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Liv ex Data services
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Liv ex Data services


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  • Consider the 4 statements in terms of

    Product – best dataset (Tailored is a key word)
    Opportunity – most dynamic content from source
    Tools – easy to integrate
    Growth example – there are opportunities here….

  • Merchants price lists – estimate 120
    Offex - £1bn of content
    Auctions – 8 primary
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Liv-ex Data services
    • 2. 2 Liv-ex Data services Liv-ex Data services provide tailored access to the largest, most comprehensive source of global fine wine live bid and offer activity and market history. The fine wine market is constantly active. Use Liv-ex Data services to remain continually in touch with 4,500 markets and 20,000 daily price changes. Liv-ex provides a range of data feeds and indices for internal use, external client access or full system integration. 7 of the 10 fastest growing Liv-ex members in 2013 used Liv-ex Data services.* * Liv-ex Exchange trading
    • 3. 3 Why Liv-ex data? Data provides facts to inform the best trading decisions Data sits at the core of everything Liv-ex does Liv-ex holds >20 million lines of standardised data with >500,000 lines added each month from • Liv-ex: Bids, Offers and Trades • Merchants: price lists, sales transactions (Offex) • Auctions: hammer prices Liv-ex are fine wine data experts
    • 4. 4 Bids & Offers monitoring – trade clarity from Liv-ex Q - How do you find what you want from 4,500 active markets and 20,000 daily price changes? A - Use Liv-ex Data services to find the most relevant trades to you. Pre-match to your list or filter using custom filters
    • 5. 5 Customer engagement – dynamic content from Liv-ex Q - How do you keep customers engaged and constantly interested in trading? A – Plug in Liv-ex Data services to provide a tailored view of the continually changing market
    • 6. 6 ? ? ? Multi-channel selling – sales integration from Liv-ex Q - How do you avoid double selling and offer the same wine through multiple channels? A - Integrate Liv-ex Data services to instantly update each channel when a sale happens
    • 7. 7 Liv-ex Data services • A range of data services 1. Membership - included for Liv-ex Exchange members 2. Premium – a range of paid for services to suit your business needs • Our dedicated data management team of 10 – Ensures the most accurate, clean and comprehensive content for the global fine wine market – Over 6 million new price points added in 2013 Data provides facts to inform the best trading decisions
    • 8. 8 Liv-ex Data Services | +44 (0) 20 7062 8788