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Verb to be Verb to be Document Transcript

  • Verb to be present (am,is,are) <br />Affirmative sentences<br />I am aurora<br /> you are a singer <br />he is a doctor<br />she is architect<br />it is beautiful<br />you are a teachers<br />they are boring<br />Interrogative sentences<br />Am I Melisa? Yes you are Melisa/No you Melisa<br />Are you a singer? Yes I am singer/No I am not<br />Is he a doctor? Yes he is a doctor/No he is a doctor<br />Is she architect? Yes she is architect/No she isn´t<br />Is it beautiful? Yes it is beautiful/no it isn´t<br />Are we actors? Yes you are actors/not isn´t<br />Are you a teacher? Yes we are a teacher/no we aren´t<br />Are they boring? Yes they are boring/no they aren´t<br />Negative sentences<br />I am not Melisa<br />You aren´t a singer<br />He isn´t a doctor<br />She isn´t architect<br />It isn´t beautiful<br />We aren´t actor<br />You aren´t a teacher<br />They aren´t boring<br />Verb to be past (was- were)<br />Affirmative<br />I am was happy<br />You were a student<br />He was a singer<br />She was a princess<br />It was the England<br />We were bad boys<br />You were a writer<br />They were intelligent<br />Interrogative sentences<br />Was is happy? Yes you were happy/no you weren´t<br />Were you a student? Yes I was student/no I wasn´t<br />Was he a singer? Yes he was a singer/no he wasn´t<br />Was it the England? Yes it was the England/no it wasn´t<br />Were we bad boys? Yes you were bad boys/no you weren´t<br />Were they intelligent? Yes they were intelligent/no they weren´t<br />Negatives sentences<br />I wasn´t happy <br />You weren´t a student<br />He was a singer<br />She wasn´t a princess<br />It wasn´t the England<br />We weren´t bad boys<br />You weren´t a writer<br />They weren´t intelligent<br />Present simple 3rd person<br />Do – Does<br />Affirmatives sentences<br />I play tennis<br />You work in the morning<br />He watches the TV<br />She makes to cake<br />It buys a pencil<br />We eat a pizza you have a new car<br />They singer a song the backstreet boys <br />Interrogatives <br />Do I play tennis? Yes you play tennis/no, you don´t<br />Do you have to work? Yes I have to work/ no I don´t<br />Do he wach tv? Yes he wach the tv/no he doesn´t<br />Does she make a cake? Yes she make a cake / no she doesn´t<br />Does it buy a pencil? Yes it buys a pencil/no it doesn´t <br />Do we eat a pizza? Yes you eat a pizza/no you don´t <br />Don you have a new car? Yes we have a new car/ no we don´t<br />Do they singer a song the backstreetboys? Yes they singer a song the backstreet boys/ no they don´t<br />Negatives senteces<br />I don´t play tennis <br />You don´t work in the morning<br />He doesn´t watch the tv<br />She doesn’t make to cake<br />It doesn´t buy a pencil<br />We don´t eat a pizza<br />You don´t have a new car<br />They Don´t sing a song the backstreet boys<br />Past simple<br />Regular-Irregular verbs (Did)<br />I went to san Diego<br />You bought a new car<br />He ate chicken the noonday<br />She watched much TV<br /> It wrote yesterday in the notebook<br />We went the movie teather on weekend<br />You washed the jeans <br />They drew very well<br />Interrogatives <br />Did I drive my car in the city? Yes you drive car in the city/no you didn´t<br />Did you love a dog? Yes I loved a dog/no I didn´t<br />Did he speak the Japan? Yes he speak the Japan/no he didn´t<br />Did she swim in the pool? Yes swim in the pool/no didn´t<br />Did it teach? Yes it thought/no it didn´t<br />Did we write a book? Yes you wrote a book/no didn´t<br />Did you slept in the class? Yes we slept in the class/no we didn´t<br />Did they give a present? Yes they give a present/no they didn´t<br />Negatives sentences<br />I didn´t drive my car<br />You didn´t read well<br />He didn´t drink beer<br />She didn´t buy<br />It didn´t understand<br />We didn´t write a letter<br />You didn´t think in Robert <br />They didn´t ride a house<br />Affirmatives sentences<br />I will invite to dance <br />You will love me to death <br />He will give flowers to his girlfriend<br />She will walk in the park<br />It will go a movie teather on Saturday<br />We will drink a coffee<br />You will work in the hospital <br />The will buy a chocolate<br />Interrogatives <br />Will I invite to dance? Yes you will invite to dance/no you will not<br />Will you love me to death? Yes you will love me to death/no you will not<br />Will he give flowers to him girlfriend? Yes he will give flowers him girlfriend/no he will not<br />Will she walk in the park? Yes she will work in the park/no she will not<br />Will it go a movie teather on Saturday? Yes in will go a movie teather on Saturday<br />Will we de drink a coffee? Yes you will drink a coffee/no you will not<br />Will you work in the hospital? Yes we will work in the hospital/no we will not<br />Will they buy a chocolate? Yes they will buy a chocolate/no they will not<br />Negatives sentences<br />I will not leave you<br />You will not love me to<br />He will not give flowers to his girlfriend<br />She will not walk in the park<br />It will not go a movie teather on Saturday<br />We will not drink a coffee<br />You will not work in the hospital<br />The will not buy a chocolate<br />Affirmatives sentences<br />I can was the car<br />You can study at night<br />He can have water<br />She can buy the sandwiches<br />It can sing<br />We can listen English class<br />You can dance rock<br />They can run<br />Interrogatives<br /> <br />Can I listen music? Yes you can / no you can´t<br />Can you draw very well? Yes I can/ no can´t<br />Can he cook a cake? Yes he can / no he can´t<br />Can she wash the car in the morning? Yes she can/ no she can´t<br />Can it cry? Yes it can/ no it can´t<br />Can we sing in the concert? No you can´t / yes you can<br />Can you play a piano? Yes we can/ no we can´t <br />Can they read a book of psychology? No they can´t / yes they can<br />Negatives<br />I can´t speak japans<br />You can´t cook a pie<br />He can´t draw flowers<br />She a can´t play soccer <br />It can´t read <br />We can´t play tennis<br />You can´t drive a car<br />They can’t go to the beach<br />Affirmatives <br />I could work in the hospital<br />You could buy an ice cream<br />He could write the poem<br />She could bake a cake<br />It could study English <br />We could walk for the city<br />You could drink milk<br />they could eat more healthy<br />Interrogatives<br />Could I work in the hospital? Yes you could work in the hospital/no I could not<br />Could you buy to ice cream? Yes I could buy to ice-cream/no I could not<br />Could he write the poem? Yes he could write the poem/no he could not<br />Could she bake a cake? Yes she could bake a cake / no she could not<br />Could it study English? Yes it could study English / no it could not<br />Could we walk for the city? Yes you walk for the city/no you could not<br />Could you drink milk? Yes we drink milk / no we could not<br />Could they eat more healthy? Yes they could eat more healthy/ no they could not<br />Negatives<br />I could not work in the hospital<br /> you could not buy to ice-cream<br />He could not write the poem<br />She could not bake a cake<br />It could not study English<br />We could not walk for the city<br />You could not drink milk<br />They could not eat more he healthy<br />Affirmatives <br />I must do my homework<br />You must speak English<br />He must write in hem note book<br />She must help to her mother in the home <br />It must go<br />We must point to the flowers<br />You must wash the shoes<br />They must get up<br />Interrogatives <br />Must I do my homework? Yes I must do your homework/no you mustn´t<br />Must you sleep in the class? Yes I must sleep in the class/ no I mustn´t<br />Must he eat much salt? Yes he must eat much salt/ no he mustn´t<br />Must she help to her mother in the home? Yes she must help to her mother in the home /no she mustn´t<br />Must it be boring? Yes it must be boring/ no it mustn´t<br />Must we buy an expensive book? Yes you buy an expensive book / no you mustn’t<br />Must you paint flowers? Yes we must paint flower´s / no we mustn´t<br />Must they drink beer? Yes they must drink beer/ no they mustn’t<br />Negatives <br />I mustn´t sleep in class<br />You mustn´t eat much salt<br />He mustn´t play whit the girls hearts<br />She mustn´t buy an expensive book<br />It mustn´t be boring<br />We mustn´t paint flowers<br />You mustn´t wash the car<br />They mustn’t drink beer<br />Affirmatives <br />I should eat much healthy<br />You should drink much water<br />He should go to the doctor<br />She should walk in the afternoon<br />It should run much<br />We should read and speak good English<br />You should ride a horse <br />They should practice more sports<br />Interrogative<br />Should I think in memo Ochoa? Yes you should think in memo Ochoa / no you shouldn´t<br />Should you eat vegetables? Yes I should eat vegetables/ no you shouldn´t<br />Should he study for the test? Yes he should study for the test/ no he shouldn´t<br />Should she wake up early? Yes she should wake up early/no she shouldn´t<br /> Should we answer the question? Yes you should do the homework/ no you shouldn´t<br />Should you answer the question? Yes we should answer the question/ no we shouldn´t<br />Should they watch TV? Yes they should watch TV / no they shouldn´t<br />Negatives <br />I shouldn´t eat much salt<br />You shouldn´t smoke in the hospital<br />He shouldn´t work much time<br />She shouldn´t cry for her boyfriend<br />It shouldn´t drink beer<br />We shouldn´t write letter of love<br />You should buy very expensive presents<br />They should sleep in the class <br />