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Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Social Platforms

Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Social Platforms



Seminar Slides for Guardian Media Network Seminar - Using Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Platforms for your Business

Seminar Slides for Guardian Media Network Seminar - Using Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Platforms for your Business



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    Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Social Platforms Facebook, Google Plus and Emerging Social Platforms Presentation Transcript

    • Using Facebook, Google+ andemerging social platforms foryour business
    • What will we be covering?• Facebook Pages, Groups and Apps• Google Plus: Why should you care?• Who are the new kids on the block?• Best practice in audience engagement• Business outcomes and how to stay focused on your goals• Social media guidelines and policy
    • Proportionof UKadults withbroadband= 76%*
    • Proportion of UK adults who use social networking sites = 51%*
    • Proportion ofpeople whouse theirmobilehandsets toaccess theinternet= 34%**Ofcom http://media.ofcom.org.uk/facts/
    • In August 2011 & April 2012,Fishburn Hedges asked 2,000UK consumers about theirsocial media habits…
    • Aug 201119% of respondents had dealt with bigcompanies through social media April 2012 This number rose to 36%40% believed this led to improvements incustomer service 68% believed it gave them a greater customer “voice”65% think social media is better than acall centre
    • It’s not just the kids who are interacting with brands on social media… 44.6% of 25 – 34 year olds 37.5% of 35 – 44 year olds 31.75% of 45 – 54 year olds & 27.4% aged 55 and over*Full Report http://www.fishburn-hedges.co.uk/images/ThesocialmediacustomerFULLREPORT.pdf
    • Facebook for businessesThe basics
    • User Perspective• Facebook algorithms dictate the Newsfeed• Interaction happens within the Newsfeed• Limited tolerance for “Page Noise”• Text vs picture, video & poll• Influence of the Ticker
    • Who gives good FB?
    • Plan with a goal in mind• Use facebook Insights to inform future posts• Use Google Insights for search terms• Is “Places” a tool you can use?• Photo & Video tagging• Optimum time for posting (to your audience)• Questions & prompts• Recommendations
    • Remember to integrate…
    • GroupsFocused engagement and projectmanagement
    • Facebook for fundraisingJustGiving Stats
    • Facebook’s impact onJustGiving• 30% visits to JustGiving come from Facebook• 27% of donations come from Facebook• That’s a 130% increase year on year for FB donations• The JustGiving app has seen a 44% increase in FB donations – largely thought to be down to not having to leave FB to donate
    • more examples & statsSlideshare.net / jwaddingham
    • Useful AppsFor your page functionality
    • Recap• Interactions levels need to be high to ensure maximum exposure in Newsfeed• Use FB Insights to inform future content choices• Prompt feedback, recommendations, actions• Work with a clear goal in mind• Customise your page
    • Content SharingAre you being talked about?
    • Facebook AppsAre they for you?
    • Advertise on FacebookPracticalities
    • Final recap• Design with goals in mind• Use data to be agile with your offering• Personalise!• Vary the type of media you share• Maximise your community by asking for feedback• Decide on a SM Dashboard that works for you• Visit “Useful Websites” regularly to keep ahead (see next slide)
    • Google PlusBeyond SEO
    • What’s the point to GooglePlus?• Google are very keen on social search but can’t access all the content from other networks• SEO Impact• Growth ->
    • Where can brands go to standout? kids on the blockThe new
    • March 2011 300,000 visits March 2012… 13 million!
    • 18% of Instagram visits come fromFacebook, 9% from Google & 7%from twitter 5 million pictures uploaded every dayInstagram leapt into the top 10 forsocial sites in March of this year (fromoutside the top 1,000 in March 2011)
    • • Sharing on Instagram gives you content you can also share on other platforms• Using tools like searchinstagram.com you can find out if others are talking about your brand• 51% of UK mobile owners use SmartPhones• Use #tags to run competitions or bring fans / customers together
    • 2,702% Total unique visitorincrease since May 2011 By Jan 2012 had received 12 million unique visits. By March it was 18.7
    • Almost 70% of Pinterestusersare women Strong representation across age groups 17% 18 to 24 27% 25 to 34 22% 35 to 44 18% 45 + Pinterest refers more web traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined
    • • 55% of consumers share their purchases socially on networks like Facebook, Twitter &Pinterest• 59% of Pinterest users have bought something they have seen on the site compared to only 33% of Facebook users• US online consumers follow an average of 9.3 brands on Pinterest compared to only 6.9 on Facebook
    • • Tell a story with your pins• Celebrate the iconic history of your organisation – create a time capsule• Use it to create a resource for users• Don’t just use Pinterest for marketing and SEO – Plan your work and create mood boards• Use Pinterest to give your brand personality• Don’t forget to post video
    • Open to the public as of NOW!
    • • Started off as a way to capture and play around with web pages• Now Bo.lt takes the best of social sharing like Diigo& Delicious, the simple, image based interface of Pinterest and includes some sharing analytics and unique showcasing functionality• VERY new, Bo.lt is still in the phase of developing it’s identity but already shows signs of promise
    • • Get a specific email for attendees to sent their event images in to• Quickly and easily track clicks and likes• Have private Bo.lt’s for research & competitor analysis• Make social bookmarking more user friendly• Leave your mark on every page that you share
    • 12 Billion posts inNovember 2011 20 Billion posts March 2012
    • Just over 50 millionblogs to date Hit 20 billion posts in March 2012, up from 12 billion in November 2011 In Jan 2011 tumblr had 2billion page views per month. By September that number was 13billion.
    • Straight up bloggingDogs 2 – Cats 0
    • But seriously…Brands on tumblr.
    • • tumblr has built in sharing and tagging capabilities that give it a definite social sharing advantage over other blogging platforms• It’s limited in terms of customisation. However, it’s built for simplicity and visual appeal and so is great for branding• tumblr is very much a visual platform but can be great for short snippets of text (see clientsfromhell.com)
    • • If you have a young target audience, tumblr is a great place for you to dip a toe in the blogging pond• You can also use it to keep an eye on what similar brands are doing• Use it as a way to generate new ideas and learn from what other brands are doing to engage their audiences
    • Over 12million users StumbleUpon passed the 25billion clicks in August 2011
    • More than 50% of US social media traffic towebsites comes from StumbleUpon 2.2 million web pages are added to StumbleUpon every monthThe half life of a tweet is 2.8 hours,FB update 3.2, StumbleUpon is 400! Average webpage view is 58 seconds, the average SU view is 72
    • • Be careful to track bounce rates for your SU traffic, SU audience can be fickle• Relevance is key so tag pages appropriately to maximise any traffic engagement• SU is free and easy to use and can drive real traffic so experiment!
    • Audience Engagement• As with all platforms (old and new), make sure your audience is there• If they are there – how are they willing to engage? Will they welcome you?• With newer platforms there is less noise which means more opportunity to stand out (good or bad)• Social platforms are about stories, conversations and sharing, are you there for the right reasons?
    • Klout Perks Enlisting influencers
    • #ShareNigerA WorldVision lesson inawarding perks to the rightpeople
    • Step 1: Identify yourinfluencer
    • Step 2: Engage
    • Step 3: Don’t talk – act!
    • Step 4: Watch the story spread
    • WorldVision + Sian =• Access to an audience of over 300 bloggers at Cybher 2012 to launch #ShareNiger• Evidence and real life stories shared in a lively, tangible and hugely impactful way• Interviews with CNN as well as local radio• Quality content for a network of bloggers to share
    • Staying faithful to your goals• Set your organisational goals before deciding to use a new platform• Know what you want success to look like (don’t be surprised if / when it looks different)• Don’t be afraid to measure but pick your metrics carefully• Don’t shy away from user generated content, it can surprise you
    • Keeping ahead of the curve• Find SM ambassadors amongst your staff• Bring naysayers on board to fix problems• Follow influential & well informed bloggers• Take part in appropriate twitter chats• Don’t just look at what your competitors are doing – keep an eye on case studies from an array of different organisations
    • Most importantly• Don’t jump on every new (or old) platform, especially if you have limited time and resources• Don’t write off new platforms, play around with them and assess how you might use them• Be open minded, sometimes it’s our clients that tell us how we should be communicating
    • Troubleshooting(when it all goes terribly wrong…)
    • 3 choices!•Reply•Delete•Ignore
    • socialmediagovernance.com/policies
    • Remember: Your social mediapolicy / code of conduct, shouldnot differ wildly from the normalstandards of behaviour and datamanagement you would expect from an employee.
    • Useful resources• Mashable.com• TheNextWeb.com• Technorati.com• Reddit.com• SocialMediaToday.com• FastCompany.com• BitRebels.com
    • Jennifer D Begg@livefreerangejennifer@livefreerange.comwww.livefreerange.com