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The english in north america

The english in north america






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    The english in north america The english in north america Presentation Transcript

    • Joseph M. Kooiker
      History 140
      Professor Arguello
      The English in North America
    • American Colonies: Virginia
      There were about 24,000 Indians in the Chesapeake Bay area when the English arrived
      The English came to the Chesapeake Bay because of more fertile lands, easier rivers to navigate, and better harbors
      Most of the Indians in the Chesapeake Bay area were hunter gatherers
      The Virginians experienced some lean periods because they were unprepared
    • American Colonies: Virginia
      When the colonists first came to Virginia they were more interested in looking for gold rather than gathering food for the winter
      The colonist believe that the Indians would help them get through the winter
      The Indians at first believed that the English would become allies with them
    • American Colonies: Virginia
      The English believed that the Indians were not using the land as well as the Colonists could
      The Indians and the colonists began to conflict with each other
      Powhaten had believed that the English could be brought into the Indians tribe
    • American Colonies: Chesapeake Bay
      In England, the aristocracy ruled
      In the New American colonies there were few of the aristocray and merchants and planters who began to rule the colonies
      Though some of the aristocracy and leading men in the colonies were very harsh on the people of the colonies
    • American Colonies: Chesapeake Bay
      In 1676, freedmen and servants rebelled against the ruling class they were led by Nathanial Bacon
      Bacon’s Rebellion led to more crown intervention in Virginia’s government
      Many of the leaders in Virginia began to promote a government which would ally the common and great planters
    • American Colonies: Chesapeake Bay
      Many people who immigrated to the English colonies in America came as indentured servants
      Many people who came to the country as indentured servants hoped to be able to earn their freedom which would usually be apart of their contract
    • American Colonies: New England
      This was different colony from the colonies around the Chesapeake Bay
      The people who came to this area were seeking religious freedom versus looking for gold
      The Puritans who settled the area worked their own land rather than using slaves and indentured servants
    • American Colonies: New England
      Most of the people in New England did not grow cash crops but grew crops to support their own families
      This idea was driven by a strict belief in God and his teachings which taught that amassing a lot wealth was not a way to get closer to God
    • American Colonies: New England
      Women in New England still did not have a lot of rights but did have more rights than women did back in England and Europe
      Families and communities were very tight knit in New England