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Software Process... the good parts


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slides from Pittsburgh Ruby on my software process journey

slides from Pittsburgh Ruby on my software process journey

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  • 1. Software Process, the good parts pgh.rb
  • 2. quis, quid, cur, quomodo, ubi, quando, quibus auxiliis who? what? why? how? where? when? with what?
  • 3. Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea rouser of rabble
  • 4. AgileI hated it
  • 5. I hated the dogmahated that it wasn’t working
  • 6. Beware the ‘Expert’
  • 7. People say ‘Agile’, they really mean ‘Scrum’
  • 8. Salt Lake Agile Wonders of the Agile World Roundtable
  • 9. I went there to get ammunition
  • 10. What I found was more Smart People Discussing Ideas interesting
  • 11. Crystal•Frequent Delivery•Reflective Improvement•Close or Osmotic Communication•Personal Safety•Focus•Easy Access to Expert Users•Automated Tests, Configuration Management and Frequent Integration.
  • 12. Context Matters•Criticality•Size•Scope•Schedule•Contractors•Distributed
  • 13. MVPMinimally ViableProcess
  • 14. XP
  • 15. Leanwaste not
  • 16. kanbansee the flow
  • 17. Recipe for Success•Focus on Quality•Reduce Work-in-Progress•Deliver Often•Balance Demand against Throughput•Prioritize•Attack Sources of Variability to Improve Predictability
  • 18. Visual Pull Signaling + Metrics
  • 19. leanstartupconnect dots
  • 20. programmingzbgureshpxredo you speak it?
  • 21. where were we?
  • 22. hardest thing to doInspect and Adapt
  • 23. Cargo Cultingall ceremonyno substance
  • 24. ARxTAWe believe Agile software development is beingdumbed down, commodified, and is losing its spirit. Weseek to replace the current name with one having twovirtues: first, that it capture more exactly the attitudesoriginally behind Agile; second, that it be obscureenough that no one will assume they already knowwhat it means and that—amazingly enough!—they are
  • 25. Working software is the primary measure of progress.
  • 26. Duality Building vs Planning But what are we building and why?
  • 27. Dude’s Law
  • 28. can I be less meta?
  • 29. No
  • 30. Sorry
  • 31. the hardest thing in software is capturing the vision
  • 32. "If you want to build a ship, dont drum uppeople to collect wood and dont assign themtasks and work, but rather teach them tolong for the endless immensity of the sea."- Antoine de Saint Exupéry
  • 33. Telling the Story
  • 34. "As a <role>, I want<goal/desire> so that<benefit>"
  • 35. that’s one way to do it a user story is a promise to have a conversation...
  • 36. The Backlog is a Ghetto where stories go to die
  • 37. Story Mapping
  • 38. We design systems, why don’t we design teams?
  • 39. who needs to join the party?
  • 40. different strokes for different folks
  • 41. Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance
  • 42. 6 Laws Of Reliability says nothing about computersIsolationConcurrencyFailure DetectionFault IdentificationLive UpgradeStable Storage
  • 43. Not the end... ....only the beginning
  • 44. Advocacy• I really like kanban• I really like XP technical practices• focus on quality• everything depends on context, but in context make policies explicit• if something doesn’t feel right, you are doing something wrong, might be that thing, but might be you• if you aren’t getting results, change something• if you are changing too much too often, you won’t get good results• measure• process is a competitive advantage, passion is a competitive advantage, don’t let process kill passion• smart people solve problems
  • 45. ThanksQuestions?Comments?War Stories?@littleidea