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  • Structure of this presentation: OpportunityOpening: respond the theme of the conference and point out that the new media, new marketing and new business model you will present is “Ushi- Chinese Top BSNSP (Business Social Network Service Provider)”.Value of BSNS: what is BSNS, value is to recover the hidden networkEmerging market in China for BSNS: Target users, market capacityBrand Value of UshiWhat is Ushi? Ushi meet the requirements of business people. No1. PC/Mobile phone BSNS provider in ChinaQuality Network: 100 business leader, invite onlyQuality Opportunity: success storyGrowing influence power of UshiIdentify UshiComparing with SNS website: gain fun, gain moneyComparing to other BSNS website: Quality of Network, Quality of networkQ&A


  • 1. Quality Network, Quality Opportunity
    Xu,Fei 20100709
  • 2. When we indulge in “stealing vegetable”, “grabbing parking space” of……
  • 3. Barack Obama was using Linkedin to win the selection of President of the United States of America…
  • 4.
    • Covers 50%+ white collar.
    • 5. $100million+ Annual revenue
    • 6. $1billion value
    Business Social Network Service
  • 7. What is the Value of BSNS
  • 8. BSNS unlocks the hidden network…
  • 9. Some Pioneers heard that and found it a good opportunity…
  • 10. They started to try the named “BSNS” Model in Chinese Market, but all failed.
  • 11. Chinese internet users are too young. There is no adequate BSNS users in China?
  • 12. China has huge market for BSNS…1 2 3 4 5 6 The number of internet users are increasing fast.
  • 13. China has huge market for BSNS…1 2 3 4 5 6Low Penetrationindicates high potential.
  • 14. China has huge market for BSNS… 1 2 3 4 5 6 Target Users of BSNS: (a) 25-aged above
    Target Users of BSNS: (a) 25-aged above
  • 15. China has huge market for BSNS… 1 23 4 5 6
    Target Users of BSNS: (b) well-educated
    Target Users of BSNS: (b) well-educated
  • 16. China has huge market for BSNS… 1 2 3 4 5 6Target Users of BSNS: (c) white collar, professionals, and entrepreneur.
    Target Users of BSNS:
    (c) white collar, professionals, and entrepreneur.
  • 17. China has huge market for BSNS… 1 2 3 4 5 6Target Users of BSNS: (d) stable income
    Target Users of BSNS:
    (d) Stable income
  • 18. 这是为什么呢?
    Different Culture?
    Chinese don’t need business relationship?
    Chinese don’t like to share network?
  • 19. 生意人要树立对人际关系长期投资的观念…
    guan xi
    关 系
    Chinese care about Guan Xi very much.
    Chinese like to expand and exchange Guan Xi Actively.
  • 20. 真相はひとつだけあります
    One Truth!
  • 21. Do the right thing in right way…
  • 22. cracks the codes to success…
  • 23. What is
  • 24. 优士 [yōu shì] means 'outstanding professionals' in Chinese…
  • 25. with a double meaning of 'competitive advantage'.
  • 26. Ushi is a fast-growing private and invitation-only business social networking platform that is connecting China's white collar professionals and entrepreneurs via mobile phones and PCs …
  • 27. Ushi makes it easier to find
    new customers,
    jobs, and
    experts, and
    enables members to share and discuss information.
  • 28. 100 Charter Members who are successful business leaders in China, including partners of the most famous VC firms, investment banks, law firms, and accounting firms, as well as CEOs of advertising agencies, luxury brands, and leading companies in Internet, mobile, renewable energy, travel, hotel, real estate and other industries.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31. 4
    100 Charter Members … leaders you need to know
    100 Charter Members invite 15,000 contacts
    Invite-only preserves quality
    Strong brand, deliver status
    Fee-based system is a major quality filter.
    Virtual currency, pay-per-use model + subscription.
    Users trust.
    Users input real profile data.
    Mobile from start
    Good reason to invite contacts.
    Cracks the codes = virtuous cycle
  • 32. Pure viral!
    30,000members in4 months
    3,000 CEOs and Presidents
  • 33. Already the most active BSNS in China
    1 2
  • 34. Already the most active BSNS in China1 2
  • 35. Ushi acts like a connection roadmap that navigates the shortest and most effective route…
  • 36. It is time to shot.
  • 37. Stop stealing vegetable …
    "I heard it was because he stole the boss's crops."
  • 38. Join !
  • 39. XU FEI, Email:, Tel: 86 21 51759800 ext 125
    Quality Network, Quality Opportunity