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for my preliminary task

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Preliminary task

  1. 1. Preliminary task <br />By Amber Roberts <br />
  2. 2. What I have to do <br />For this I have to look back at my two front covers which I have anaylised in the previous task and use them in order for me to create a decent enough front cover. <br />
  3. 3. Evaluation<br /> <br />For this task I did to begin with find it a bit hard to think up ideas on what to do my college magazine on. As there are so many types of genres and groups of people at The Henley College it would be impossible to target everyone.<br />Things for me to think about before I create my magazine:- <br />mind map <br /> issues affecting students <br />latest gossip <br />petitions <br />exam advice <br />activities clubs <br />local businesses <br />organisations <br />links too college <br />Henley regatta <br />Charity <br />Fair trade <br />Enrichment activities <br />Sport <br />Henley town <br />Open days <br />Student achievements <br /> Who are the target audience for your college magazine <br />Students, staff, visitors, to the college , interested parties, parents, governors, Henley town residents <br />
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  6. 6. For the target audience there are so many people at the college everyday sometimes 1000 pupils a day, it would be very hard to target everyone who attended the Henley College. But as you walk around and visit the canteen you can clearly see the groups of people at The Henley College <br />
  7. 7. Scene kids<br />Emo kids <br />Mix genders <br />geeks<br />Moshers<br />Metal lovers <br />Freaks <br />arty<br />Wanna be celebs<br />Girly girls <br />Goths <br />Sporty people<br />so as you can see trying to target all of these would be a very hard task for even the most experienced of people. But I am going to target the girly girls as they seem to be the biggest group here at the Henley College and would be easy for me to gain a profit if I target it correctly. <br />
  8. 8. Mock up of final magazine <br />
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Mock up of my college magazine <br />When I came to edit my magazine well create a draft I went through many design ideas but finally I decided to use this one. Originally I was going too use this as my magazine front cover but after getting some feedback from my friends I realised it wasn’t up to standards. So I then thought I could use it as my draft as it fits in well with my final magazine front cover which I am quite proud of. Creating this was hard. As on my computer at home it doesn’t have Photoshop so I spent a few hours going round my friend Leah ( <<< girl in the picture) with an eraser which took a while but I was pleased with the outcome from this. Overall from this draft I do think I have far to much information for a front cover as from my research the “cosmopolitan” front page had loads of info but cut down to bite sized phrases like “ did my text kill my sister” enables the reader to have a clear and quick glance of the magazine before opening it up at home. In my magazine I am going to not make the same mistake as I have done in my draft as I don’t think it would get a very good mark anyways. <br />I do also like the fonts and titles I have used here and I will be using some of them in my final front cover which should be good. As trying to think up quick and snappy phrases is harder than it looks but I think I have done well. I really do like the mast head “ Henley Girl” its kind of like a pun as we go to The Henley College makes its seem official if a guy or girl were to buy magazine. Its also a play on words as well as Henley college is a college in Henley and Henley Girl is being sold in the Henley College. <br />
  11. 11. Final Ideas for my college magazine.<br />The Picture that I have used it of my friend Natalie this is taken from my unit one project for Photography and I think it is an amazing photograph to use for a front page. As its just screaming out look at me look at me , but has a very sophisticated look to it as well and I do think that it looks very professional as well. I am proud of this picture. <br />Also with it being in Black and white enables the reader to take a closer look at my front page. As if it was in colour he or she would have to just quickly glance to gain the concept of this magazine but with it in Black and white they take longer to look and think about what the meaning behind the picture is. <br />
  12. 12. My final front cover  <br />
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Creating this magazine was really hard and very complicated to create as we got shown how to use in design which too me is far too confusing for me to create so I used paint and publisher as they are basics and are so easy to use. I love how the picture takes up the whole of the image and the text and the fonts are very eye catching and I don’t think I have over loaded it with information this time. Which is a good thing as my draft had far too much information on there and looked more like a poster than a magazine.<br />This time my response from friends was a lot better and more happier with the final outcome which in turn made me feel more confident with making magazines. <br />
  15. 15. Contents page <br />when I create the proper magazine I know not to over load it with too much information and too keep it short and sweet so its not over the top and not to have too much going on <br />This is my draft of my contents page and I am very pleased with it. As its very simple and very basic.<br />