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Research into media magazines

  1. 1. Comparing media texts By Amber Roberts
  2. 2. Click on the names of each slide and it willtake you to that slide. Contents page• Front covers slides 3- 15• Contents page. slides 16-28• Double page spread. Slides 29-39• Questionnaire. slide 40• Questions 1-9 (41-48)• Mood board from what I fount out. (49)• results of audience research which have been analysed and reflected on (50)• Whats my tribe ( 51-75)• the personal learning and reflection (76)• reflection on what you have learnt from your front cover analysis and how you can use this knowledge for your own front cover (77)• reflection on what you have learnt from your contents page analysis and how you can use this knowledge for your own contents page (78)• for what you have learnt from your audience research questionnaire and find your tribe N B you nay dins you are repeating a little of what you sais from your analysis but this is drawing everything together of what you have learnt from both your audience research activities (79)
  3. 3. Sky lineMasthead Main coverMain imageCover lineAnd Plugs andteasers Lead articleBuzz wordsAnd plugsAnd teasers Bar code Two thirds
  4. 4. The main image is of the singer The barcode is on the bottom of Mast head is simple, but has red and yellowRihanna which currently at the the page and isnt following the in the gaps in the letters making it standmoment is one of the top single conventions of magazines as it out from the other magazines as their mastsellers and has a huge fan base, make it different to the other head is made up of white letters and inwhich would be good for sales as magazines . But with it being on bold where as this one is using white andmen think she is “hot” and girls the other side makes it different two other colours to stand out from thethink she’s amazing and beautiful. to other magazines shelves. Also it takes up the whole widthWhich goes to show that their which is following the conventions of othersales for this issue could go up magazines; they do this as when thepotentially. By the main image magazine is on the shelf there will becontaining mostly red, makes me others on top of it and the heading willthink she is feisty and just attract the customer to it.screaming at me “dont mess withme” also it suggests that she is avery independent women andlikes to break the rules. Also shesonly wearing a white top, which ismore like a bra, which connotesinnocence but then again their is atattoo on her side which is Other cover lines are there tosuggesting dont mess with me, . tell the reader what else tothey could of photo shopped this expect in the magazine as ifout, but they kept it in to they are a regular subscriberemphasise her being feisty and the and they dont generally likedont mess with me look. Rihanna, there will be similar “fans don’t really know who I am” is a lure as it information or complete makes them think omg, I have to read this as they opposite to this so they are still are thinking well is she just a lie then? And they will reaching many of their target in turn read the magazine to find out what and why audiences so they wont be they didn’t know about her before. losing out
  5. 5. The buzz words WOMEN of the YEAR suggests Sky line is drawing you in with big buzz words “ thethat there has been a competition which is 209BEST SONGS of 2007 suggests that the wordsincorporating prosumors in this and making the which are enlarged are emphasising to thereaders feel more apart of the magazine as they audience that this is the magazine to know abouthad the chance to vote for who they wanted as the greatest songs of 2007 and you wont find itthe women of the year. anywhere else.Main cover line is “ Fergie” Mast head following the“HOW A BAD GIRL MADE conventions of magazines asGOOD “ suggest that before its fills the whole width of thethis article she wasnt seen a page. Easy to see and thegood person but now she word “blender “ has a linehas changed and turned a through it making it look likenew leaf. But in comparison its been through a blender?to this, she is stood therehalf naked so really is she a Main image is of Fergie fromgood girl?? Or is this just a black eyed peas. She’s just inplay on words making the her bra with her shirt beingreader believe that she has undone. Which too me isturned a new leaf? When screaming sex appeal. This isreally the leopard really more aimed at a guy?? Or ahasnt changed its spots. girl? But with an image like this is giving teenagers aThe other cover lines is drawing I the wrong idea of the “perfectother fans who aren’t into Fergie but image”. She fills up most ofare still into Blender. Which is good Bar code is the bottom left corner, the page with her chest asas they aren’t totally excluding them which is not following the codes the main focus. She’s alsofrom this magazine. Like with the and conventions of magazines but wearing blue nails which isbuzz word PLUS , shows what else perhaps it didn’t fit in on the other following the theme of bluethere is too offer in the issue. side? and gold on this page.
  6. 6. The main image is the lead singer, The mast head AP looks kind of futureChristopher drew (19 years old), like almost like its from a fantasy movifrom Never Shout Never which or something. Its used quite simple andsuggests he is what the fans like and basic colours and continued the yellowwant. As in other band i.e. fall out and green theme to the main articleboy, the bassist is the main attraction which is good as its keeping thingsin the band. Also he has been voted simple and its not over poweringin 2010 as artist of the year, which for Christophers face . Which is a good,Christopher is amazing. Also this will thing as many front covers can go overboost sales as the fans from the the top with the fonts and styles andmagazine voted for him so they are ruins the picture. Its also following themore than likely to buy this to have rules and conventions by having thean exclusive interview with him. His mast head taking up the whole widthface is cute and innocent. Quite an and being at the top making it easy toeasy look to go for but its making him distinguish in the shops.look vulnerable at the same time orinexperienced compared to otherlead singers i.e. shadows from The cover lines and plugs makesavenged seven fold. But he has a lippiercing so maybe its just an act?? the reader want too look into itBut this will only make him seem as its showing and wanting youmore “sexy” to the female fan base as too look at the votes from thehis voice is quite soft and cute when best artists music etc from 2010he sings so this magazine targets which “YOU VOTED” making themainly the female fans of 14-25 as its conventions come to getherquite teen looking making the whole prosumer come into effect. By not stating The lure on this magazine is quite strong as 2010 all whats in the magazine has READERS POLL RESULTS ARE IN! Just draws the made is quite simple which is a viewer in along with ARTIST OF THE YEAR, just is good thing irresistible for loyal fans to miss out on
  7. 7. Mast head is at the top of the page Graphic features suggest that they are showing otherfollowing some of the conventions of The main cover line is taking up the features in the magazine to entice the audience into lookingmagazines but it doesnt cover the whole width of the page and is easy to further into the magazine, and they have more to offer iswhole of the width as, its quite small and identify and its different to their other MCR and PATD isnt your thing.its different to others. As here the font is issues as they have the other titles to thein bold and squished into the corner but, side of the page or around the middle.I think it looks good like this and looks But here its needed as its “war on emo”.less in your face than other magazines. Show the slanting a story easy to getAlso how its red and white makes it across here as the fans of nme like tostand out in the racks and many hear new and main steam music and themagazines go for the white look, but best music currently around at in 2007,here they have gone for red and its the these were hot bands to listen to.same shade as the background so it “bottled at reading attacked by tabloids,kind of blends in . Also they are stating threatened in the streets” suggests thatthat they are different to others by not these bands are bad role models andcompletely following the magazine they are in incredible danger. But theconventions. main images suggest that they dont care about what people do to them or what they say. The main image, is of two different bands being branded for being emo. As when a band is given this name it usually follows cults, depression, making the fans becomelike this. But I do think that this is unfair . Yes The other plugs/cover lines on the page suggest Gerard Way was depressed when the Black that they are trying to get fans from other genres to The theme on this page is very red and black as Parade was written and on tour, and was buy it as well as they have a new album by the one half is red and the other is black. But also thereaccused of teens “following them i.e. being a Scissor sisters, oasiss new track list and arctic is a contrast as panic! At the disco arent to me cult” and committing suicide. But bands monkeys on judges not being stupid.. Which goes “emo” nor are MCR, but MCR are more of that shouldnt be criticised and labelled for their to show they have targeted a lot of genres in this genre than PATD. but how Gerard is placed in a music, their famous for what they do and issue. As they have rock/emo/ alternate, pop, and military jack on the red side suggests they want him NME is showing this on their front cover to indie/indie rock. to be noticed as if they put him on the black side, show the affects and awareness of what then the readers wouldnt be able to see him as happening to “emo”. much.
  8. 8. Main image is of Haley Williams, Sky line is very appealing to is audience as its a Mast head is cracked and lookslead singer from paramore, in a rock magazine its put a pun into it “rocked like when glass breaks. Whichpunching pose almost as if she your world”. Also its making the reader feel represents rebellion and notpunching your face. By doing proud, prosumer, as they had the chance to giving a damn. Its following thethis they are slanting a story as interact with the magazine online and vote for rules of conventions of having itmany fans of kerrnag love her. their favourites, east favourites of the year etc. full width and at the top of theThis adds to the fact that this page so fans know what too lookmagazine is very rebellious and for when buying the magazine.doesnt give a crap about what Also its a very basic colour whitepeople think. Also Haley looks and there isn’t much too it. Butvery mean and sexy in this as the main image is underneath themainly girls look soft, cute and mast head which is different toinnocent but here she looks many magazines as the imagetotally different to many girls. usually over laps the mast head.Also how her hand is in focusand her face is almost out offocus draws the attention to the Lead article is an exclusive and isfist. almost teasing the reader with whats to be said inside the issue and with Haleys fist punching the page theA main plug in this is about words are almost making you readthe long awaited return of them with out knowing. Its different asguns ‘n’ roses which is they would usually put the main storyappealing to other fans which line around the main image but themarent necessarily into soft used a bit of experimentation here androck of paramore and like its worked well.more metal.
  9. 9. Lead article is on Avenged sevenfold “ facing Sky line is bigger than usual sky lines, but Mast head covers the width of thedeath, choosing life, kicking ass” & “ we cant usually this magazine comes in a plastic page which is following thegrieve forever” shows that they are slowly wrapping due to a free gift. Their is a lot of conventions of magazines by having itover coming the Rev’s death (now the former buzz words on here “ FREE CD- 35 sick new sounds!”, “ free gig ticket”, are all suggesting at the top of the page. The font is indrummer) which was the 28/12/2009. Whichdevastated the band and their future and the that they are desperate for readers to buy this bold with the 1st word “metal” writtenfans as well ( I was one of them) but the fire and by having the main items at the very top is in a smaller font in the letter H. Whichin the background shows their back and enticing people to buy it. is different to together magazines, asstronger than ever. Just like the saying- what they have the whole of the namedoesnt kill you only makes you stronger. displayed in bold letters. The font itsAlso avenged sevenfold is in a type writing self is very heavy metal. As the lettersstyle with red for the colour, placed on ablack banner which is suggesting death to curve almost like a knife or like theme. As red= blood and its on a black banner. band name “Metallica” is shaped likeAlso the AX7 logo is placed in front of the this. Also how there is fire overimage emphasising they are back and fans hammer suggest thats its acan distinguish that that’s AX7 by the skull destructive magazine and doesnt givewith wings. a damn what anyone thinks about them. Metal is also see through, so you can see through it creating aGraphic features are a big monster at the different effect to other magazines.side of the cover suggesting this is athrash issue. Even though AvengedSevenfold arent. But goes to show thatthey are thinking about the other readers Other cover lines are just shouting at youfrom this very niche market. Also a GIANT too take a look, but one good thing with thisMAIDEN STICKER Is appealing to more magazine is that you cant read before youearlier metal lovers which is good as they buy, so they have to sell everything on thearen’t leaving them out from this issue. front. As with the FREE MEGADETH BOOKAlso a free ticket is way more interesting More cover lines are “Dimmu makes the reader want to buy the magazinethan a free cd, or book or avenged biggest metal album ever?” for the free book. Which is a goodsevenfold coming back, its amazing as Suggests to the reader that this is promotion offer, as not only will the salesthey price of them at the moment is way what you have been waiting for, for Metal Hammer go up, but the fans forto expensive and to get to go to a gig for and you will only be able to find Megadeth go up as well which in turn couldfree is like pay day for metal fans. out why if you look inside. lead to merch and gigs selling out.
  10. 10. Ap like to keep a consistency of Main cover line is “brand new, unmasking the Mast head is placed at the topchanging the colour scheme, real face of heatcore” which suggests that this of the page which is againbut keep it nice and simple as isnt an issue to miss if you are really into following the conventions of heatcore, as the magazine will be unveiling all magazines as its at the top ofin the earlier one I edited, it the little details that no one knew before the page and is the full widthwas green and yellow. But about them. of the page. Which is good forhere its orange, yellow, white fans of the magazine as theyand red which shows they only have to look for the APlike to keep the colours and they have the newestsimilar. By having the name issue. The font its self looks tounderneath is good also as if me like its from the future or like a puzzle piece. Itsthey have new fans reading genuinely different to otherit, they might not know what mast heads as they are shapedAP means. The colour differently and dont havescheme looks like fire to me much too if this band is feisty andisnt afraid of danger or Main image is of a boy bandwhats ahead of them holding up photos over their faces which I think is awesome. Maybe when IWill you take blink -182 seriously?, create my own magazine, Ithe bouncing souls and anti flag’s could do something likeacts of terror Shows that this plug is this. Also how the photostotally different to the main cover arent straight shows that Banner at the bottom is emphasising the buzzline as, that is focused on heatcore, they have an edgy look to words so that they stand out. Being on a yellowwhere as the other stories are them and that they are banner makes them stand our more than if theyaimed at the other fans from the different to most bands didnt have it at all. And if you aren’t intomagazine. Which I think is a good around. anything on this front cover there will still bething to do so that not all the fans something to clench that thirst wanting for neware left out of this issue. information all the time.
  11. 11. Main image is of Oli Sykes who is the The sky line is enticing the fans into buying this as Mast head is taking up the wholecurrent lead singer of bring me the they get 15% off at which is Oli Sykes width which is following the clothing line, which is great for Oli Sykes fans, but he conventions of magazines. Ashorizon. But he has copied the look of does have a lot of haters so this really isn’t the best Kerrang! Always follows these.the Mitch Lucker from suicide silence. thing to do? Which is good in some ways but IBut I do still like Oli even though he has love it when a magazine breaks thea huge hater base. But with this rules. As rules are made to beinterview “you don’t know me” shows broken! The name KERRANG! Isthat even haters will learn and the noise when a guitar is played so their playing on words as this isunderstand why he is the way he is. a form of omnimatopiaThis is a very good interview ( I havethis issue at home) and you do learn so The biggest gig guide a plug formuch from this which is why it relates gig goers, as if this is theto why Oli is posed like that. magazine for all the gigs it will be great for them to find out last minute gigs or see who is touring currently at the moment.Freebies are being given away with thisissue, which is another way for Kerrang toappeal to new fans, as they may love Drop- Main cover line is about Oli Sykesdead and just buy this issue for the 15% off. from bring the horizon, telling theAs on the website it can be quite expensive readers he bears his soul. So if youfor many items so this is a good way to ever wanted to find out somethingpromote his clothing range with his about him then this is your chance tointerview. find out why he is such a jerk at times or why he is amazing? But its in three different colours making it much more interesting and differentPlugs are about other bands which are being featured in the magazine which are different so its more eye catching than if itmusic genres like paramore, alexisonfire, kids in glass houses, dream theater are all differenttypes of music so they are making sure all their fans are going to buy their magazine. Also was in the same font ad colour.with the “my parents call me Adam, is another interview with Nergal from Behemoth andtells his life story, but he isnt as important as Oli Sykes? Also green day are mention about “KLASSIC K!” is a play on words as they have changedbeing back in the uk which is massive news and Rammstein “ something is missing” showsthat do they have a future in the music business?? “ total chaos!” makes me want to open the C for a K and as this is KERRANG! Its almostthis now and see what caused the chaos. making it into their own word. And with classic posters, you will only be shown the best posters so far.
  12. 12. The mast head is a little be The sky line is so tiny to read but I Everything about thistoo girly and very teen like ( love the quote Makin’ love, not magazine saysaged 13-16 as its so girly) but war! We’re still at war right? beautiful. As the targetI do like it. As the shade of Suggests that this is a grown up audience is of coursepink they have chosen to do magazine but a bit too girly? Or a girls, but I love howis different to the roses. The teen magazine going a bit to far? they have arrangedmast head is taking up the Katy to be stood likewhole of the width which in that with the floweryturn is following the codes dress and theand conventions of background to have themagazines which is good. I same flowers as heralso like how they have put a dress. Almost like shesstar on the letter I ; instead wearing the magazine.of putting a dot. I love how the fonts on theKaty Perry is the main image page are all different buthere is of Katy Perry dressed look very girly on the frontin a rose dress which looks cover. I love it as its not themore like a lamp shade. But same old stuff you see everyhow she is stood is a weird week. Which is what I ampose. But suits the article. As going to try and achievethe dress pulls her in at the when I create my ownwaist and the dress just magazine hopefully.bulges out at the hips.
  13. 13. The sky line is black and the The main image is of Kelly Clarkson, this isrest of the layout is blue, when she won American idol and wonwhich is making it stand out a the hearts of everyone in America and inlot more than if it was blue. the uk. She is stood there in a gothicBut they have kept the arrow dress, ripped tights and netted glovesin blue to it keeps to the with a woman of the year banner. Whichtheme of yellow, blue white too me suggests she isnt the nice andand black. “ BUH-BYE 2005” sweet girl everyone thought she was.shows that its saying bye, bye Reasons for this as she does come across2005 and hello 2006! And has as kind and caring, but here shes beingan image of the lead singer shown ( in punk style) in a disasterfrom green day which could be clothes almost like she doesnt care shesaying Green day are going to does what she wants and no one can stopbe big in 2006 maybe?? her. Like a rebellious child? Trying to prove to the world there is a bad side to her and she wants to let it out here and now.The layout here is a typical girlslayout with extremely large maincover lines and other cover lines to The mast head is in block capitals with aattract the attention of the viewer. cut through the letters and stops at the LAlso, they are using bright colours so that the B is intact. By having theto make sure that you read the main image in front of the mast headmagazine. As Kelly Clarkson is the The bar code is at the bottom right has made it clear that its a verybiggest font on here apart from the hand corner which is following the established and well known magazine,mast head. Which is eye catching. codes and conventions of so they dont need to display all of theThe other cover lines on the side magazines. Which shows that this name in order for fans to know what theare highlighted to draw your magazine likes to follow rules and magazine is called. By being in white fitsattention to them as when you look not look un- professional. in with the blue white black and yellowat a magazine, you look from left to theme. Which is good as if there was anythe bottom right and then from the other colours it would ruin the frontbottom to the top. cover.
  14. 14. The mast head fills up The bar code is at the bottom of the page which is The main image is of My Chemicalthe whole of the following the codes and conventions of magazines. Romance ( MCR) who are justwidth of the page. starting to become main stream.Which is following the But now 2011 they are huge. Howcodes and Gerard way and frank are stoodconventions of there with baseball bats, and all ofmagazines and the them have blood on there faces. Itsname KERRANG! Is all almost like “Gerard what have youcracked and smashed been doing?!?” he almost has awhich is signifying a cheeky look on his face like as if hecrashed and I dont wants fans to like him? Also howreally care look. It they are all in school uniformalso suggests that suggests that this was taken forthey like to break the their 2nd album “ three cheers forrules. sweet revengance” as the music video “ Im not okay” is based in a school. So maybe they want theThe main cover line is blood and baseball bat to symboliseon My chemical how they hate school and areromance. “you cant rebelling against school life??ignore us” suggests thatthey want people torealise they are here to The sky line is offerstay and there is what other plugs andnothing you can do teasers are availableabout it. in the magazine. As if you arent into my chemical romance, The other cover lines are making the viewer look more then you will be into into the magazine as they have night wish, mastodon these ones. etc and have lots of buzz words enticing the reader to want to find out why “mastodon go mental”.
  15. 15. “25th anniversary Other cover lines are in redcollector’s issue” makes and are very hard to read, The mast head takes up thethis skyline so appealing to so its almost like their whole of the width which isthe readers as it will be suggesting that they arent in turn following the codesworth lots in the future. important as much as ETF? and conventions ofWhich is great for enticing magazines. The colour rednew fans for this issue. has changed from the previous one that I edited. the theme on here is red and yellow black and white.Escape the fate are the Which seems to be quite aonly image on the front classic look for metal andcover giving it a very rock magazines. Which issophisticated and elegant something for me tolook. How they are sat at consider when I create mythe table supposedly own.playing cards, but one hasbeen thrown and looksbigger on the camera thanthe accurately size. Also “these alarming men” suggest that escape the fate,how they are all just sat main cover line, are taking over the world and are thethere makes me think next biggest thing and prepare for them to blow yourwhat are they doing there mind. Also how its in yellow makes it stand out a lotin the creepy room? more. The fonts on this page suggest that its a formalWhilst playing cards? magazine and more aimed at the male genre?
  16. 16. The layout to me seems a The text and text colours are typical rock/bit basic and very minimal metal colours as supposed “emos” love blackcompared to i.e. kerrang. and red hair ( well black with red highlights)But I like it. The headings also all the bands suggest that this magazineand information is is a rock magazine covering rock/ alternate,displayed at the bottom of screamo, metal, emo etc.the page making it all a bit The lure on this page is “Isquished in at the bottom have no tolerance forof the page. Which too me anything right now- Patrickisnt very good. This its self Stump” shows that loyal falllooks like a “want to be” out boy fans will want tofront cover, as its got a know why Patrick ismain image, mast head and thinking this as he comescover lines and plugs? across as such a sweet guyMain image here is of Pete wentz and doesnt seem like theand Patrick stump from the former guy who would say of Fall out boy ( which has now Also how is he is a boxingsplit) there seems to be a red, white gown, suggests he wants toand blue theme going on. Also the be seen as “hard” and notexpressions on the face are “dont “softie” as fans wouldn’tmess with me look”. This too me as expect this and its such aa contents page looks more like a contrast between his life ininterview rather than a contents music and in this interviewpage. But I do prefer it, as if you which will in turn make fanslook at KERRANG!’s contents page want to read and buy it toits very boxy and organised where see a side of Patrick theyhere its different. have never seen before.
  17. 17. Kerrang! Is covering all How this page is laid out is very gridthe biggest and latest like and reminds me of cd covers,bands which is good as if which is a bit of a comical side Iyou dont like any with think. As this is a music magazine itspictures, then their is good how they are relating theirsomething else for you. magazine to products which makeBy having personal quotes them in business. The bigger squarefrom the interview makes of Chiodos, still looks like a cd coverthe reader able to relate but a bigger square. All the featuresto them and think well in of the magazine are always on thefact its Blink-182 not 42, same side and they use the sameas creating a sense of white and yellow colour schemeknowledge and making which to me seems to be theirthe reader in turn feel house style. As in every issue I havethey are brainer than the brought this has been the samefamous musician from layout I have seen, or I could ofMetallica. missed an issue and it could of been different?All the bands on herefeel as if they are all The lure here is Metallica; “ Angelsrelated to Metallica, as and airwaves? Never heard ofLamb of god, Gojira etc them. But Blink 42’s not a badall have the same fans band....” suggest that this is luringas if you like one you in the readers as their isnt a bandwill like the others. called Blink 42, its Blink- 1 8 2. SoWhich I think is a bit shows even a respected big 4 bandunfair on fans who like gets things wrong.paramore or 3OH!3.
  18. 18. The main image is of matt Rock sounds house style ispulling at his lip with his very basic and keeps to theindex finger, almost same style all the time, whichmocking the reader into is following the codes andthinking look at me Im conventions of magazines. Asstupid , but in fact its more all of rock sounds contentsof a “ I dont care look”. He pages appear to be the samelooks more like a school unless the earlier ones wereboy rather than an adult different and they decided towhich is showing his settle on this style as its achildish side. His tie classic black and white. Evenperfectly fits in with the Matt is wearing white andtheme red black and black.white. Which follows fromissue to issue. Which The layout is quite simpleshows a sense of security, and basic as rock sound andas many fans love to see the date are underneaththe same things every time the title which is followingthey buy an issue as they the codes and conventionsfeel more secure and more of magazines which is to relate to it than if it Also how the text of whatschanged every issue. Yes If you try and leave they kill you. So Im actually in the issue is too the leftthis image does change, quite terrified right now. Looks like someones shows they are againbut the layout is kept the stuck the quote deliberately on top of the main following the codes and image, so it looks messy to match the child likesame. conventions of magazines. pose matt is pulling. Its almost comical, as hes saying if you leave they kill you and pulls a supposed funny face, has laughing about it?
  19. 19. The theme for this page I know this really isnt a veryseems to be the yet again music magazine but it doesblack and white. But how mention quite a lot about it, itsthey have laid the page more focused on photography,out makes it classy and as underneath each feature, itsophisticated, which is says what shes wearing wheregreat. But also how they its from and who took thehave used a dark skinned shoot. But the Layout on thismodel has broken up the page, I really love as I like howwhite and black look. the V is faintly lined on the page and how the girl is laidI think the lure on this with her legs in the air makingpage is the main image a v shape almost like theof the girl. Its just how playboy symbol. Which is ashe’s laid their with her very different magazine to thislegs in a V shape looking one. I Also love how theat the camera is almost contents is written differently,like she’s saying “ come giving it that edgy look to itget me? “ she does looksexy though in this Ihave to admit that andits just insisting you to I like how they have spilt the articles into two categories: features andwant to look more into fashion, which shows they love to take an interest into fashion, whichthe magazine. is more appealing at girls, but with this type of imagery, its trying to target the male audience as well.
  20. 20. The mast head on The right hand side, is laid out with news, radar, reviews, live!, features and plus.this page is NME Making it easy to read whats in this weeks issue quickly with out any fancy fonts orTHIS WEEK, makes complicated stand out a lot The main image on this page takesmore and how they up 1/3 of the page and is the onlyhavent used the image on this page drawingword contents attention into the main article onpage, suggests that this page also with the main coverthey want to be line “kasabain got romantic indifferent to other church” suggests that something tomagazines. I do like do with love happened in church?it though as it does And how they have the storyget a bit boring underneath makes it seem like aafter a while as front page, contents and part of aevery magazine says double page spread.contents, where ashere it says this “subscribe today and save over £45”week. Making it makes the reader think wow I coulddifferent and spend that on gig tickets other newunique to other things which they need. Also its givingones. them information on where to go to get the subscription. Also how its savingHaving a band index makes it unique and different to other money makes the reader want tomagazines as you can look down the index and see whos been subscribe. Also how its on a blackmentioned this week and what page they are on making it a lot background with yellow and white text.easier for loyal fans to some bands. As instead of flicking through With the moat important text beingthe whole magazine they can just turn to a pacific page and save yellow so it stands out a lot more to thetime. reader.
  21. 21. The layout on this pageHaving the mast head is very grid like making itat the top of the page very bland and cd coverfollows rules and like. As the little boxesregulations of which have images, lookmagazines . They also, like cd cover which iskeep the same layout relating to why they areand colours the same in business in the 1stin every issue. place. Also the bigger image, main image still looks like a cd cover .Also having the front Having quotes makescover being inside the lure look very good.also relates to the As Bert McCreckenfact its explain the from the used “myfront cover. As its Having the “this week” makes the favourite move is thesaying what’s in the reader find what they Want and spider wak” makes theissue . Having the whats in this issue . Which is reader think what thesignature as well following the codes and hell is the spider wak??makes it look more conventions of magazines. And they are likely toformal and real. read on and see what its about.
  22. 22. The main image is of James The mast head is at the top ofblunt and takes up 2/3 of the page which is followingthe page which is the codes and regulations ofemphasising the effect of magazines as its easy to finsmaking you want to read on and figure out what this pageand see why he is being is about. Also having the datedisplayed on the contents NOV05, tells tee reader whatpage. The look and date it is and when its out.expression on his face Which can be good so if theymakes me think what is he miss an issue they know iflooking at? As his eyes look they are almost out of date.almost like a blue/ green Also issue number is displayedcolour. at the top of the page so you know if you have missed an issue or what issue it is.Having the featureson the left side shows “every month” suggests thatthey are different to this is a monthly magazinesother magazines as “Im a gardening and a hoovering and having the same thingsothers usually have housewife” – Nicky wire- makes every month making readersthem on the right this such a big lure for readers as feel a sense of safety andside of the page. its obviously a male and saying security in expecting some of has a house wife when has not. the magazine to be the same every time they open it up.“THE LENNON ISSUE” suggests that this isabout Lennon, and by having James bluntbreaks up the Lennon issue and focus’s onother issues in the magazine
  23. 23. The contents is on the left hand side This is an older version on rock sound, so its a different layout toof the page making it easier to read the other ones I had evaluated earlier. Which shows that they haveand having the page numbers before changed and moved on to a more sophisticated language and morethe information of the page is caring attitude towards their fans. Almost like they grew up i.e. thisdifferent almost back to front like. is a teenage version of them and the newer editions, are moreAnd having it split into different adult like but still for the teenage market.categories like features and reviewssplits the magazine up and easier to The colour scheme here isread. So if you just wanted to read red and white almost likesomething quickly then you could NME, which follows this.just scan the contents and find it a But the layout of the pagelot quicker. is very messy like as theyThe fonts on this page are very messy have all the pictures on theand very gothic like, almost like a red side, but they over lapteenager has written them. The word each other with a crack in70 and contents are in a very deathly the corners and has thefont suggesting that its aimed at the page numbers over the topteen market. of the images so you know where to find the article onThe stars at the bottom of the page, make it your band. Also by havingmore child like and Im not really too the bands namepleased with this layout of a contents page. underneath, but in aAs its more like a scrap book than an officialmagazine. relatively small font, can help the reader recogniseThe mast head, rock sound, is placed at the top of the page which is in a fun who the band is with outlooking font . Which is aimed t the rock genre. “music with attitude” suggests the name taking up thethat this is a magazine with a kickass attitude. Which is good as it shows that whole picture.they dont care what people have to say.
  24. 24. THIS WEEK, is the NME is in red which makes it stand The main cover line “mast head of this out a lot more than if it was in Oasis kicked off theirpage making it feel black. Makes the reader believe its world tour” suggests thatmore like a for NME. they want readers to thinkmagazine page than why did they and will reada contents page on. Also having the mainwhich I think is a image of them in thegood thing as it middle makes the storymakes it more more realistic and believereadable and more able.interesting for thereaders. As sayingcontents pages, issame old same old. Having the news,But here its better radar, reviews, LIVE!,and different features and plus shows that every issue is the same and that they are following Having the band index, on the side with a red codes and background and then having the text high lighted in conventions of white, makes the text stand out more than if it was magazines and they just on a white background. like to keep it by the rules
  25. 25. This Kerrang! Issue is different to Pathetic Communication is used Main image is of Marilyn Manson, is thethe other ones which I have very well here and used a lot main image on this contents page and isevaluated earlier. Which I think is a better than the other layout sat on a sofa holding lots of whatgood thing. As it shows they have that they had before appears to be images, but Im not suremoved on from the grid like page what they are due to the size of thisto a more double page spread feel image. He has quite a scary look on histo it. Which I do think is a bigger face, he’s a Goth, and is enticing you inimprovement. As the other layout to want to see what the story is about.was too formal, but here its moresophisticated and a more friendlyappeal to it. The layout, KERRANG! This week, is labelled half way across the pageBy having the editor write a bit to which makes you look towards thethe magazine makes it feel more bottom of the page after looking at thefriendly almost like they want you main image and cover line. Otherwiseto feel safe, comfortable and the other information wouldnt be readhappy whilst reading KERRANG!. as much as the other information onWhich is a good thing, as some the tope half of the page.magazines you can feel a bit lost.But here in this issue there is the By having imageseditors verdict on this issue. By of what else is tohaving her signature, makes it come in thefeel more realistic and isnt using magazine givesfancy words, just the plain old the reader a goodeditor saying stuff for the readers. KERRANG!’s house style is always yellow idea on what to and black with some white. Which expect later in theSubscription is at the bottom right hand corner shows they like to keep everything the magazine, alsoso its still visible to the reader, but doesnt take same and not change anything. Which in they can tell whatup as much room, which is a good thing as if turn shows that this is a very reliable sort of bands areyou have subscribed you dont want to keep magazine and they wont drop any bomb going to be inseeing an advert which doesnt apply to you. shells in their magazine. there as well.
  26. 26. King size, suggests that I really love this version of KERRANG! As All of the main imagesthis is a massive issue although its one half of the contents page, it suggests that they are aland not one to be has 2 of my favourite bands on, I really love really happy and this is a verymissed by anyone. As the layout of this issue, as their are pictures happy issue, as yes some arethey have so many around the outside of the text. Which is sand and depressed, but theybands squeezed into something I could think about doing? are being portrayed in a waythis issue. Which I think in which they are lookingis a goo thing as they happier, and this is such ahave fall out boy, my large issue than usual. Hencechemical romance to the buzz word “ king size”.bring me the horizon.Which shows they arethinking about theirfans in this issue as Their isnt a main current imagethey are a very niche here. But two images which domarket, but not huge catch your eye are fall out boylike NME. So they can and my chemical all of their fans Which I think is a good thing. Asmusic tastes in one they have thought about whichsimple magazine. slanting stories to write about here, as its KERRANG! They cover all the rock and metalBy having a white background emphasises all the images and texts as music bands old or new mainthey all mostly have dark backgrounds and against the white, makes stream or under ground, theythem stand out a lot more than if they were to of been on a dark back dont care. Which is anground and wouldnt of had the same effect as the white. Which is good , awesome attitude for a musicas they have gone out of their house style aka comfort zone and tried magazine. As music does kicksomething new and to me I think this has worked. ass when its in the right hands.
  27. 27. Mast head “drummer” takes The layout of this page is quite The main image takes up 1/3ishup quite a lot of the width good, but very grid like. But I like of the page and the buzz word “which suggest that they and dont like the colour scheme exclusive” suggest that this is thewant people to know their used here. As its white, red and only place that you will find thisname and its emphasises black. Making it feel a bit like Q and interview on their success in thethe effect. Almost like the NME. music business. By being insound a drum makes. As its black and white also suggest thatquite loud, they have tried its quite dark and beautiful in ato convey it here in their way. As they you have to guessmagazine. what the colours are and what it looks like in colour. By having theBy having the contents on the man just sat their playing theleft makes the main image drums alone makes him seemhave more effect on the alone and tiny compared to thereader, as your eyes look from huge drum set. Which in turnthe top left to the bottom makes the mast head have moreright. Which makes the image effect on the magazine.more dominant on the page.Having the date and contents at “features” suggests that theirthe top left hand corner suggest is still more to come in thisthat they like to let the reader Having the images in different magazine and shows all theknow that this is the contents places ion the page makes it more best stories in this issue. Likepage and the date of the interesting for the reader. As they on page 20, on the up suggestmagazine. So in turn you know if have to use their eyes to search the that a band member or ayou have missed an issue or page. Rather than having it in one singer has had a crap time andarent sure when the next issue place they have to look around the has turned a new leaf and isis out on sale. magazine. on the up.
  28. 28. Mast head “ contents” This contents page is different tomakes the reader know others that I have analysed and I likethat this is the contents it. As the main image takes up thepage. By having it in a white whole page and its the main focusfont, makes the word stand and story line of the magazine I think.out allot more and makes By doing this, it has a bigger effect onthe image look a lot more the reader, as they are thinking whysophisticated. By doing this do they have a skateboarder as themakes it stand out a lot main image for the contents page.more. As magazines tend to Also they have to stop for a bit touse bold colours, but here think and look at why they haveits all in back and white and placed this image over the whole ofI love it. As its not the page. As with others like NMEscreaming at you to read and Kerrang! Theres are boringon. Its taken a more compared to this. As I usually justsophisticated approach to skip past the contents page; but herethis. I have to take time to stop and look at why. Also how the image isI like how all the composed and placed. I know theyinformation about whats are trying to follow the rules ofin the issue is at the thirds, but here it doesnt matter asbottom of the page the fence is take at an angle with thewhich isnt taking the guy or girl jumping up in the air doingdistraction away from an oli. Also with the clouds suggest I think that the lure here is thethe main image which is that this is a summery magazinegood in my opinion main image as its almost like the making a whole nice feel to it. skate border is frozen in time. And it makes you want to read on?
  29. 29. People think Im an The pull for this is the people think Im.... which is a goodattention seeker but Im thing as everyone does think she is, when in fact she isnt.just honest- suggest that Shes just another girl trying to make something of herLilly is sick of people self. Doesnt everyone want to make something ofjudging her for what she themselves?? I can tell thatdoes and what she this is frombelieves in. And she just 2008, or 2009want to be seen for her as this is whenself not for anything the whole longelse. I dont think that lumber jack shirtshe is an attention style was inseeker, just wants fame. fashion. ThisAlso how it is displayed shows that theyon the page makes me are following I think having the information about her in thethink that she wants to fashion trends bottom left corner is a good thing as I hate itbe seen as a different and make Lilly When there is a lot of writing to read I prefer tomusician to the rest. As seem like she is hear the main information about the story notthey usually stand there a fashion their life story.and just smile, where as follower, whichshe is stood leaning Having a white background emphasise the text of in turn makesforward and with her “people think...” which makes it stand out a lot more fans forhead to the side giving more than if the background was red or black. her.her a quirky look Which I think is a good thing. And it makes Lilly stand out a lot more aswel.
  30. 30. The main image is of Gerard way, which I think is a good thing to do when I createmy magazine as it creates a bigger sense of the story and whats going on. As from The page layout is basic butthe image which takes up a whole one page, you get to understand why they are following conventions, as theytrying to be the best, and who they are. Which I think is a good thing to do when have the name, pictures andcreating my double page spread. As some have tiny little pictures and a lot of text. lots of puff explaining the mainBut I prefer it when there are larger pictures with a fair amount of texts as its easier story line. Which I think is ato understand what they are on about. good thing for me to look more into for when I create my own magazine.The pull here is “werebeing the best MCR we The colour scheme herecan be!” as its making is very easy toyou think how and why distinguish, black, red,are they deciding too white and sepia. Which Inow be the best that think is a good thing tothey can, as maybe they think about as when Ihave got sick and tired have read someof all the haters, and magazines, there haswant more people or been too much on thejust hate fans to page for me to be ableunderstand them and to focus on what is beingnot hate them as said in the article. Butmuch?? as they did get here you can clearly seebottled at reading whats been said andfestival 2007 so maybethey want to change about.that and have morepeople like them. There is 5 images here all except 1 of Gerard, the lead singer-front man, of MCR. Which I think is a good thing to do. As it shows who they are talking about and what he looks like to people who dont know who Gerard way is. 24/03/11
  31. 31. Having the flagThe layout of this page draped over ais very basic and plain. box makes herBut I like it, as there look more inisnt too much focus and thedistracting you from the colour schemearticle. I like how in the here is clearlybackground there is the red, black andtext “use” which grey and white.suggests that she is Very basic butfrom the USA. So if you yet verydidnt know who she effective. Whichwas then you could is something Iclearly clarify that she is could look intofrom the USA. as I dont want it too look to busy. The pull her is “got the love” As double page which makes the reader think, spreads are what is she on about and they ment to be will in turn read the story. looked at not be over loaded with images.
  32. 32. The layout here isThe colour very metal andscheme here is gothic which suggesblack white red that is a metal targeand a touch of audience and I doyellow. I like think that the editorhow they have or who ever createdkept to a simple it has done a goodcolour scheme job. The main imageand havent I think reallygone over the represents thetop. And they Murder dolls reallyhave thought well as from theabout their image you cantarget audience clearly see that theyas well. are Goths/ metal The pull here is the Murder dolls two’s company. I think that this lovers is a good thing to do. As you can catch up on what they have been doing rather than question and answers their giving their own story about everything rather than having someone ask them questions and they reply. This is something that I could think about as I want my magazine article to be different and unique. As I think a lot of double age spreads look the same
  33. 33. Having the “Im a “ quote on a black rippedThe pull here background looks like its part of her diary or “ Im a I dont think As this is aimed at teenage girls.dangerous girl that there is ato date” which colour schemeis making you here, as theirthink why is are to manyshe, what has colours,she done in purple yellow,the past to red and blackmake her and white. Butthink that she it doesnt lookis a dangerous too bad. As Igirl to date. As have seenI am a huge worse. But Ifan of her and do like thiswhen she thoughbrakes up with The layout on this double page spread is very teen like,a guy shes as the pictures are very girly and fun. As Taylor is stoodwrites a song to the side and her dress is flicked to the side, makingso maybe this her look like she doesnt care what the world has to saycould explain about her. And having images of her previousthis? relationships is like telling a story of her life. Which is a good thing to do as then the audience/ reader can get a better idea from the article when there are images as
  34. 34. This double page is very dark and metal like, I think its from metal hammer, as the layout of the page and fonts used. As the metal This is very guy like. market is very nieche and easy to target. As the metal genre is very male“trail by fire "makes dominated, but I doyou think what is like it though asOli on about? As a they have used firelot of people hate on the quote firehim. So maybe for and all the coloursthe quote, has follow each other asbeing trialled by there are oranges,fire?? Maybe its a reds, and blackmetaphor. Hes which I think worksbeing trialled by really ? Or by thehaters? The layout is very good and different as they usually tend to have the A4 sized image on the left side rather than the right side. I like how he is on the left side with his hand placed over his face making it look like has shielding him self from the “fire”? And I like how you can only see one eye which is emphasising the quotes on the page. I like how you can see his tattoos which makes him look lie he is wearing a top maybe?? Or has exposing him self so its all him and nothing else?
  35. 35. How the black eyed peas are displayed is every good, as they have faded everyone out except for Which is suggesting he isWill he Wont he? the main focus here. Which is a good thing to do as if they hadMakes you think forgive as the main focus then the article wouldnt make muchomg what are they sense.on about, will heleave? Wont he The colour schemeleave? It could be here is very gold,anything. And silver and white.makes people want Making it feel veryto read on and find chavy and RnB like.out what they are As they tend to go foron about this look. I am notAs he is a big focus going to doin this group. But something like this asits good as usually I am going down theforgive is the main metal genre.focus so its good foranother band This looks very clean and fresh looking. As themember to have layout is basic but I like it basic as then you aresome fame spot more focused on the article rather than thelight on them. images or quotes.
  36. 36. The colour scheme here is very autumn like with warm colours andI really like the layout dark colours put together which I think is s good thing to do. Havinghere as there is more the text on a white background is making mcr’s picture look like aimage than text, which photo from school with blood on ripped out and stuck on top of theis something I could text.think about doing. As Idont want there to bea lot of text or images I Having thewant a combination of text smallthe both. As I like how and to thethere is a quote over right isthe middle of the page different .saying school of hard But stillknocks which is followingsuggesting this is from conventions.when they 1st made it So itsfrom their 2nd CD “ somethingthree cheers for sweet that I couldrevenge” as the look into?uniform is from their Their is a lot of red used on this page, which ismusic video “Im not making them match the quote, outcasts more.okay I promise” Which As they do come across as that but really theyis an amazing song. arent. They are nice people