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  • * Traditional research focuses on the questions YOU want to ask which may not be of interest or even relevant to your customers. We turn that around to give you a different perspective. We focus on what your customers are already talking about - because if they’re talking about it, it must be important.
  • Who is liveinsights

    1. 1. Who is saying what about your brand right now? March 2011
    2. 2. At Iiveinsights we’re actively listening. We’re tuned into the customer conversations about your brand that are happening online right now We find the most important topics and trends and turn them into relevant, true, real-time insights - those ‘1 things’ that give you competitive advantage.* Once you know what the ‘1 things’ are, you can join the conversation and respond, in real time, to your customers’ emerging needs and desires Don’t you need to know what your customers really want to talk to you about? Who is saying what about your brand right now?
    3. 3. Why invest in Social Media? Social Media is an increasingly important channel on which brands need to have a presence. In a recent survey * – 91% of marketers indicated they were employing social media for marketing purposes with at least 67% planning on increasing their use of blogs, Facebook, video/YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn – the number-one advantage of social media marketing was identified as generating exposure for the business, indicated by 85% of all marketers, followed by increasing traffic (63%) – a significant percentage of participants strongly agreed that overall marketing costs dropped when social media marketing was implemented *2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report “Just because your brand is famous world wide doesn’t mean its famous on the world wide web” Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy
    4. 4. Why invest in Social Media Research? Gathering insight from social media communities is rapidly becoming a viable alternative to focus groups and depth interviews As social media analytics evolve and improve it’s becoming easier to get reliable, relevant quantitative feedback too It’s an effective way to collect spontaneous attitudes and opinions of consumers in their own words & in their own time You won’t miss something that’s important to customers which you hadn’t thought about Feedback is fast so you will know what the ‘key topics of conversation’ are very soon after they have been raised Traditional research focuses on the questions YOU want to ask which may or may not be of interest or even relevant to your consumers. Social media research turns that around to give you a different perspective. We focus on what your customers are already talking about – because if they are talking about it, it must be important
    5. 5. How to measure your Social Media Investment Strategy • What are your objectives – where do you want to go to? • How do I measure success? What is the target? Track • Amount of Traffic and quality • Key brand metrics linked to your Social Media strategy • Costs of your campaign ROI • Benefits of Social Media Strategy (measured by key metrics – Traffic and Brand)/Cost
    6. 6. WHY YOU NEED
    7. 7. The liveinsights Process Search • We search the web for references to your brand, cleaning the data as we go Measur e • We record key metrics to measure the success of your Social Media Strategy Who • We identify who is talking about your brand – we build a picture of your key influencers What • We ‘listen’ to what they are saying – what excites them, what turns them off How • We analyse their ‘language ’ - the key words & phrases that ‘make sense’ to them Where • We catalogue the sites on which conversations are taking place Engage • Which gives you the tools and know-how to better understand and engage with your customers through Social Media
    8. 8. We apply our language analysis expertise to social media As we move into an age where listening to customers is becoming more important than asking questions, and engaging in conversation is taking the place of market surveys, knowing how to speak the customer’s language is becoming more important than ever. We know that customers will be much more likely to engage with brands that they feel are on their wavelength.
    9. 9. Tuning into consumer language Structured Listening • Listening within a framework that gives shape and meaning to the wealth of data available • We use NLP techniques to identify frequently occurring ‘language patterns’ in online content. • Unsolicited online content is ideal for these techniques as they work best when customers are speaking in their natural conversational patterns rather than responding to specific questions. Joining the chat We help you to: • Build rapport with your customers on your own social media platforms in a way that gets messages across AND gives customers the feeling that they are being listened to and valued • Spread the word further and gather and make sense of unsolicited feedback from open public communities
    10. 10. What we offer at
    11. 11. Monitoring Your Brand status* on the web The Landscape Sweep Who? What are they saying? How are they saying it? What does it mean – the 1 things! Brand X And how do these align with your current strategy * Or a one off “dip” to monitor an event/issue Ramp up the distinctive advertising to join in the customer dialogue that’s already happening out there “Treat Food” is good and worth celebrating when it has taste and nutritional credentials
    12. 12. Friends and Followers Brand X Brand Y Facebook 4,597 2,039 Twitter 742 754 On going Monitoring The Dashboard Chart formats designed to client specification. We can also do the same for your competitors to provide a total market view We look at any sources relevant to the brand
    13. 13. And finally, a few potential applications Quick dip to help frame a brief for traditional research What are the hot topics currently, what do we need to know more about? Monitoring “The Buzz” during a product launch, PR crisis or one-off event Identifying language patterns to use in on and off-line advertising Getting a deeper understanding about how to engage with your consumers before embarking on a social media campaign Monitoring what competitors (and their customers) are talking about
    14. 14. Who we are at Di Tunney has 25 + years experience in market research and marketing, working with a diverse range of organisations in different sectors. Di worked for Unilever Allied Breweries and Thomas Cook before setting up her own full service market research agency in 1986. Aware that research needs a fresh approach, Di has become a specialist in leading edge techniques that explain what is really driving customer behaviour and experience. Di is a Master Practitioner of NLP and is certified in Language and Behaviour Profiling. People who have worked with Di describe her as intuitive and insightful with a keen focus on turning research into action. Rachel Francis has held a variety of roles in Business and Strategic Planning, Sales Operations and Market Research and has worked on both the client side at Mars and RHM and agency side for Marketing Consultancy OHAL and as a director at Solva Consultancy. Rachel is tenacious, analytical, creative and has often been called the “numbers queen”. She enjoys getting stuck into the data and seeing the bigger picture in a mountain of numbers to deliver quality business intelligence . Oh and she has a strange fetish for spreadsheets! At Liveinsights Rachel is our metrics and dashboard champion. Jo Whitaker is a market research expert with 20 years experience. She has been the client and knows how important it is for research to be not just interesting but actionable too. Jo has worked in research for Allied Domecq and Mars before setting up Solva Consultancy with Rachel Francis in 2005. People who have worked with Jo have described her as down-to-earth, bright and perceptive. She is passionate about making sure that research findings are succinct and useable. Margaret Meyer is a development consultant and social researcher. Her work includes strategic planning and development, change facilitation, coaching, research, and impact evaluation. Margaret is a consultant Clean Language trainer and facilitator and holds qualifications in NLP, hypnotherapy and Gestalt. She is a therapeutic counsellor in private practice and volunteers in Ealing with The Place2Be, a charity providing emotional support to young schoolchildren. People who have worked with Margaret describe her as imaginative, perceptive and pragmatic.
    15. 15. Contact Details for Di Tunney Mobile: 07771 596392 Skype: ditunney Email: di@liveinsights.com Rachel Francis Mobile: 07900 917434 Skype: rachelfrancis5400 Email: rachel@liveinsights.com Jo Whitaker Mobile: 07900 920836 Skype: jo_whitaker Email: jo@liveinsights.com Margaret Meyer Mobile: 07977 506997 Skype: margaretmeyer1 Email: margaret@liveinsights.com Website: www.liveinsights.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/liveinsights Blog: http://liveinsightsblog.blogspot.com