Blacktown Boys HS - welcome to step up

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Blacktown Boys HS Planning My Future Project - Step Up

Blacktown Boys HS Planning My Future Project - Step Up

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  • 1. Planning My Future at Blacktown Boys High School A transition program for Year 10 2011 Created by Trish Matthews
  • 2. Step Up Senior Transition Ensuring Progress Understanding and Performance
  • 3. What isStep Up ?A three weekprogram, designedespecially for you,to help you make asuccessfultransition to theSenior School.
  • 4. What you need to do to Step Up? Be here every day Be organised by bringing your laptop every day Bring equipment for your normal elective subjects Bring pens to write with
  • 5. What you need to do cont... Bring your personalised folder every day Follow the timetable Get your passport stamped at the end of each Step Up session Complete an evaluation at the end of each Program Be prepared to participate as a senior student
  • 6. What you will be doing A program that gives you some of the skills that you need to have as a senior student
  • 7. Over the next three weeks you willbe doing Numeracy for Life All My Own Work BOS Leadership Senior Policy Careers Video Conference etiquette Goal Setting
  • 8. And ... Sport and Games Community Volunteering Reading to Learn Team Building ICT Study skills Library skills
  • 9. LearningStudySkills
  • 10. Numeracyfor Life
  • 11. All MyOwnWork
  • 12. BOSNSW Boardof Studies –not to beconfusedwith Bored ofStudies
  • 13. And
  • 14. And...Video Conference Etiquette Community Volunteering
  • 15. And... Library Skills Careers
  • 16. GoalSetting
  • 17. Google
  • 18. Sport andGames
  • 19. Did wementionbreakfast?
  • 20. Don’t forget to Step Up