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SFSU ISYS 363 - Fall 2013 - Section 2 - Hurricanes
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SFSU ISYS 363 - Fall 2013 - Section 2 - Hurricanes


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. SFSU ISYS 363 – Fall 2013 – Section 2 Hurricanes Project Task 1 - Collaboration Tools
  • 2. Features needed/expected  All the group members need to be able to access  Send and receive messages instantly and effectively amongst all the group members  Hardware support - the software can ideally be used alongside a wide variety of hardware  Version control: needs to be clear which version of the project has been updated with what information; updates must be easily consolidated and logged  Cost - needs to be free Criteria  Share files in different format including Word document, Powerpoint, .pdf, etc.  Send and receive messages amongst group members  Provide a platform for the team to work together on the Internet
  • 3. Collaboration Tools Market Leaders:  Yammer  Box  IBM  Microsoft  Strong performers:  Google  Cisco  Citrix
  • 4. Email PROS  Fast; message is sent and received instantly  Free in cost, just need to create the account  Able to send out documents or files by attachments to the emails CONS  Internet access needed  Need an online device  Security concern; email account by certain email service providers can be easily hacked  Need to learn how to use the email  Version control is dependent on nomenclature (e.g. date_time, 10102013_0900)  A type of communication via Internet by text in emails and sharing documents in attachments.  For examples: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!mail, mail.SFSU
  • 5. Google Drive PROS  Able to access documents or files almost everywhere  Similar with basic Microsoft Offices Programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint  Shareable and editable within and between group members  Files are saved immediately  Chat box; people sharing the file can chat and edit the file at the same time in one window  Doc dynamically updates as group members make edits; edits are tagged with member responsible for the change CONS  Need Internet access  Need an online device  Limited programs and limited functions  Gmail account is required to access  A free cloud computing service and information management software provided by Google.
  • 6. Dropbox PROS  Easy to Access  Data Space  Backup Data  Share files almost everywhere with mobile apps CONS  Security concern, files shared may not be private and need to pay attention on privacy setting  Need Internet Access  Not able to edit online  Limited storage space (2.5GB for free account)  Version control is dependent on nomenclature (e.g. date_time, 10102013_0900)  A file hosting service provided by Dropbox Inc.
  • 7. iLearn PROS  Official in class  Able to post in the forum for an open discussion in our own group  Everyone in group can access/see  Keep tracks of information and what happening in the class  Can store files (pptx, doc, xls) CONS  Need Internet Access  Time-consuming to read all the posts in the forum  Everyone in the group needs to check the forum in a daily basis  People in the group may not respond  Version control of individual files dependent on nomenclature (e.g. date_time, 10102013_0900)  An official forum operated by SFSU for students and teachers to post and communicate.
  • 8. Group Texting PROS  More privacy  Fast: message is sent and received instantly  Convenient for short notice CONS  Usually used in local services only since international texting is expensive  Group texting usually requires a data plan  Miscommunication in words may occur  Lack of talking/ face-to- face communication  A type of communication by sending text messages in a group using mobile phones.
  • 9. The Winners iLearn  All group members have access to it  Official platform provided by SFSU  The first ‘place’ we met and knew each others Google drive  Easy to share documents and presentations  All group members can see and edit the files at the same time  Files can be saved immediately Email  All group members have emails  Sending messages and files in attachments
  • 10. Reference  Stair, Ralph, & Reynolds, George. (2014). Principles of Information Systems. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.  David F. Carr. (Aug 20 2012). 5 Cloud Collaboration Tools Leader Emerge. Retrieved Oct 1 2013 from Information Week: business/social_networking_private_platforms/5-cloud- collaboration-tools-leaders-emer/240005776  Email Pros & Cons. Retrieved Oct 1 2013 from  Meghan. (Mar 4 2013). Google Docs: A Good Fit For Your Business?. Message posted to fit-for-your-business  Dropbox A Crystal Ball of Cloud Computing Pros & Cons. (2013). Retrieved Oct 1 2013 from Sileo: crystal-ball-of-cloud-computing-pros-cons/  Amanda Knowles. (Mar 14 2009). Pros and Cons of Texting. Retrieved Oct 1 2013 from The Community World: cons-of-texting/