50 gal glass-lined pot/4” x 8 columncertified organization, we w/receiver (column internals:have a proven track record structured glass packing)for meeting the rigorous 50 gal glass-lined pot/4” x 10 columndemands of our customers w/receiver (column internals: 316L SSin an efficient and timely random packing)manner. 100 gal 316L SS pot/50 theoretical plate (column internals: 316L SS randomAs a full service supplier of packing) The organic chemical manu- Core Reaction Expertise Includes: Bulk acetylene, liquid Nitrogen andsynthetic intermediates, Pope 4” Wiped Film Still w/feed tank facturing capabilities of GFS • Alkali metal/liquid NH3 anhydrous ammonia storage andGrignards, catalysts, sol- & receiver Chemicals reside in a 14,000 • Grignard Reactions handlingvents, inorganics, analytical 500 gal glass lined pot/ 4”x 4’ column square foot, state-of-the-art, • Brominationsreagents we enable the with receiver indoor production facility. • Iodinations QC/Analytical Capabilities:synthesis of larger, more This new facility demon- • Alkylations Includes GC; GC/MS; FT-IR; UV-Vis; Karlcomplex organic molecules Other Plant Equipment: strates GFS Chemicals long • Acylations Fischer; Melting point; ICP, AAGF, Ionand materials. GFS has 30” x 18” Tolhurst Hastelloy basket term commitment to the spe- • Birch reductions Chromatography and Standard Wetexperience in manufacturing centrifuge cialty organic chemical busi- • Organolithium reactions Chemistry capabilitiesand handling over 400 Glass-lined and 316 SS rotary vacuum ness, which it has been • Sonogashira couplingacetylenic compounds dryers (5 cu. ft. - 110 cu. ft.) engaged in since the 1940s. GFS Serves a wide variety ofavailable today. 42” x 24” 316 SS Tolhurst basket Equipment List: industries including:Many of these derivatives centrifuge (planned expansion) GFS Core Competencies include: Kilo lab: Glassware up to 50LT. • Pharmaceuticalsare used in support of other 24” x 12” 316 SS Tolhurst basket • Acetylene chemistry Processing is carried out in walk-in lab • Research/Combi Chemistrysynthetic methodologies to centrifuge • Propargylic amines hoods and benchtop hoods. Distillation • Electronicsproduce such downstream Three Celicote Engineering vent scrub- • Grignard chemistry columns from 1” x 1 to 2.5” x 6. • Engineering materialsintermediates as heterocy- bers (3000 cfm – 9000 cfm) for the • Specialty halides • Inks & coatingscles, carbocycles and removal of sulfide-laden vent streams, • Si blocked compounds Production Plant: • Fuel/Energy storageolefins as needed. chloride/acid gas and ammonia-laden • Birch reductions Reactor Capacity: • Petrochemical vent streams • Alpha/omega functionalization Glass lined steel: 10, 25, 30, 50, 100, • AutomotiveWe offer an extensive line of AGA Gas Cumulus PX-20 heat transfer 500 gal, 1000 gal (expansion planned) • Flavor & Fragrancesilyl-intermediates, triflates, system for near-cryogenic cooling 316L stainless steel: 50 LT; 50 and • Water Treatmentand many other core organic capability 200 gal (Pressure to 150psi)products available in Emergency vent and containment Hastelloy C: up to 500 galresearch or bulk. Our staff system designed by Fauske and Associates All reactors equipped with 75 psihas decades of technical steam/refrigerated PG/well waterexpertise in acetylene, (jacket) and well water/refrigerated PGolefin, Grignard, and liquid (condensor)ammonia chemistries.For inquiries, please call800-858-9682 or