Using LinkedIn for Organisational Goals


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Jennifer D Begg's slides for The Guardian Media Academy and Guardian Seminars, Using LinkedIn for Organisational Goals.

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Using LinkedIn for Organisational Goals

  1. Using LinkedIn to achieve organisational goals
  2. Overview• Organisational Goals• Social media landscape 2012• The 2 sides of LinkedIn• Setting up a Company profile• Social Media Policy
  3. Organisational GoalsBusiness Development Brand Marketing Alumni Relations Fundraising Lead generation Profile Building New Product Launch
  4. Social Media Landscape 2012
  5. The 2 sides of using LinkedIn for Organisational goalsSide 1:The role of LinkedIn as a sales tool foremployees, a way to network with potentialclients and build a profile in their businesssector
  6. The 2 sides of using LinkedIn for Organisational goalsSide 2:LinkedIn as a tool for you to build your companyprofile online, showcase products and services,generate leads and support marketing
  7. Don’t forget:Any online activity that can link back to yourweb content (not just your website) is importantfor SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and brandvisibility. Social sharing is increasingly importantfor search rankings so make your content easy toshare on sites like LinkedIn.
  8. 3 tips to maximise your profile
  9. 1. Design with visitors in mind2. Have a networking game plan3. Grow your contacts strategically
  10. 1. Design with visitors in mind• Decide on your target audience• Check Google Insights for relevant search terms• Use your profile as a showcase for the position you’re in now.• Customise web links• Use SlideShare / Amazon apps to add personality• Link social profiles like twitter & filter using #in
  11. 2. Have a networking game plan• Start with the end goal in mind• Search potential client profiles for appropriate groups• Look at group statistics before joining• Schedule group activity and build credibility• Make contact with moderators and offer content• Start your own group and include a link on your email signature
  12. 3. Grow your contacts strategically• Numbers are not the end goal• Use groups to gain credibility then invite to connect• Get introduced through existing connections• Regularly update your connections with business cards from networking events• Download your LinkedIn contacts as a CSV file• Use tags to separate contacts & send group messages
  13. Company Profiles
  14. Set up
  15. Set up
  16. Managing
  17. Managing
  18. Managing
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  22. Managing
  23. Social Media Policy & Guidelines• Your SM Policy is your first line of defence when it comes to “Crisis Management”• Empower all staff to use social media to maximise brand exposure and engagement• Have clear guidelines & policies for official company accounts and share these with all staff• It’s imperative that you include options for responding to negative comments & articles
  24. 3 choices! •Reply •Delete •Ignore
  25. Useful websites••••