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Games and Methods for Teaching ESL

Games and Methods for Teaching ESL






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  • Many thanks for your sharing.
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  • Games are the most loved method in teaching ESL to young learners. Here's one I created. Hope this helps you in keeping your classroom fun and educational. :)

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  • Games can also be used for moral education. Here is one that I created for my children with 'Tumble Down Game':


    Use this game to request children to provide adjectives of how someone will feel:

    1) when they take care and interest to build a strong foundation (to start the game)
    2) when they have been lied to
    3) when they play as a team
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  • games and methods for teachingESl,and how to play it.
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Games and Methods for Teaching ESL Games and Methods for Teaching ESL Presentation Transcript

  • Games and Methods For Teaching ESL
  • Why Use Games to Teach ESL?
    • Language learning is a hard task
    • Constant effort is required to understand language
    • Well-chosen ESL games are very useful
    • Provide meaningful and useful language in real contexts.
    • Games are highly motivating
    • They encourage and increase cooperation
  • When to Use Games
    • As a short warm-up activities
    • When there is time left at the end of a lesson
    • At all stages of the lesson
    • To execute review exercises
    • To help learners recall material
  • How to Choose Games
    • Games should:
    • be more than just fun
    • involve "friendly" competition
    • keep all students involved and interested.
    • keep students focus on the use of language
    • help students learn, practice, review language material
  • Advantages of using games in the classroom Help make and sustain the effort of learning. Create a meaningful context for language use. Encourage students to interact and communicate. Provide language practice in the various skills They are motivating and challenging Games give students a break
  • Benefits of Using Games in the ESL Classroom Benefits
    • Affective:
    • lowers affective filter
    • encourages creative and
    • spontaneous use of language
    • promotes communicative
    • competence
    • motivates
    • fun
    • Cognitive:
    • reinforces
    • reviews and extends
    • focuses on grammar in a
    • communicative manner
    • Class Dynamics:
    • student centered
    • teacher acts only as facilitator
    • builds class cohesion
    • fosters whole class participation
    • promotes healthy competition
    • Adaptability:
    • easily adjusted for age, level,
    • and interests
    • utilizes all four skills
  • Concentration
    • Aim: Word Association
    • How to play
    • Lay the cards, face down
    • Cards can be placed in rows
    • If the cards match, player keeps them
    • Player is awarded one point
    • It is the next player’s turn.
    • If cards don’t match, player returns them
    • Player looses turn.
    • Level and Language Learning
    • Level 1: Cards only have pictures
    • Level 2: One card has the picture, other card has the word.
    • Level 3: Both cards have only the words.
  • Flash Cards
    • Aim: Sentence building, finding synonyms and antonyms
    • How to play
    • The word is written on one side of a card
    • The teacher flashes the cards
    • The students read it instantly.
    • Cards can be shuffled and read by the
    • student.
  • Suggestions to the Teacher
    • Games should be regarded as supplementary activities.
    • Teachers should carefully choose appropriate games.
    • Teachers should not compel students to participate.
    • Some learners may not want to participate.
    • Forcing students does not have successful results.
    • Always give clear instructions .
  • Michelle Rodriguez E00033870 [email_address]