Online Video and Email Marketing: Meant to be Together?


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On Tuesday, July 6 2010 I delivered a presentation at the Online Retailer conference in Sydney Australia highlighting trends in online video and email marketing. The presentation borrows some from earlier material but updates the messaging to include specific example case studies and additional information on why email marketers should (or should not) consider using video with or in email. As usual there is a technical section highlighting the various embed methods supported for video in email but this time there is updated material on using animated .PNG video for mail clients opened with Firefox. Additional discussion re: the implicit contract between marketers and viewers is highlighted along with a framework for choosing when (and when not) to include video in email based on the engagement of subscribers. Methods highlighted include using the word "video" in subject lines, segmenting subscribers based on previous activity history, highlighting the value of video in email by clearly setting subscriber expectations, use of the "play" button with video, additional context around the use of HTML5 video, and file size, length, and appropriate pixel dimensions for video in email are shared as well. Enjoy! - Justin Foster @videocommerce

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  • Online Video and Email Marketing: Meant to be Together?

    1. Online Video and Email Marketing: Meant to be Together? July 6, 2010
    2. “US online video views more than doubled from 14.8 billion/mo in Jan 2009 to 33.2 billion/mo in Dec 2009.” -Comscore Research, February 2010
    3. Video Trends
    4. “33% of retailers plan to add video or streaming media to their sites in 2010.” -Internet Retailer/Vovici Group Survey January 29, 2010
    5. “68% of the Top 50 Internet retailers use video on their web sites, compared with 18% in 2008.” -Patti Freeman-Evans, VP, Research Director, Forrester Research May 4, 2009 Source: Online Retailers’ Adoption Of Online Video Content Is Ahead Of Consumers’ Preferences, November 24, 2009
    6. “Video in email can increase click-through rates by as much as 2X – 3X.” -David Daniels, Former VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research May 4, 2009
    7. Video TrendsExcite and Entertain
    8. Build Trust
    9. Stir the Imagination
    10. Persuade
    11. When video in email is executed well, it will… 1. Differentiate the inbox experience 2. Boost subscriber engagement 3. Drive clicks and conversions
    12. 1. Annoy subscribers 2. Create a distraction 3. Distance a retailer from its customers When video in email is executed poorly, it will…
    13. Video viewing creates an implied contract between shoppers and retailers.
    14. Time & Attention Value
    15. • WHO to engage with video? • HOW can video add value for shoppers?
    16. Introduce shoppers to the brand
    17. Create a magical aura around products
    18. Connect on a more emotional level
    19. SUBJECT LINE: Video: Explore our new virtual tours and videos 2X higher CTR than average campaign 100% higher CTR in-email video v. static image
    20. The universal symbol of video – use it! Reinforce expectations Communicate the value
    21. See who’s engaged already. Subject lines matter – set the expectation for video
    22. Video in Email v. Video with email: Can Dreams Come True?
    23. Most marketers are open-minded toward using video in email Open-Minded Not Possible Too Limited Seeking Optimization n = 287. Registrants attending “Video Email Marketing in 2009” 8/10/2009
    24. Deliverability, rendering and subscriber experience are top concerns. Hosting/Streaming Other/Don't Know Poor Subscriber Experience Producing/Acquiring Videos Spam filters/Rendering Issues n = 287. Registrants attending “Video Email Marketing in 2009” 8/10/2009
    26. Benefit Static Image Animated . GIF Video Flash HTML5 Video Certified Video™ Certified Video .GIF™ Universal Support YES NO NO NO NO NO Broad Support 100% 75% - 90% ~0% ~5% - 10% ~10% >50% Video Plays in Email NO YES YES YES YES YES Image- Block Resistant NO NO N/A N/A N/A YES Spam-Block Resistant YES YES NO YES YES YES How to Incorporate Video
    27. PROS:  Compatible with nearly all mail clients  No learning curve  Established best practices CONS:  It’s not really video in email  Subscriber must click through for video and audio Use strong visual cues to indicate video presence to encourage subscribers to click through to web-hosted video. Static Image Video Callout
    28. Animated .GIF?
    29. PROS:  Compatible with most mail clients  (~75% - 90% for most)  Displays video directly in email  Does not cause ISP blocks  (if not directly embedded)  Does not require the end user to download the video prior to viewing CONS:  No audio  Works most places, but not everywhere  No player controls in email  Requires enabled images  Poorer quality output than full motion video  Production and delivery expense Animated .GIF/.PNG Video
    30. “.GIF Myths” (File) size matters. Longer is better. Bigger (pixel dimensions) are better.
    31. • 3 million+ iPads sold to date • Selling at 2.5X the rate of the original iPhone HTML5 Video
    32. • 51.15 million iPhones sold to date (not counting iPhone 4 Source: Apple Computer earnings report, April 20, 2010. HTML5 Video
    33. What works where?  iPhone mail client  iPad mail client  Apple Mail 4  Thunderbird  Blackberry (BOLT 2.1)  All webmail clients  Outlook Express – 2003  Lotus Notes 6.5 – 8  Entourage  Windows Mail HTML5 Video Animated .GIF/.PNG
    34. Beware Exception Cases Outlook 2007 / 2010 - Shows static image Apple Mail 3 - Shows static image Webmail clients opened with HTML5 video compliant web browsers Video Not Supported Special Requirements  Lotus Notes 6.5 – 8  Webmail clients in IE6 (no compression  Safari (slow render speed)  Mobile clients that do not support HTML5 (bandwidth)  Thunderbird (OGG Theora) v. Apple clients (H.264)
    35. Internal education is key to gaining buy-in for in- email video.
    36. Consider video email automation software to enable a “hybrid” approach.
    37. Best Practice Takeaways  Serve video to those likely to respond  Use the emotional/trust building/persuasive power of video to connect  Focus on creating unique value with video  Choose an inclusion method that meets your goals; be prepared to accept limitations Strategy Design Technical  Use the word “video” in subject lines  Use “play” button  Place callouts in animated .GIF/.PNG videos  Reinforce expectations of video in the email  Communicate the value of video in the email  Static image = easy but not really video in email  Widespread video in email = consider hybrid approach using HTML5/animated .GIF/animated .PNG  Internal education re: limitations is key  Consider using video email automation software
    38. For more information: Follow: @videocommerce