Top Ten Google Tips

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Maximize your googlize!

Maximize your googlize!

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  • 1. Top Ten Google Tips The ten google tips most beneficial for educators as suggested by Amber Johnson
  • 2. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #10
    • Study the oceans with Google Earth 5
    • Students can actually see what lies beneath the oceans. It’s easy to take pictures of the Earth’s surface; Google Earth 5 takes them below to study the ocean floor.
  • 3. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #9
    • Do a timeline search
    • Students can use view:timeline to get a timeline for whatever topic they are researching. Helps put it into perspective for them.
  • 4. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #8
    • Use premade templates
    • Teachers and students can save time by using the premade template provided by google.
  • 5. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #7
    • Use the Forgotten Attachment Detector by signing up for the Labs
    • Teachers and students can save time and embarrassment.
  • 6. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #6
    • Save as PDF
    • Safe any page as a PDF. This will certainly come in handy when taking notes for projects or creating slide shows for class.
  • 7. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #5
    • Google Images
    • This feature saves time and effort by providing images to be used in presentations.
  • 8. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #4
    • Google Squared
    • Find facts and organize them with this search feature from Google Labs
  • 9. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #3
    • Google SketchUp .
    • Draw 3 dimensional objects for class presentations with ease and free of charge.
  • 10. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #2
    • Access textbooks
    • Students and teachers can access textbooks online that may not be available otherwise.
  • 11. Top Ten Google Tips
    • #1
    • Search full text
    • Google Books offers full text for over 10,000 books; this comes in handy if you need something at the last minute. 