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How can i convince my wife to come back home
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How can i convince my wife to come back home



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  • 1. How Can I Convince My Wife to Come Back Home?
  • 2. This has to be one of life's difficult situations, where a marriage fails.
    It cannot be easy to lose your wife, especially if you still care about her and you thought of her as your soul mate.
    You are constantly trying to figure out how to save the marriage and the biggest hurdle now is to get her to come home.
    Without her on board, you are feeling desperate because the marriage keeps slipping away from you, and you want your woman back home.
  • 3. A word of advice, do not rush to get your wife home though.
    You need to have some sort of plan on how you can start resolving your issues for when she gets home.
    Use this time apart from your wife to determine what you need to do to fix things.
    Evaluate the marriage and decide on what you can do to be a better person, a better husband and a better man.
    You want to be sure that the destructive behaviors that you were doing before your wife left have been dealt with, and you have committed to the changes that you will have to make to get your marriage working with your wife.
  • 4. Now that we have that out of the way, here is how you can convince your wife that you still want to be with her and you want her to come home:
  • 5. Let her know that while she was gone, you have had time to analyze your marriage and that you have reflected on issues that may have caused a lot of strain in the marriage.
    Explain to her that you know that there are certain behaviors that you are willing to change because it will make your marriage better and stronger.
    How to convince your wife that you still want to be with her
  • 6. Stay faithful to your wife. Just because she left your home and you are feeling alone and lonely does not mean you must get a girlfriend or have women come over.
    If you do something like this, you can just forget about getting her back and mending your marriage.
    Show her that you love and respect her by being monogamous, and that will definitely score some points for you.
    How to convince your wife that you still want to be with her
  • 7. Do not become a slob and act like a pig.
    Keep the house tidy and clean, so that when your wife comes home, she can see that you were still respecting your house and making an effort.
    Do not make her feel that you want her back just so she can clean up after you.
    How to convince your wife that you still want to be with her
  • 8. Whatever wrongs you may have done, apologize sincerely to your wife for them.
    If you have messed up, your wife will actually give you credit for it, and you will be showing her that you are man enough and mature enough to take responsibility for your own actions.
    How to convince your wife that you still want to be with her
  • 9. What you do and how you do it will determine if you get your wife back, and how quickly you get her back.
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