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Migration flows across the world.

Slides of my presentation at iDays in Norrköping at Visualisering-C and NOSP.

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People Movin

  1. peoplemovin September 7th, 2011 Carlo Zapponi Visualizing migration flows
  2. who am I? 2
  3. carlo zapponi 3
  4. @littleark 4
  5. traveling
  6. mixing cultures
  7. creativity
  8. An introduction
  9. frog drives innovation for the connected worldWe help the world’s leading companies create and bring to marketmeaningful products, services, and experiences.Our multidisciplinary process reveals valuable consumer and market insights anddelivers lasting, humanizing solutions across technologies, platforms, and media.Insight Technology Inspiration ImpactWe discover market We leverage emerging We express opportunities in We create lasting brand equityopportunities through deep technologies to define rich visual form and business impact acrossinsight and intuition. new product concepts to inspire and motivate multiple organizations, systems and experiences. organizations. and technologies. Designing engaging and meaningful experiences 16/11/11
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  11. a world of tweetsa real-time data infographics of the twitter sphere -
  12. peoplemovin
  13. infographicsvisualizing data in a meaningful way
  14. World Bank Open Data
  15. more than 215 million people
  16. more than 215 million people,3% of the world population
  17. more than 215 million people,3% of the world population, liveoutside their countries of birth
  18. people moveshowing the migration flows across the world
  19. map viewI started with a visualization of flows over a map
  20. flow diagraminspiration from Sankey diagrams
  21. people movinmigration flows across the world
  22. peoplemovin is 22
  23. from left to rightsource countries are on the left, destinations are on the right
  24. verticalcountries are shown as bars vertically placed in alphabetical order
  25. coloredthe “hotter” the color, the larger the flow
  26. interactiveclicking on the bars shows outgoing/incoming flows
  27. playfulthe user can navigate from country to country following the flows
  28. HTML5it runs on the latest browsers, on iPad and iPhone and Android
  29. Sources.The World Bank Open Data.Migration and Remittances Factbook 2011.US Census Bureau, International Database 29
  30. large coverage on the webpeoplemovin generated thousands of peoplemovin has been featuredtweets and facebook contacts. The web on Wired UK, DataVisualization,site had more than 40,000 unique visitors InfoAesthetics, FlowingData, the first two months.
  31. some facts 31
  32. United Statesis the top migrant destination with almost 43 millions immigrants
  33. USA
  34. USARussian Federation
  35. USARussian FederationGermany
  36. USARussian FederationGermanySaudi Arabia
  37. USARussian FederationGermanySaudi ArabiaCanada
  38. Qataris the top immigration country relative to population 77%
  39. 12 millions mexicans are in the US Mexico-USA is the largest migration corridor in the world
  40. from native to migrantsnew international borders create new migrants
  41. German of KazakhstanDescendant of Volga Germans, deported to Kazakhstan after the Nazi German Invasion during World War II
  42. Indians in the United Arab EmiratesIndians form over 40% of the total population of the UAE: petroleum and construction
  43. Saudi Arabia the 3rd destination for Indians Indians are the largest immigrants community in Saudi Arabia
  44. Sweden14% of the population comes from another country
  45. can I use it? 45
  46. can I use it? sure 46
  47. peoplemovin is based on aHTML5 Open Source toolkitcalled DataMovin
  48. what next? 48
  49. give meaning to the length ofthe connecting lines
  50. add a time based point of view
  51. final release
  52. a di erent view of the world