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Uaa odisha

  1. 1. Annual Organic SRI Partners Meet WEL-COME SDTTPARTNERS and DELEGATES United Artists’ Association (UAA) Odisha
  2. 2. Organic – SRI An Experience of UAAin Ganjam district of Odisha
  3. 3. Present Trend:UN Millennium Development Goal No.1 = Eradication of HUNGER & POVERTY by 2015Prof. M. S. Swaminathan’s Call in UNCommittee on World Food Security in Romeon 17th Oct 2011 as the Chair PersonIncrease investment in EVER - GREENagriculture and in agricultural research so as topromote SUSTAINABLE food production
  4. 4. As reported his statement was;“I have been referring to productivityimprovement without associatedecological harm as EVERGREENREVOLUTION”.Giving greater attention to the net incomeof smallholder farmers, through theconcurrent enhancement of farm and non-farm income, and through a small farmmanagement revolution
  5. 5. South west monsoon RF deficient by 23 %(2008-09)Food production in 2009-10 is short by 7.51 %,- 216.85 mt.Climate Change is the biggest VILIAN coupledwith promotion of intensive agriculture using age-old principle of green revolution.
  6. 6. UAA’s Intervention:Mobilizing small & marginal farmers and sharecroppers to use their own traditional practicesamalgamated with modern eco-friendlyprinciples, technologies and implements whichwill sustain their production without impactingtheir farm and farming. At the same timeensured equal or/ and increased production toget food security and increased income as well.Gave greater attention on how to reduce costimplications of inputs and reduce farmerdependency on market.
  7. 7. What we did …..Collected better and successful experiences,knowledge and practices from old farmers,practitioners, promoters.Verified with agriculture scientists (both retd. andcont..)Some knowledge thus collected directlytransmitted to focus farmers.Some other experimented in our own farm landand land of few local prospective farmers andpromoted effective practices among our focusfarmers who benefited most out of it.
  8. 8. Achievements: Total no. of farmers adopted Organic SRI= 2342 Total area under Organic SRI in acres=912.92 No. of Marginal/Small/Big Farmers=1168/1034/12 No. of Sharecroppers adopted Organic SRI=134 No. of PRI members adopted Organic SRI=29 No. of SHG members adopted Organic SRI=782 No. of Women headed farmers family adopted Organic SRI=112 10 Village Knowledge centers established in three blocks. 17 Organic SRI farmers panchyat Established for Up scaling the process.
  9. 9. Result of Advocacy: Govt. is planning;After decades of neglect, the policy makers areacknowledging the real concerns and aretalking about taking some steps in the rightdirection. The approach paper prepared by thePlanning Commission, which provides thebasic architecture for the next Five Year Plan,emphasises the need for a clear focus onorganic/ecological fertilisation to address thesoil health crisis. The draft was cleared bythe cabinet in September 2011.
  10. 10. Cost of production:Conventional Method, Variety – Puja, Area Organic Method, Variety – Puja – 70 Cent Area – 70 Cent Item Spending in Yield Item Spending in Yield Rs. Rs.1 tractor compost 800.00 3 cartload of compost 600.00Seed cost 504.00 5 kg seed cost 60.00Ploughing cost 1800.00 Ploughing charges 1200.00Fertilizer cost 100.00 Labour charges for 300.00Labour cost 200.00 land leveling Oil cake 5 kg 50.00Land leveling 300.00 Transplantation 700.00 1795Transplantation 900.00 1125 kg De-weeding 300.00 kgDe-weeding 300.00 Harvesting 800.00Fertiliser 500.00 Cleaning 1000.00Harvesting 1000.00 Vermin-compost 200.00Cleaning 900.00 Vermin-wash 120.00 Handi compost) 300.00 Total 5885.00 Total 7304.00
  11. 11. Cost Benefit findings;Production 1125 kg Production 1795 kgTotal cost (Per kg Rs.10125 Total cost (Per Rs.16155Rs. 9.00X1125) kgRs 9.00X1795)Profit- Rs.2821 Profit- Rs.10270(10125-7304) (16155-5885)
  12. 12. THANK U All Mangaraj, UAA, Odisha