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this is my speech at Sharism Conference of Get it Louder in Shanghai 22 Oct 2010

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  • Wikipedia:

    Coworking is an emerging trend for a new pattern for working. Typically work-at-home professionals or independent contractors or people who travel frequently end up working in relative isolation.[1] Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values[2] and who are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space.[3][4]

  • Coworking is a space we not only connect online but more importantly check in physically and emotionally with where we are. Even though each of us is doing separate work, perhaps programming or writing a novel, we can feel each others presence, run ideas by the community, or take breaks and lunch together as a group.

  • 与单独的办公室和SOHO相比,节能减排。
    Sharing resources among people means we cut down a significant amount of wastes compared to if each one set out to have their own office space or SOHO. For paper, utility, electricity and supplies, a community sharing resources cut down the waste helps to set the foundation for micro sustainable micro city in each coworking space. As the space spread around the cities located in a convinient spot, more bikes and public transportation will be used instead of cars.

  • 背景的多样性。freelancers, startups, small businesses and entrepreneus from various backgrounds and phase are found here. the diversity is vast but that’s not all that is exciting - it is the innovation and mutual inspiration that comes with diversity.
    BRAINPOWER!!The brain power that arise from bringing like-minded folks fom diverse professsion together in one place is powerful.

  • As the coworking system creates itself with each interaction and each conversation, innovators co-create an ecology that provides fertile ground for their respective innovations—be they redefining fashion, reshaping energy habits or creating partnerships for new products—and for higher levels of collaborative innovation. by Jonathan Robinson

  • Work is becoming flat
    - employers no longer need to pay you to drive to a building to sit and type. 不再需要你来上班
    - In fact, under pressure from an uncertain economy, bosses are discovering that there are a lot of reasons not to pay you to drive to a central location or even to pay you at all. Instead of waiting to become jobless, it is better to start your own business 不再需要你每天来上班,甚至不需要全职雇佣你
    - In fact, the future of work is all about communication, project teams can collaborate from anywhere in the world by using great web tools and applications 科技的发展让人脉在任何地方都可以工作,未来工作的核心是沟通.

  • Coworking space is perfect place for many startup entrepreneurs where they could work and meet at a lower cost and on-demand to make things happen. It also has a welcoming and setting of a stimulating culture for people to be themselves…  and a safe space for people to reveal themselves and their projects, get feedback, consider other perspectives, be challenged and take risks.

  • Less and less employers will pay for your degree’s, 你的文屏越来越没有用
    as the world is getting more globalized, you are competing with talents all around the world. 你与全球的人才进行竞争
    Some sources show that more and more outsourcing like crowdsourcing has nothing to do with cost-saving, it is about innovation! 外包或众包模式不再只是为了减少成本,而是为了创新
    Even considering the fact that the education is becoming more and more informal and accessible, there is almost no reason not to know something, 没有墙的大学使教育越来越走向每个人,没有理由不具有某个领域的知识
    it is impossible for anyone to satisfy their customer’s need with his/her own capability. 一个人没有办法完全满足客户的需求。
    The expertise optimization of your team and network will help you to become more competitive. 你需要优化你的团队和人脉来变得更加有竞争力。

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