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150 Million and Counting... Controlling the Energy and Environmental Impacts of China’s Vehicles
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150 Million and Counting... Controlling the Energy and Environmental Impacts of China’s Vehicles


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Published in: Technology, Business, Automotive

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  • 1. Beijing Energy Network 4/8/09 150 million and counting… Controlling the Energy and Environmental Impacts of China’s Vehicles [email_address]
  • 2. rapidly rising vehicle population
  • 3. but ownership rate is still low… USA 美国 : 800 cars per 1000 people China 中国 : 18 cars per 1000 people
  • 4. Source: IEA projections of global vehicle stock
  • 5. energy pressure 能源压力 vehicles cause… environmental pressure 环境压力 physical pressure 空间压力
  • 6. environmental pressure 环境压力 12/11/06: API 500+ air pollution 12/27/07: API 421
  • 7. 2006 2007 2008 Air Pollution Index API 空气污染指数 air pollution monitoring and reporting 中文: English:
  • 8. blue sky days Blue Sky Day 蓝天
  • 9. recent results Source:
  • 10.
    • what China’s doing…
    • - progressively stricter tailpipe
    • emission standards
    • - retrofitting / scrapping
    • - restricting vehicles based on
    • emission standard
    • - improving compliance management
    • - national R&D programs for clean vehicle
    • technologies
    • - subsidies for clean technology vehicles
    • - cleaner fuels
  • 11. energy pressure 能源压力 oil dependence CO2 emissions China’s transportation sector consumes ~17% of total nationwide energy, though this is almost certainly going to grow. In OECD countries the percentage is closer to 30%.
  • 12. challenges - conflicting international precedent - strong consumer preference for heavier, more powerful cars - industry is very good at lobbying and exploiting loopholes… China recognizes that it must act boldly…
  • 13.
    • is it true that China has better vehicle emission standards than America?
    answer: yes, for fuel economy (but not for pollutant emissions)
  • 14. what China’s doing… - strict fuel economy standards - progressive taxation based on engine size - national R&D programs for efficient vehicle technologies - subsidies for new energy vehicles
  • 15. vehicles cause… distributed impacts = distributed responsibilities danger: conflicting interests and priorities… energy pressure 能源压力 environmental pressure 环境压力 physical pressure 空间压力
  • 16. Ministries and Commissions Organizations Directly Under the State Council Institutions Directly Under the State Council Special Organization Under the State Council SASAC DRC AQSIQ CNIS TC280 NBE MIIT MOFCOM MOST MEP MPS MOC NDRC 863 SAC PetroChina Sinopec MOF State Council VECC-MEP ESI-MEP Administrations and Bureaus Under the Ministries and Commissions RIPP example: fuel quality policy ?
  • 17. the solution!
  • 18. LOTS OF THINGS the solution!
  • 19. what will China’s urban development look like?
  • 20. Thanks! 谢谢! [email_address]