Introducing Pollenizer - May 2009


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A quick introduction to Pollenizer.

How we work, who we work with and who we are.

Pollenizer helps build web businesses with technology and marketing.

For more information, go to;

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Introducing Pollenizer - May 2009

  1. 1. Building Web Businesses
  2. 2. We build web and mobile businesses Globally,  Pollenizer  has  worked  with  more  than  40  teams  to  build  successful  businesses.  From  back‐of‐a‐napkin  ideas  to  skunk‐works  projects  for  major  corpora<ons,  if  you  want  to  build  a  web business, then we can help you do it.  What We Do 2
  3. 3. What We Do  Research, strategy, planning, modeling, Setup Business team building and raising investment. Scoping, design, development, testing, Open for Business and launch. Iterative development, maintenance, Manage Business scaling, expansion, API development. Marketing, customer acquisition, sales, Grow Business distribution and market entry. Quick turn around, cut the burn, refocus, Rescue Business renovate design, drive growth. Use Cases 3
  4. 4. When to use Pollenizer  You want to build an exceptional web or Fast mobile business, very quickly. You want to benefit from the experience of Network 40 other online businesses and access a network of 100+ experts. Experience You know your offline business back to front, but you don't know online. You have built an amazing piece of Commercialise technology but you don't know how to turn it into a business. Use Cases 4
  5. 5. Team and Network  Our team & network is composed of business and technology veterans. You get access to the very real experiences we learned in companies such as Kazaa, Yahoo!, IBM, Virgin, Bluepulse, Xing & more than forty other web business clients. The technology services include local management and offshore development. Our team of forty based in Trivandrum, India is trained in our strict project management and agile development processes. Our core team is augmented by 120+ independent professionals around the globe who are experts in their focused field and vetted by us to ensure outstanding quality. The Team 5
  6. 6. How We Work  Our team members can work 1 to 5 days a week with you, as required to fit the job and fit your budget. Our relationship with you is operational. We wonʼt build a website and then leave you to manage it. We have a talent pool of people of all the skill-sets required to run a successful web business. Our team can expand and contract – we call it an ʻElastic Teamʼ. Elas<c Team  What We Do 6
  7. 7. AGILE  We work with agile processes in business and technology to release early, release often, learn fast, succeed quicker. Partners  We love to be accountable for our performance and we work as partners, not as suppliers. What We Do 7
  8. 8. Mobile  Pollenizer created MoGeneration to answer the need for mobile, and particularly iPhone, application development. Mogeneration can help with research, design, development, store management and promotion. In conjunction with Mogeneration, Pollenizer can build successful mobile phone businesses. MoGeneration 8
  9. 9. Pollenizer builds web businesses all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Worldwide 9
  10. 10. In addition to Pollenizerʼs HQ in Sydney we have Our Offices offices in Trivandrum (India) and Zurich. Our Offices 10
  11. 11. Before joining Pollenizer as one of our CTOs, Bruno held various roles in many different countries: CTO for Rising Sun Pictures in Australia, Head of ICT of Greenpeace International in The Netherlands, as well as software development experience in the financial and IT sectors in Argentina. Bruno is very interested in Agile Bruno Mattarollo and adaptive software methodologies and how to CTO, Project Manager transform projects from failures into successes. and Scrum Master Profile Sample 11
  12. 12. Alanʼs first career was as a technology journalist and marketing consultant for brands such as Intel, Macromedia and Symantec. After being an Online Product Strategist when joining Microsoft in 1996, Alan was then Product Director, South Asia for Yahoo! Inc. Alan has since been an adviser on Alan Jones product strategy and marketing communications for a wide range of Web Strategist early-stage businesses in commerce, publishing, mobile and Product Director social media. Profile Sample 12
  13. 13. Extract of our Portfolio Portfolio 13
  14. 14. “  Before you work with Pollenizer, you might think you know what you need to do. After you work with Pollenizer – if you really listen – you'll know what you need to do, and why. Then, comes the hard part. Doing it. Lucky they help ”  with that too! Rob Antulov, Co-founder and CEO, Sportspassion.  Testimonials 14
  15. 15. “  Pollenizer confirmed the challenges we 'sensed' were there and highlighted opportunities to take our product offering and engineering team to a new level. Over 6 months we launched 2 products much quicker than we were able to in the previous 18 months and developed a strong foundation of accountability ”  and alignment. Maria Sipka, Founder and CEO, Linqia.  Testimonials 15
  16. 16. Email Web Twitter HQ Sydney, Australia Europe Zurich, Switzerland 16 Contact Us