Conventions of pop


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Conventions of pop

  1. 1. *
  2. 2. * The mast head should be shown in the top left hand side it should stand out against the image behind. * The masthead is at the top of the page and it's main job is to draw in the audiences attention as it suggests the genre and target audience, for example top of the pops uses a font which is relative to the audience as its is appealing to a young female audience bubbly writing is shown. * This is a convention I want to keep as it is necessary to attract the audience *
  3. 3. * Should link to the main artists featured within the image. * Buzz words are used in order to attract attention for example "plus" and "free", these words both get the reader to want to buy that magazine. * Around 5 cover lines are used which also link/relate to the genre of music. I my cover I intend on using 5 cover lines so the writing doesn’t distract from the image however there is enough writing to showcase what content is with the magazine *
  4. 4. * The background image must be relevant to the target audience and genre. * Subsidiary images are used which may also get you to look at the magazine, especially when well known images are used. * There is always a main image used which is of the main band or artist, when it is a band it's usually a long shot however when it is a solo artist it is usually a mid shot unless it is a solo artist who is looking at the camera in order to connect to the audience where their body language reflects this audience and the genre of music. *
  5. 5. * The house style and colour scheme must also be relevant to the target audience and genre and will be consistent throughout the issue * Basic information is also featured on the front cover; which is needed for most magazines in general like a bar code, price and issue date .If the magazine is cheap then the price is usually bigger and bolder in order to quickly draw in the audiences attention.
  6. 6. * Brand logo and masthead is repeated within the contents * Large page numbers so the consumer finds the stories easy to find * Subheadings next to the page numbers-gives a clear idea of what's inside makes it easy to navigate *
  7. 7. * Having images and caption drawn the reader to the image making them want to read the feature * Colloquial language is found in most pop magazines to suit the young target audience
  8. 8. * I will ensure the cover star has direct eye contact with the camera and therefore the audience * I will have a recognisable and unique mast head that will become the brand logo. It will feature throughout the few pages so it become more recognized by the reader. *