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  • Du lacrosse

    1. 1. Social Media PresentationBy: Olivia Melikian
    2. 2. The program began as an intercollegiate team in 1966 and competed atvarious levels through the 1998 season.In 1999, the Pioneers were distinguished as a NCAA Division I team.The team takes great pride in its presence on campus and the athletes andcoaches, together, work hard every season to prevail as the NCAA Division Ichampion.They advanced to the NCAA semi finals and ended their season rankednumber four.Pioneers have earned the support and pride of many loyal followers, bothwithin the DU community and nationally.
    3. 3. Program’s social media vision and mission… “Weuse social media to be our media.”The team’s mission is to raise awareness of DU’slacrosse program, create a brand, engage faninterest, encourage fan interaction and to provideupdates on the team’s whereabouts, scores andnewsworthy events.Information is broadcasted to followers throughnumerous social media platforms.
    4. 4. Twitter: Under the username DU_MLAX, the team has a followingof 5785, posts hourly to several times daily depending on time inseason. Twitter is the team’s strongest media presence.Facebook: The DU’s Men’s Lacrosse page currently has 1604 likeswith 994 people talking. Posts are active, current and informative.There are also links to newspaper articles.YouTube: Segments of game videos are uploaded periodically toYouTube.Instagram: Photos posted on Instagram account.Blog: Men’s Lacrosse Blog is used to highlight individual playersand give insight into the team’s activities.
    5. 5. Improve effectiveness of existing presence on Twitterand Facebook.Activate three new social media platforms: Vine,Foursquare and Google+.
    6. 6. Tweets and linked posts to various social media sitesshould be constantly updated, engaging fans toactively interact with follow up responses.Hold Twitter Chat forums every week during theseason for fan discussions on different team relatedtopics.Use creative hash tags to organize data, filterinformation for quick and easy access and increasefollowers.
    7. 7. Link Foursquare, Vine, Instagram and Twitter to theFacebook page, maximizing social media presence.Post different incentive giveaways for each game toFacebook and its linked platforms to increaseattendance, boost fan enthusiasm and rally teamspirit.
    8. 8. Establish presence on Vine to upload explosive 6-7second videos highlighting the team’s talent andsuccesses.Brief visual engagement captivates audience.Accessed easily and conveniently linked to Twitter.Has a wide audience potential.
    9. 9. Most popular location-based service.Active presence will allow team followers to knowwhere team is and to check in at games.Use will enable team to hold contests and reward fanloyalty.
    10. 10. Google+ is one of the social media platforms with the fastestgrowing user base.Best platform for people with similar interests/passion to easilyconnect via public communities, newsfeeds and chats.2012 Lacrosse Participation Report indicated that 722,205players participated on organized lacrosse teams.Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in high school and in theNCAA.Google+ would enable Pioneers to interact with a hugepassionate fan base.Strong presence will engage fans and benefit future teamrecruitment efforts.
    11. 11. Successful social media campaigns have effectivemarketing plans. Reaching all potential followers willguarantee that the Pioneers successfully create abrand, engage fan interest, encourage fan interactionand enable them to provide updates on the team’swhereabouts, scores and newsworthy events efficientlyand effectively.