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Gri brazil focus point xbrl panel nov 26 2012 presented by liv watson final
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Gri brazil focus point xbrl panel nov 26 2012 presented by liv watson final


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Published in: Economy & Finance

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  • An XBRL taxonomy is an industry-specific categorization scheme that defines and 'tags' data in relation to its purpose, framework or outline. It enables users to uniquely tag and identify individual detailed reporting elements which can be easily shared electronically. In the case of the GRI Taxonomy, data can be tagged following the GRI Guidelines.The new GRI Taxonomy enables organizations to tag their sustainability data in reports. This will help report users – including regulators, investors and analysts – to find and analyze sustainability information.Organizations can benefit from a well-defined structured format for collecting and disseminating sustainability information. It enables reporters, analysts, regulators and others to exchange sustainability data electronically and inform stakeholders with consistent and high quality information.
  • Transcript

    • 1. What is XBRL & GRI and XBRL Nov 26, 2012Presented By:Liv Apneseth WatsonFounding Member of XBRLDirector of International Business Development, WebFilings
    • 2. About Liv Apneseth Watson• Director Of International Business Development
    • 3. Agenda• What is XBRL?• GRI and XBRL.
    • 4. XBRL is the electroniclanguage for business information exchange
    • 5. XBRL a 2007 Breakthrough Idea! Here Comes XBRL
    • 6. Looking at XBRL in Different Ways• A freely available, market-driven, open, global standard for exchanging business information
    • 7. Looking at XBRL in Different Ways• XBRL is a means of modeling the meaning of business information in a form comprehendible by computer applications XBRL is a formal description of concepts, terms, and relationships within a given knowledge domain.
    • 8. Adding Meaning to Electronic Data Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation Standardization Presentation 現金及び現金等価物 Деньгиenїх etэквиваленты Comptant Comptant Kas Geldmiddelen 现金与现金等价物 Cash та Geld nahe Mittel Geld &и ихEquivalents Гроші & Cashеквіваленти Equivalents Label References GAAP I.2.(a) cashCashEquivalentsAndS Instructions hortTermInvestments Ad Hoc disclosures XBRL Item Calculation Cash = Currency + Formulas Deposits Cash ≥ 0 Contexts US $ FY2004 Validation Budgeted
    • 9. Intelligent Machine Readable Data
    • 10. The Benefits
    • 11. GRI and XBRL The goal of this document is to provide guidance to people who use the GRI Taxonomy to either report sustainability information or wish to receive it.Source:
    • 12. Different types of users of the GRI XBRL taxonomy• Reporters: – Organizations who disclose their sustainability performance• Filing agent: – Organizations creating a report on behalf of another organization• Consumers: – Organizations that use information provided by reporters• Extenders: – Organizations that create an XBRL taxonomy reusing the work done by GRI• Regulators and governmental agencies: – Organizations that adopt the GRI Taxonomy to define reporting requirements to be provided by filing organizations• Software vendors: – Organizations that embed the GRI Taxonomy in their solutions
    • 13. GRI’s XBRL Voluntary Filing Program• GRI Taxonomy 2012 / G3. and G3.1.• GRI Taxonomy enables organizations to tag their sustainability data in reports For More Information Contact:
    • 14. Liv A. Watson Director, International Business Development liv.watson@webfilings.comAuthor or contributing author to the following books: Liv A.