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BRACとの協働事例~貧困層向けモバイル通信型医療サービス~ マイクロファイナンスフォーラム2011



Living in Peaceマイクロファイナンスフォーラム2011講演資料

Living in Peaceマイクロファイナンスフォーラム2011講演資料

講演者:Mr.Mridul Chowdhury (CEO/Founder,mPower Social Enterprises)



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    BRACとの協働事例~貧困層向けモバイル通信型医療サービス~ マイクロファイナンスフォーラム2011 BRACとの協働事例~貧困層向けモバイル通信型医療サービス~ マイクロファイナンスフォーラム2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Integrating Mobile Technologies in  BRAC’s Health Program:  A Possible Model for Micro­Entrepreneurship  at the BOP A Joint Initiative by BRAC and mPowerPresented by Mridul ChowdhuryCEO and Founder,mPower Social Enterprises © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Agenda About mPower and BRAC Broad overview of health scenario in rural Bangladesh BRAC’s program in Maternal/Child Health Integrating mobile technologies in BRAC’s health program  Towards an entrepreneurial BOP model Feedback and discussion © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • About mPower mPower is a social enterprise that works with development  organizations to: o Design optimal systems and information flows for better  decision‐making and monitoring of activities o Develop and deploy technological solutions to support the  above mPower Health is a subsidiary of mPower Social Enterprises,  which focuses on: o Connecting Community‐level Health Workers (CHWs) with  remote doctors sitting in cities through use of mobile devices o Addressing issue of lack of access to doctors in rural areas © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • About mPower (contd.) Started as a class project at MIT – later company founded by  graduate students from Harvard and MIT (initial name was  Click Diagnostics) Revenue model:  o Phase 1: service fees from NGOs and governments o Phase 2: service fees from multiple stakeholders © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Some initial recognitions Winner of the MIT 100K  Awarded one of top 5 Social Business Ideas in  Entrepreneurship Competition  Bangladesh, January 11, 2010 2008 in Development Track Awarded ‘Best New Innovation in  Runner‐up Prize in USAID Global  Telemedicine’ at World Health  Development Challenge 2008 © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 Congress in DC in April 2009 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • About BRAC World’s biggest NGO Comprehensive approach to poverty alleviation Believes in Microfinance Plus Large health program in Bangladesh o More Community Health Workers (CHWs) than even the  government © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • The BRAC‐mPower Partnership on mHealth BRAC is providing:  o The human resource  infrastructure, from CHWs to  doctors o Leading execution on the  ground mPower is providing:  o mHealth systems/ process  design Manthan Award 2011 to o Technology development,  BRAC-mPower mHealth Model deployment and support © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Scenario of Healthcare Options in Rural Bangladesh - No medical training - Sits inside small - No medical training pharmacy (mostly - Mostly prescribe self- unregistered) made medicine - No license for - prescription Faith Healer Village Patient Quack Doctor - Posts for 4 medical officers (MBBS) and 3 NGO Health -Only handful in the SpecialistsDistrict Services entire country -High doctor Hospital - Quality varies greatly absenteeism - Typically 2 MBBS & Sporadic Specialists © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • BRAC’s Maternal and Child Health System Community Health Workers o Monthly household visits  during pregnancy and after o Enter patient information in  a manual register book Supervisors o Deals with more complex  cases o Follow‐up on referrals  Doctors o Responds in case of  emergency  Managers at HQ o Monitors field activity © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Limited scope for preventive care © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Then came mHealth ! Introduced mobile technologies in BRAC’s MNCH program  from late 2009 (with small financial support from Alliance  Forum Foundation) Snapshot of how it changed the process ‐> © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Screenshots of Work Schedule ‐ SK E BRAC‐Click mHealth Every  morning,  SK  syncs  her  mobile  with  the server to download and view the work  schedule of the day with types of task and  recipient IDs.  বাছু নCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © mPower Health 2011
    • The software enables  Aisha to record data, take  pictures of the patient, and  voice‐record any open‐ ended responses in about  15 min.© ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Following the Medical AlgorithmCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Entering the Data E BRAC‐Click mHealth E BRAC‐Click mHealth ছিব তু লুন থামুন েরকডর্ Take Picture of a Record Voice of Beneficiary the BeneficiaryCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Sending the Data E BRAC‐Click mHealth E BRAC‐Click mHealth Send Data to Server over the Internet (GPRS)COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • mPower System categorizes the risk level  Example – Pregnant Mother ; ID‐001 Graphically Represented about the Risk Stratum of Beneficiary  ID – 001  Response in  Relative Factors Raising Risk Mobile  Weight This Patient, ID‐001 has a Risk Level of “SEVERE” Category <18 1Age (Yrs.) >35 2 Unknown ? ≥5 2Parity (No. Primi (1st) 1Severe Anemia Clinical 2H/o Previous C/S If Yes 2H/o Prolonged labor If Yes 2H/o Obstructed labor If Yes 2H/o  Eclampsia If Yes 2H/o  Abortion or Still Birth If Yes 2Twin Pregnancy (Current) If Yes 2Ruptured Membrane If yes 3COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Screenshots of Doctor Interface Doctor’s  Advice After Assessment Doctor Advice and Submit to Send to FW’s MobilesCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Mobile Screenshots for Doctor’s Advice  E BRAC‐Click mHealth E BRAC‐Click mHealth aপশন pেবশ বাছু ন FWs View Doctor’s Advice in the Mobiles from “See Alert” MenuCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Health Administrator can also track activities and  make needed interventions COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Impact of introducing technologies CHW is now able to do much more than before with  remote support from doctor Doctor’s role from passive to pro‐active Targeted and prioritized interventions Real‐time monitoring of ground‐level activities  BUT the big problem of sustainability remains – when  donor fund dries up, the entire system collapsesCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Opportunity for creating entrepreneurial model Introduction of technology has created a new opportunity for  turning donor‐dependent models into entrepreneurial models COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Phase 2: A Multi‐stakeholder Entrepreneurial Model Pharma Revenue  Companies share from  Medicines  ‐ Takes out a  Community Health sold microfinance loan Entrepreneur ‐ Gets trained to be  Payment for  a CHW Services ‐ Buys equipments Revenue  Payment for  share  Payment for  Health Services from Data  Health Data  Usage Services Telecom Companies Govt./Donors/  CropsCOMPANY CONFIDENTIAL Health Orgs © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2009
    • Phase 3: Add non‐health services to the package © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Summing Up Issues of poverty are complex o Just microfinance alone cannot solve o Donor‐dependent models are often not sustainable Need innovative BOP models based on: o Multiple stakeholders  o Economic incentives not charity  o Multi‐dimensional use of resources  © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL
    • Thank You! © ClickDiagnostics, Inc. 2008 COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL