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  1. 1. Executive Summary<br />Company Summary<br />Founded in 2011 by Calvin A. Moore II, out of a vision to inspire and simplify healthy living, LiveMoore is positioning itself to be the leading retailer of better-for-you Organic, designer cold-pressed juices and gourmet smoothies bottled in glass.  LiveMoore will also offer Personal Juice Menus, salads, sandwiches, Holistic supplements, elixirs, healing waters and very basic organic bath and skincare products.<br />As an inspirational and connected staff dedicated to helping customers access inner joy and increase overall well-being, we plan to set a higher standard in the food and beverage industry through basic sustainable and common sense practices.<br />The LiveMoore Core Philosophy and Movements are Smart...and surprisingly Simple<br />We build only high quality, minimally designed and outfitted stores incorporating the latest and cost effective "Green" technology and materials available<br />Every LiveMoore store will guarantee supporting local farmers, local vendors and local economy First before outsourcing unavailable produce and services. WHY? Because we believe in taking care of the community that supports us.<br /> LiveMoore prepares and serves only Organic or locally grown/ pesticide free fruits and vegetables that are fully inspected by hand, washed/ rinsed 5 times with Purified Water and hand-cut daily.<br />LiveMoore will have the first ever gourmet/designer juice collection and "Healing Waters" bottled in Artisan hand-blown glass designed and produced in New York State. <br />LiveMoore will offer sustainable package options of glass bottles, biodegradable bottles or "BYOB" with a “NO PACKAGE" option.<br />Products and Services Summary<br />LiveMoore is simply the best....Superior Fruits and Vegetables made by the Rolls Royce of Juicers....<br />The Norwalk Juice Press<br />“The juices extracted from fresh-raw vegetables and fruits are the means by which we can furnish all the cells and tissues of the body with the elements and nutritional enzymes they need in the manner they can be most readily digested and assimilated.” – Dr. Norman Walker<br /> <br />Freshly-squeezed juice is a healthy alternative to bottled and canned juices, which often contain artificial sweeteners and additives. It is easy to have freshly-squeezed juice at home with the help of a juicer. There are two main types of juicers: centrifugal and cold-press.<br />Although both machines provide fresh juice, they operate differently, resulting in notable differences in the finished product.<br />How Centrifugal Juicers Work<br />The most widely available electric juicers are centrifugal juicers. The way these machines operate affects the quality of the juice they produce. These appliances extract juice from fruit with an internal high-speed blade that spins against a metal strainer. The juice is separated from the flesh of the fruit by the centrifugal force generated by the blade and strainer separates the juice from the flesh of the fruit.<br />Juice from a Centrifugal Appliance<br />As the blade inside a centrifugal juicer spins at a high speed, it generates heat. This heat destroys enzymes in the fruit that is being cut and juiced inside the machine. The heat also oxidizes and separates nutrients naturally found in the whole fruit, rendering those nutrients that make it into the juice less pure. Centrifugal juicers produce less nutritious juice than cold-press juicers, according to FoodMatters.<br /> <br />How Cold-Press Juicers Work<br />Cold-press juicers (sometimes referred to as masticating juicers) also produce juice from whole fruit. Instead of cutting fruit like centrifugal juicers, cold-press juicers chew or mash fruit to extract juice. Gears inside cold-press juicers compress fruits, vegetables and greens to squeeze out the juices. These juicers keep the juice intact, meaning naturally-occurring nutrients are retained in the extraction process.<br />Juice from a Cold-Press <br />Many health-conscious people prefer cold-press juicers to centrifugal juicers because they operate with lower heat. This lower heat setting keeps fruit enzymes intact. Since cold-press juicers mash fruit, they do not oxidize nutrients found in the fruit. They are believed to produce a more pure juice, as the finished product does not differ greatly from the juice inside the fruit.<br />Cold-press juicers also efficiently process leafy greens, such as spinach, wheatgrass and kale. This is a task that centrifugal juicers are not equipped to perform. Since these leafy greens carry many health benefits, this is another way to get vital nutrients and vitamins using cold-press juicers.<br />LiveMoore will produce creative, organic, raw and live products "On-Site" to guarantee the highest quality of our signature super-rich/NO ICE smoothies and nourishing cold-pressed juices all bottled in attractive hand-blown glass bottles. LiveMoore is creating a standard of noticeable "A Class" customer service and product quality missing in this specialty retail wellness and nutrition niche market.<br />LiveMoore through our clean and modern Menu of Products and Services:<br />Designer cold pressed juices that are 100% all natural and with no added artificial ingredients and preservatives.<br />Gourmet smoothies<br />Hearty salads<br />Filling sandwiches<br />Chia Seed Puddings<br />Raw Oat-meals<br />Raw and Vegan Chocolates and Cakes<br />Nutrient rich and delicious Hemp, Almond, Brazilian, and Cashew Nut Milks. <br />Alkaline, Mineral Water and Spring Water<br />Elixirs: Wheat-grass, Ginger, E3Live, Aloe, Lemon, Chlorophyll, Garlic Shots<br />Soaps, Detox Soaks, Body Scrubs<br />LiveMoore will also offer:<br />Referral services to/from local Fitness Clubs, Nutritionists and other Wellness Resources will also help inspire customers to eat better foods and start or modify weekly exercise practices.<br />The Juice Club by LiveMoore<br />This first ever subscription based monthly membership that will entitle members to discounts on all products and services for a monthly/recurring fee.<br />BROAD DEMOGRAPHIC APPEAL<br />LiveMoore is a lifestyle brand that already appeals to a mass market of consumers from age 4 to 80 in every socio-economic class in the "Organic and Green Movement."<br />Social Media will be our number 1 platform of Marketing to the masses.  I.E. Facebook, Twitter, Blogging for Business, YouTube, Ning,,etc....<br />Typical Customer:<br />Mom/strollers<br />Tastemakers/<br />Office Staff, Managers, Executives<br />Students<br />Celebrities<br />Tourists<br />Everyone in between<br />* Similar retail store concepts have had proven success:– Urban– Suburban– Commercial– Residential markets<br />New Yorkers now more than ever are more "nutrition conscious" and actively seek organic products that are minimally packaged.<br />Attractive Retail Store Economics<br />Estimated Store Sales<br />$2,000,000<br />1st Store Build-Out Cost<br />$450,000<br />Average Store Build Out Cost<br />$300,000<br />Average Sales Transaction<br />$24.00 to $45.00<br />Weekly Sales<br />$35,000 to $42,000<br />Cash Payback<br />12 to 24 Months<br />Financial Research<br /> <br />The first store is always the more expensive one to open.  When LiveMoore opens on the East Side and downtown neighborhoods, the new store startup costs will decrease as a rule of thumb.  Example: Because LiveMoore is a start-up, most landlords require 6 months rent upfront and 3 to 4 months of security as there is no business history.<br />Projected sales and expenses included in this plan were personally observed and studied over a 5-month period at an un-named Organic Juice Company with over 5 retail stores throughout New York City and The Hamptons.  <br />As Manager of the West Village and SoHo Boutiques and Project Manager for new store openings, estimates are in near perfect range to that of my past employer. <br />I made note of the many holes in their business model. The majority of waste and profit-loss stems from off-site production, poor inventory management and owner/operator disconnection with management, staff and customers. <br />Juice/Smoothies/Salads tastes best when made fresh and in one location. Period.  LiveMoore will produce all units sold on-site.<br />Company<br />Company Overview<br />LiveMoore is a "sustainable" Lifestyle Brand providing quality gourmet/designer juices, smoothies, clean foods, nutrient rich supplements to those with refined taste and passion in organic produce. The retail store is airy, open, clean, "posh" and very welcoming while offering stellar customer service with the following products:<br />Designer Cold Pressed Juices bottled in Glass<br />Dense - Savory Smoothies<br />Nutrient Rich Super Foods<br />Cutting Edge Elixirs<br />Filtered and Alkalized Bottled Water<br />Various Organic Salads for various eating options,ie: Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw<br />Daily and Weekly Juice Cleanses<br />Juice Club Memberships-Weekly/Monthly<br />8am to 1am Hours of Operation<br />What will set LiveMoore apart from the competition with our commitment to service various eating options that include:<br />Vegan<br />Vegetarian<br />Gluten Free<br />Kosher<br />Conscious Omnivore<br />Anyone with a pulse and has ever paid taxes<br />"No Package" Options<br />Rice or Potato Packing<br />LiveMoore will consistently provide and produce goods and services in a well built and maintained central location.  We pride ourselves with supporting the New York State economy through buying local when at all possible.<br />LiveMoore will also have extended hours compared to the competition.  8am to 1am Monday through Sunday.  Longer hours and skeleton staff will allow us to effectively service our customers that work and socialize after midnight.<br />We will be the first ever to market Holistic/Organic customizable super supplement packs and elixirs to combat the following side effects: Jet lag, overeating, drinking dehydration, chronic fatigue, other various ailments and recreational drug use.<br />Customers will include medium- and high-income residents of Soho/West Village/Meat Packing or Columbus Circle, as well as tourists and those who work in these health conscious dense neighborhoods. <br />The store will be managed and directed by Calvin Moore, a veteran Independent Licensed Real Estate Broker/Developer and current Manager at a leading New York City Organic Juice Company with over 5 locations.   <br />LiveMoore is established as a limited liability company with 100% by Calvin Moore.  Management responsibilities with be shared with Board of Director members.<br />10% of profit will be given to angel investors who invest to help finance the start up of LiveMoore.<br />Investors will provide investment in the way of seed cash to help start the business and none of the investors will be active participants in any management decisions.<br />LiveMoore is a privately held LLC, currently 100% owned by founder and president, Calvin Moore.  <br />In order to make LiveMoore financially viable, there are three major factors necessary to get the business up and running.<br />A feasible concept.  I have lived and breathed the entire Juice/Smoothie experience throughout the entire New York City market and the surrounding boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey. <br />A "Manager" who's a motivating model of health and salesperson with vibrant personality and entrepreneurial spirit<br />Financial support.  This support will come from three different sources. Calvin Moore will invest time as visionary, developer and manager.  This is a need for investors to help with the initial capital to allow the business to have enough equity to get off the ground. The final piece of financial support is the faith and commitment of a financial institution to loan the remaining funds that are needed to operate the business.<br />Management Team<br />LiveMoore will be managed by Calvin Moore on a day-to-day basis. He will devote 100% of his time to this venture.  There are three key employees joining Calvin in this venture, David Gonzales, Roger Black and Craig Lowenstern.<br />Calvin Moore will participate with managing and overseeing all operations of the LiveMoore retail store, including the kitchen, inventory management, human resources (hiring and training), finances, define priorities for all supervised staff, store maintenance, etc.<br />Craig Lowenstern heads Sales and Strategy for LiveMoore and works in close consultation with Moore with most business model and strategy.<br />David Gonzalez, 2 year veteran Juice Chef and Juice Bar Manager of The Westerly Health Food Store. Gonzalez will manage Kitchen Operations, supervise all kitchen staff and manage daily ordering of supplies/produce needs.<br />Roger Black Studio, Design and Art Direction<br />Products and Services<br />Products and Services<br />LiveMoore offers delicious/fresh juices and filling/gourmet smoothies with slight variations in production, presentation and delivery.... We are not trying to re-invent the wheel. Our goal is to make our customers happier and healthier individuals. <br />The Menu<br />LiveMoore Basics<br />Apple<br />Orange<br />Beet<br />Cherry<br />Cranberry<br />Peach<br />Watermelon<br />Strawberry<br />Blueberry<br />Cucumber<br /> <br />Nut Milks<br />Almond Milk<br />Cashew Milk      <br />Hemp Milk            <br />Brazil Nut Milk<br /> <br />The LiveMoore Smoothie (SAMPLE)<br />Enlightened banana, fresh ginger, agave nectar, and coconut water<br />Wisdom acai, banana, vanilla extract, and coconut water<br />Truth blueberries, almond butter, banana, and soymilk<br />Love medjool date, banana, spirulina powder and almond milk<br />Confident mango, lemon juice, agave nectar, and coconut water<br />Sexy orange juice, mango, strawberry<br />Abundant cherry, strawberry, raspberry, cocoa, and coconut water<br /> <br />Salads(SAMPLE)        <br />Supergreen Salad supercharged spirulina millet with coleslaw served on a medley of greens               <br />Bacon Salad crispy tempeh bacon, homemade hummus, kalamata olives served on a bed of greens                                Rosemary Seitan Salad grilled seitan in a creamy sauce with cranberries, celery and kalamata olives served on a bed of greens               <br />Marinated Beet Salad marinated beets, sliced granny smith apples and raw walnuts on a bed of greens               Harvest Salad sliced granny smith apples, raw walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries on a bed of greens<br /> <br />Breakfast and Desserts(Sample)<br />Raw Oatmeal               <br />Chia Seed Pudding               <br />Acai Breakfast Bow<br />Goji Berry Moose<br /> <br />Bottled Waters<br />Alkaline (32oz)<br />The LiveMoore Reserve (104oz)<br /> <br />Organic Dental Care<br />LiveMoore Super Cleanse (2 Separate Glass Bottles:16oz of Baking Soda and 2oz of Hydrogen Peroxide)<br />LiveMoore Salt Water Rinse (16oz of Purified Water and 1 tablespoon of sea salt)<br /> <br />Bath<br />LiveMoore Detox Bath Soak (32oz baking soda, 16oz sea salt, 2 cups Epsom salt)<br /> <br />Skincare (Purchased Wholesale and then Private Labeled...LiveMoore)<br />Olive Oil<br />Sesame Seed Oil<br />Coconut Oil<br />Shea Butter<br /> <br />LiveMoore Water Station<br /> <br />What Is Cold-Pressed?<br />A Norwalk Juicer<br />“Cold-Pressed” describes the method of juice-making.  The Rolls-Royce of cold-pressed juicers is the Norwalk Juicer, and juice bars that use the Norwalk Juicer will market their juices as such.  Rather than using a “centrifugal” juice extraction process (which most conventional juicers do), the Norwalk Juicer extracts juice through the tremendous pressure exerted by a Hydraulic Press.  Maximal amounts of natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements are preserved.  This imparts to the juice an extremely fine quality and flavor which is unequaled by any other method of juice extraction.<br />Centrifugal juicers involve a rapidly spinning strainer.  Heat, static electricity and large amounts of air are drawn in; nutrients are destroyed as oxidation occurs.  Essential enzymes in fruit and vegetable juice die at temperatures exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.  Any juice extractor using a high-speed blade or centrifuge creates friction heat and destroys vital nutrients.  Juicing machines will allow you to take control of the quality of the produce, but extraction methods can still destroy vital nutrients, vitamins and living enzymes.<br />What Are The Benefits Of Cold-Pressed Juice?<br />The key benefits of the cold-pressed method are:<br />1.  Nutrients and Enzymes Are Preserved. Because the cold-pressed method does not generate the heat that the centrifugal method does, fewer nutrients and enzymes are killed.  From the Norwalk website:<br />A comparative study of the operation and efficiency of machine "A", a leading centrifugal juicer; machine "B", described as being a juicer, grater and homogenizer; and machine "N", a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer and a chemical analysis of the mineral content of the extract juices. Uniform five pound samples of carrots, parsley, and celery were run on each of the machines with the above results.<br />2.  Higher Yield. The cold-pressed method extracts much more juice and nutrients from the vegetables and fruit.  We have both a Norwalk Juicer and a Breville (centrifugal machine, which is great for other reasons), and my husband estimates that the Norwalk Juicer produces about 50% more juice from a given batch of ingredients).<br />3.  Taste. The juice from a Norwalk Juicer tastes much better.  It tastes cleaner and crisper.<br />When I haven’t had the juices in a while, the best way to describe what I crave is the oxygen to my cells.  Turns out, greens to bring oxygen to more cells of the body!  Explanations for my body’s craving for these green juices are below:<br />Calorie for calorie, greens offer the most nutritional bang per calorie than any other food. They are rich in minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) and vitamins, including vitamins K, C, E, and many of the B vitamins. They also provide a variety of phytonutrients including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which protect our cells from damage and our eyes from age-related problems, among many other effects.  Phytonutrients have been shown to protect the body against free radical damage, stimulate detoxifying enzymes, support the immune system and act as antiviral and antibacterial agents.<br />Greens are a rich source of chlorophyll, which acts as a detoxifier in the body. Chlorophyll also helps the blood to deliver oxygen to all the cells of the body as well as helping to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells. If you suffer from bad breath or body odors, chlorophyll will help that — it is a natural deodorizer! The darker the greens, the higher the chlorophyll content.  To get the full benefit of the chlorophyll in greens, it’s best to eat them raw or very lightly cooked.<br />Greens are alkalizing. It’s important to keep our body’s PH at a healthy level.  However, the modern American diet consists of mostly acid-forming foods like meat and carbohydrates.  Consuming lots of vegetables, particularly greens, would help maintain health and balance.<br />Dark, leafy greens contain essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for all body functions and protect against heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol.<br />Greens are powerful antioxidants, which are known to protect the body from damage from toxins in the environment and the foods we eat. Antioxidants neutralize these toxins and clear them from the body.<br />Wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier and is high in chlorophyll, minerals and other nutrients vital to good health. It’s an excellent way to cleanse the blood and support the liver. Many health food stores have a juice section where you can get fresh wheatgrass—start with a 1-ounce shot followed by some vegetable or fruit juice, and when your body is more used to the detoxifying effect, you can take 2 ounces. A word of caution: Don’t take wheatgrass and follow with vigorous exercise—I did once and regretted it, as I felt nauseous throughout my workout session.<br />The main benefit of green juice is its alkalizing effect.  Fruit juices are more astringent; essentially the fruit digs it up and the green moves it out!<br />There Are Drawbacks…<br />The Norwalk juices are relatively expensive to make and buy; and they have a shelf-life of approximately 3 days.  It is unlikely to be sold at a grocery store but, rather, a juice bar. <br />Conclusion<br />The Norwalk juices provide an unusual sense of refreshment, rejuvenation, air, and energy to my body.<br />LiveMoore is a lifestyle brand that will offer customers  easy, delicious, filling juices and smoothies paired with supplements and waters to boost energy/health levels and confidence in their eating choices.<br />LiveMoore sets itself apart from competition by offering a verbal and written commitment to buying Organic and Local Produce when at all possible. Having worked with a top producing juice company,  customers demand to know origin of produce and prefer supporting local farmers.<br />LiveMoore will also bottle all products in designer, hand-blown glass while offering  "Sustainable and NO Package Options." The majority of  juice bars in New York City, with the exception of Organic Avenue, will skimp on costs to bottle juices and smoothies in plastic<br />Competitors<br />Competitors<br />LiveMoore has very little competition in New York City offering Organic "cold-pressed" Juices, Smoothies, Salads, Holistic Supplements and Healing Waters. There are very few Organic Lifestyle Brand Retail Stores in this specialty niche market.  LiveMoore will the first ever juice company to create a brand providing holistic products and services for the mind, body and spirit exclusively produced on-site at a retail store level. <br />We all see the average, loud and visually polluted smoothie bars on every corner.  Fitness Centers have even added Juice Bars to their business model, but none are household names or have set a high industry standard with product quality and service.<br />LiveMoore will become "the" number one juice cold-pressed juice and smoothie of choice in New York City and surrounding boroughs.   <br />Competitors to note in terms of location, services and quality include<br />Organic Avenue. Organic Avenue is a mild threat to LiveMoore as it has a created a very recognizable brand with cold pressed juices, weekly cleanses and 6 locations throughout Manhattan and The Hamptons. Juices and smoothies are bottled in beautiful glass bottles and customers received a $2.00 refund on all bottles returned.  Because of this refund, customers return with bottles having a feeling of savings at the register, when in fact, they always spend more.  <br />Daily Juice Cleanse: $100 per day/6 juices/1 elixir<br />$12 to $18 per 16 oz. juice or smoothie produced in Long Island City<br />Average sales transaction:$35 to $45<br />Boutique style storefront and interior design provides a personalized approach to juicing and wellness. <br />Off site production constantly prevents quality assurance of product in addition to high-level "End of Day" inventory Spoilage.<br />High turn-over with staff<br />Owners and upper management are disconnected with staff at the store level.  This causes a tremendous amount of revenue loss on many levels.<br />The Juice Press. This establishment has two locations in the East Village and faithful customers will travel or order delivery service. The owner is a hardcore vegan and has a very hands on approach to running the business and interacting with customers.  I've been to Juice Press 5 five times.  Every visit, with one exception Marcus was there interacting with customers or handing daily operations of the store.  A great feeling to know the owner is within reach.<br />Average sales transaction: $15 to $25<br />Ultra modern store with surveillance cameras available to view production of foods in basement.<br />Very busy, small space<br />Watery smoothies<br />Products are bottled in plastic<br />The store and staff create an mazing sense of community and belonging with customers<br /> <br />Liquiteria.  This is a POWERHOUSE of Juice and Smoothie Bars. With the perfect location on the corner of 2nd Avenue and 11th Street, Liquiteria is consistently busy and full of customers waiting in anticipation to be served.  Large open space with almost 11 to 12 staff members and 2 exposures with seating for 7 inside, and 12 outside.<br />Average sales transaction: $10 to $12<br />Very loud and congested<br />No hands-on customer service<br />The store feels like a well-run business machine.  A personal touch and connection with the owner or an energetic Manager would add a great deal of life to the customer experience.<br />East side location without any plans of expanding. <br /> <br /> <br />                    <br />Target Market<br />Market Overview<br />"Global Smoothies Market to Reach $9.0 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.GIA announces the release of a comprehensive global report on Smoothies markets. The world market for smoothies is projected to touch $9 billion by the year 2015. This is primarily driven by rising health consciousness among the people, on-the-go consumption convenience, and taste and naturalness offered by smoothies. Further, aggressive marketing campaigns and new product developments are also driving smoothies market growth." PRWEB.COM<br />Market Needs<br />Our target customers are not only those who are health conscious, but those customers who know eating and drinking cleaner/healthier drink and foods are the right thing to do.<br />They are working professionals, students, tourists and local residents who value a reliable high-quality juice spa who's re-inventing how we view and fulfill our daily nutrition requirements.  <br />Strategy and Implementation<br />Marketing Plan<br />Overview<br />The LiveMoore marketing strategy is a simple one: satisfied customers are our best marketing tool. When a customer leaves with a delicious and satisfying juice or smoothie, our name and service will stand on its own. I've talked with many friends, and associates who are excited about this plan and are anxious to use, refer and promote the LiveMoore Brand.<br />Positioning<br />For busy, mobile people whose time is already at a premium, but desire a refreshing, high quality cold-pressed juice or smoothie on the go.<br />Pricing<br />LiveMoore will be priced at the upper edge of what the market will bear, competing with similar types of services in the area.<br />The moment a customer walks into our store, the branding, music, customer service and product quality will justify the minimal price difference.<br />Example:<br />Elixir<br />Westerly Market<br />Whole Foods<br />Promotion<br />Promotion will be initially spearheaded by public relations, ie, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter; etc because of its low cost, and then through advertising once the company begins to increase cash flow to an acceptable figure.<br />Distribution<br />The customers will buy our products directly from the store, in the store. We will also generate future sales through our website and its secure server. We will also deliver all ordered products from the store after 6 months of opening to create a sense of demand...this strategy also insures product quality remains at peak levels.<br />All telephone orders will be taken at the store through either our local number.<br />All debits and credits, order transactions, charge backs, and price discounts will be accounted for through our Apple computer system and POS software.<br />Milestones<br />The milestones listed are the key steps to launching LiveMoore Columbus Circle.<br />Renovation of the space will be directed by Owner and Operator Calvin Moore with insight from all staff. The work will be directed by a renovations contractor who will subcontract work to electricians, plumbers, painters, juice bar specialists, etc.<br />The other activities come under the marketing umbrella of Roger Black Studio and Jeremy Murphy, LiveMoore's marketing directors. The preparations will be made while the venue is being renovated, with renderings and photos of the proposed renovation and store concept.<br />Financial Plan<br />Sales Forecast<br />Sales Forecast Table<br />FY2012FY2013FY2014Unit SalesJuice and Smoothies39,52046,50051,000Elixirs38,70040,00043,000Alkaline Water54,30056,00059,000Salads11,90112,50015,500Desserts21,30022,50025,500Sandwiches35,80037,50039,500LiveMoore 5 Day Vitamin Pack23,34025,70027,500LiveMoore 1 Day City Cleanse12,05012,50013,000LiveMoore Dental/Skin Care Packages7,2007,5007,800The Healing Waters315400600Price Per UnitJuice and Smoothies$10.00$10.00$10.00Elixirs$6.00$6.00$6.00Alkaline Water$4.50$4.50$4.50Salads$11.00$11.00$11.00Desserts$8.00$8.00$8.00Sandwiches$7.00$7.00$7.00LiveMoore 5 Day Vitamin Pack$10.00$10.00$10.00LiveMoore 1 Day City Cleanse$30.00$30.00$30.00LiveMoore Dental/Skin Care Packages$15.00$15.00$15.00The Healing Waters$150.00$150.00$150.00SalesJuice and Smoothies$395,200.00$465,000.00$510,000.00Elixirs$232,200.00$240,000.00$258,000.00Alkaline Water$244,350.00$252,000.00$265,500.00Salads$130,911.00$137,500.00$170,500.00Desserts$170,400.00$180,000.00$204,000.00Sandwiches$250,600.00$262,500.00$276,500.00LiveMoore 5 Day Vitamin Pack$233,400.00$257,000.00$275,000.00LiveMoore 1 Day City Cleanse$361,500.00$375,000.00$390,000.00LiveMoore Dental/Skin Care Packages$108,000.00$112,500.00$117,000.00The Healing Waters$47,250.00$60,000.00$90,000.00Total Sales$2,173,811.00$2,341,500.00$2,556,500.00Direct Cost Per UnitJuice and Smoothies$3.00$3.00$3.00Elixirs$0.75$0.75$0.75Alkaline Water$0.25$0.25$0.25Salads$3.30$3.30$3.30Desserts$2.40$2.40$2.40Sandwiches$2.10$2.10$2.10LiveMoore 5 Day Vitamin Pack$2.00$2.00$2.00LiveMoore 1 Day City Cleanse$9.00$9.00$9.00LiveMoore Dental/Skin Care Packages$4.50$4.50$4.50The Healing Waters$45.00$45.00$45.00Direct CostJuice and Smoothies$118,560.00$139,500.00$153,000.00Elixirs$29,025.00$30,000.00$32,250.00Alkaline Water$13,575.00$14,000.00$14,750.00Salads$39,273.30$41,250.00$51,150.00Desserts$51,120.00$54,000.00$61,200.00Sandwiches$75,180.00$78,750.00$82,950.00LiveMoore 5 Day Vitamin Pack$46,680.00$51,400.00$55,000.00LiveMoore 1 Day City Cleanse$108,450.00$112,500.00$117,000.00LiveMoore Dental/Skin Care Packages$32,400.00$33,750.00$35,100.00The Healing Waters$14,175.00$18,000.00$27,000.00Total Direct Cost$528,438.30$573,150.00$629,400.00Gross Margin$1,645,372.70$1,768,350.00$1,927,100.00Gross Margin %76%76%75%<br />Sales by Month<br />About the Sales Forecast<br />LiveMoore will also take into consideration the increase in cost of produce and production of 2% to 5% over the next 3 years.  The minimal but noteworthy increase is not reflected in the above calculations. <br /> <br />The formula will vary depending on what neighborhood and street LiveMoore will occupy.<br />For now, the monthly estimated numbers are from a location servicing 200 customers per day with an average ticket of $25.<br />Example:<br />LiveMoore will open in a heavy traffic area of local residents and tourists.<br />In Columbus Circle on West 58th Street between 8th and 9th Avenue, Starbucks and Pinkberry have traffic of 200 to 300 customers per day as per conversations with Owners and Managers.<br />For this example, LiveMoore will have a conservative average sales ticket of $25.<br />200 customers in a 12 hour day would average out to 16/17 customers per hour.<br />$25 x 200 customers = 5,000 per day<br />$5000 x 7 days = $35,000 per week<br />$35,000 x 4 weeks = $140,000 per month<br />$140,000 x 12 months = 1,680,000 per year in sales.<br />From my professional experience in managing Organic Avenue in SoHo, these are realistic numbers for a store located on a residential side street at Sullivan and Houston.  While there, our daily average was around $3,000 in sales. The West Village store brought in between $3,500 to $4,000 daily located on Hudson between Jane and Horatio.<br />LiveMoore would be perfectly positioned in the Columbus Circle, West Village or SoHo areas where foot traffic is abundant from students, local residents and tourists.<br />Rents range from $5,000 to $12,000 monthly.<br />LiveMoore will lock in a 3 to 5 year lease.<br />Personnel Plan<br />Personnel Table<br />FY2012FY2013FY2014Energist 1$30,000$30,000$30,000Energist 2$24,000$24,000$24,000Energist 3$24,000$24,000$24,000Energist 4$24,000$24,000$24,000Sales Person/Supervisor 1$30,000$30,000$30,000Sales Person/ Supervisor 2$30,000$30,000$30,000Calvin Moore$60,000$60,000$60,000Total$222,000$222,000$222,000<br />About the Personnel Plan<br />LiveMoore prides itself with the ability to quickly produce customized, delicious, nutrient rich juices and smoothies with talented Energists (Juice Chef) recruited from established and notable juice bars around around the city. LiveMoore will pay $10.50 to $12.50 per hour. A few dollars more than the average juice bar.<br />Energist 1 will have a supervisory role of kitchen staff and will manage daily produce orders.  They also come with 2 years plus experience from a high volume juice bar/restaurant with the ability to order only what is needed and prevent profit loss and produce waste.<br />The Sales Team too will be from some of the finest retail stores with the proven ability to gracefully push sales to each and every customer. Our goal is to have an average sales ticket of $25.00 to $35.00 for each customer. The Sales Team will benefit from commissions for sales over $300.  Commission schedule to be determined. <br />Once LiveMoore is up and running, we will look to hire a Full-Time Delivery person to handle online and call-in orders.  $8.00 per hour will be base pay plus tips.<br />There will be 3 to 4 employees on staff at all times. 1 salesperson and 2 Energists or 2 salespersons and 3 Energists.<br />Inventory Manager: ALL incoming Inventory orders other than produce will be opened, verified and tagged by Calvin Moore.  Not only will this simply the process of verifying orders properly, it prevents miscounting and theft. <br />Budget<br />Budget Table<br />FY2012FY2013FY2014ExpensesSalary$222,000$222,000$222,000Employee Related Expenses$44,400$44,400$44,400Marketing & Promotion$24,000$24,000$24,000Rent$216,000$216,000$216,000Utilities$30,000$30,000$30,000Store Supplies$3,600$3,600$3,600Insurance$25,200$26,000$26,500Employee Health Insurance$66,000$68,000$70,000Total Expenses$631,200$634,000$636,500Taxes$304,252$340,305$387,180Other SpendingKitchen Equipment$30,500$6,000$6,000Design and Construction$150,000$0$0Computer/Video/Stereo Systems$5,000$0$0Startup Inventory$20,000$0$0LiveMoore Website$7,000$0$03-month Contingency Reserve$165,000$0$0Total Other Spending$377,500$6,000$6,000<br />Expenses by Month<br />About the Budget<br />Payroll  and rent are by far the largest expense LiveMoore incurs (besides cost of goods sold). Staff will be managed and hours regulated so hours worked correlate to sales.<br />Emphasis will be placed on minimizing expenses that do not help generate bottom line.<br />Projected Profit and Loss Statement<br />Projected Profit and Loss Table<br />FY2012FY2013FY2014Income$2,173,811$2,341,500$2,556,500Direct Cost$528,438$573,150$629,400Gross Margin$1,645,373$1,768,350$1,927,100Gross Margin %76%76%75%ExpensesSalary$222,000$222,000$222,000Employee Related Expenses$44,400$44,400$44,400Marketing & Promotion$24,000$24,000$24,000Rent$216,000$216,000$216,000Utilities$30,000$30,000$30,000Store Supplies$3,600$3,600$3,600Insurance$25,200$26,000$26,500Employee Health Insurance$66,000$68,000$70,000Total Expenses$631,200$634,000$636,500Operating Income$1,014,173$1,134,350$1,290,600Taxes$304,252$340,305$387,180Net Profit$709,921$794,045$903,420Net Profit/Sales33%34%35%Other SpendingKitchen Equipment$30,500$6,000$6,000Design and Construction$150,000$0$0Computer/Video/Stereo Systems$5,000$0$0Startup Inventory$20,000$0$0LiveMoore Website$7,000$0$03-month Contingency Reserve$165,000$0$0Total Other Spending$377,500$6,000$6,000<br />Gross Margin by Year<br />Net Profit (or Loss) by Year<br />About the Projected Profit and Loss Statement<br />Month-by-month forecasts for profit and loss are included in the appendix.<br />