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cw cv 2013
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cw cv 2013


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  • 1. CLAUDIA WESTERMANNPhD, Pgr.Dipl. Media Art, Dipl.-Ing. Arch., chartered architecthttp://www.litra-design.comBorn: January , —Heidelberg, GermanyP  M.- Associate Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University, Suzhou, China, Departmentof Architecture.- Invited Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Ubiquity, peer reviewed journal, Intellect,Bristol, UK (st issue in ).- Member, American Society for Cybernetics (ASC).- Invited Member, Leonardo Reviews Panel, Leonardo, the journal of the InternationalSociety for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, MIT Press, A&HCI listed journal.- Founder,LaboratoryforInhabitableeoriesandResearchinArchitecture; Researchand Art/Design Practice (licensed).- Chartered Member, German Chamber of Architects, section BaWüA T.-. Art, Science, Technology – Part-time PhD candidate at the Centre for Advanced In-quiries in the Integrative Arts (CAiiA), hub of the Planetary Collegium, PlymouthUniversity, UK. First supervisor: Prof. Roy Ascott. Second supervisor: Prof. MikePhillipsResearch Title: An Experimental Research into Inhabitable eories.Transfer Report MPhil/PhD reviewed by Prof. Alberto Pérez-Gómez (McGill), with recommen-dations transferred to PhD leel. e thesis was submitted in March 2011. e oral examinationtook place on June 09, 2011, with Dr. David Cunningham (Westminster) and Prof. Dr. Alessan-dro Aurigi (Plymouth) as examiners. Official certificate issued in October 2011..-. Media Fine Arts – Part-time postgraduate studies at the School of Art and Design atthe Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe, Germany; Postgraduate Certifi-cate in Media Fine ArtsSchool operates diploma studies that are influenced by the Bauhaus education model. Conditionfor the entrance exam for the postgraduate track (Aufbaustudium) was a previous degree equiva-lent to a Masters.-. Architecture – Tampere University of Technology, Finland.-. Architecture – University of Karlsruhe, Germany; academic title issued: Dipl. Ing.e school operated a continental diploma model. e degree is equivalent to an MSc in Architec-ture, and is recognized by the German Chamber of Architects as a pre-condition for – 
  • 2. P . Professional licensure with the German Chamber of Architects, section Baden-Würt-temberg (Registration Board); AL no. P A P.-. Faculty Member, Vienna University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture. Instituteof Architecture and Design, subdivision: Building eory and Design. Austrian po-sition title: Univ.Ass.postdoc; (full time fixed-term contract)Design classes at Bachelor and Master leel (approx.  design class students per semes-ter), seminars at Master leel, lectures within the series at Bachelor and Master leel -two of my tutored students received prestigious awards for their design proposalsPosition at the second leel in a four leel system of regularly appointed faculty (Uni. Ass./ Uni.Ass. postdoc / a.o. Prof. / Prof.), comparable to a British Senior LecturerP R.- Claudia Westermann, Freie Architektin; research and art/design practice: Labora-tory for Inhabitable eories and Research in Architecturework has included research, art works, architectural and graphic design projects – see lists of exhi-bitions, publication, and built design.-. Planum Architekten, Baden-Baden, Germany (freelance cooperation)Competition design: two new buildings for the Uniersity of Applied Sciences and Arts Hildes-heim, Germany - awarded: first purchase.-. Rossmann + Partner Architekten, Karlsruhe, Germany (employed)Contribution to award winning projects in all design phases, building costs ranging om 10 to 60Mio Euro. Refurbishment and Addition School Centre Sinsheim, Refurbishment and AdditionHospital Bad-Cannstadt, Mann-Mobilia Nürnberg and Reconstruction Mann Mobilia Karls-ruhe (BDA award).-. Rossmann + Partner Architekten, Karlsruhe, Germany (student assistant, part time, hours per week, / interrupted for  months due to a Finland studies schol-arship)CAD commissioner on award winning projects with building costs ranging om 7 to 40 Mio EuroI C & W  U e Bartlett, University College London, UK. Final Crit, Diploma Unit . Courseleaders: Shaun Murray, Marjan Colletti School of the Art Institute Chicago, Chicago, USA – Architecture Faculty. Informalcritique, rd year BFA (Architecture), Course leader: Anders Nereimcv – 
  • 3.  University of Innsbruck, Austria, Faculty for Architecture, Visiting Lecturer, “NetConcepts” in the frame of the “Concepts” seminar by Achim Wollscheide workshop consisted of two days on-site teaching and four weeks occasional online teachingI L & P  U Performing Architecture, AA Symposium - e Unprimed Canvas: Burgeoning fieldsin practice. Architectural Association, London, UK; Februar ; available in AA’svideo archive at: Inhabitable eories, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), DesignContext, series:Orientation / Disorientation, Switzerland; May  Kunst der Konstruktion (Art of Construction) – University of Applied Sciences andArts, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Virtual De-sign Spaces – Introduction, Department of Art and Technology (Tiffany Holmes), Schoolof the Art Institute, Chicago, USA; Apr.  Greed, Love, Wisdom, and the Labeling of the Self – HfG Karlsruhe (University forArt and Design) at the ZKM, Germany; in coop. with Gheorghe Dan; Febr.  From Form to Sound to Space. From Fixed to Mobile, HfG Karlsruhe (University forArt and Design) at the ZKM, GermanyP A S & C.-. Member of the Scientific Committee for “Consciousness Reframed  - New Reali-ties : Being Syncretic - A transdisciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology andsociety”, International Conference, Vienna, - July .-. Member of the Planning Committee for “Consciousness Reframed  - New Reali-ties : Being Syncretic - A transdisciplinary inquiry into art, science, technology andsociety”, International Conference, Vienna, - July .-. Member of the Planning Committee for the program of the ICAMT (InternationalCommittee for Architecture and MuseumTechniques) Annual Meeting and Sympo-sium in the framework of the ICOM  in ViennaC P–forthcoming Acting – Learning – Understanding, International Conference, Bolton, UK; July - Aug.  (abstract accepted) Di-Egyfest.,BehindtheImageandBeyond,InternationalConference,Cairo,Egypt;March - April cv – 
  • 4.  MutaMorphosis, Stream of Interest Moderator, International Conference, Prague,Czech Republic; Dec. - Consciousness Reframed , Making Reality Really Real, Trondheim, Norway; Nov.- Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics – A Meta Disciplinary Conversation, Troy,New York; July -Aug.  th Planetary Collegium International Research Conference, Consciousness Re-framed, Experiencing Design – Behaving media, München, Deutschland; Nov. - Consciousness Reframed , New Realities : Being Syncretic, University of AppliedArts, Vienna; July - Planetary Collegium Summit: Reviewing e Future – Vision, Innovation, Emer-gence, Montreal, Canada; April - European Science Foundation, Linköping University Conference on Cities and Me-dia. Cultural Perspectives on Urban Identities in a Mediatized World, University ofLinköping, Schweden; Oct. - Consciousness Reframed: art and consciousness in the post-biological era. th Inter-national Research Conference, University of Plymouth, England; July - Transmodalities: Mind, Art, New Media – Symposium, Sabanci University, Istanbul,Turkey; Dec. - Altered States: transformations of perception, place, and performance, InternationalConference, University of Plymouth; July - Shaping Consciousness: New Media, Spirituality, and Identity, International Sym-posium, Dallas Museum of Art; April - Qi and Complexity - Consciousness Reframed : e th International ResearchConference, Beijing, China; Nov. - CiberArtBilbao,InternationalFestivalofNewTechnologies,Art&Communication,Symposium, Bilbao, Spain; April - Redes Sensoriais: arte, ciência, technologia (Sensorial Nets), International ResearchConference, Fortaleza, Brazil; Nov. - Art and Consciousness in the Post-biological Era, University of Wales College, New-port; July - Cast, Living in Mixed Realities, International Conference, Sankt Augustin, Ger-many; Sept. -S P Westermann, C., “Open Future. Design as Infinite Drawing Forth”, in: Di-Egyfest., Research Abstracts, Cairo: Egyptian Ministry of Culture, p.  Westermann, C., “Start, ree Geese, and Hopscotch of Change”, in: Trojan Horses –A Rattle Bag om the “Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics – A Meta-DisciplinaryConersation” post-conference workshop, echoraum, Vienna; pp. -, , , , ,cv – 
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  • 8. B D- Vienna, Austria, refurbishment of thefacade, theentrance andthestaircaseof a build-ing from , planning and monitoring- Vienna, Austria, reconstruction of two traditional workers’ apartments built in ( sqm); building survey, calculations of heat demand (low temperature heating),commissioning of structural engineer (enforcements according to the earthquake reg-ulations, closing of the aeration courtyard), building permission, construction anddetail planning, tender processes, monitoring Leimen, Germany, roof extension to a one family house – scheme planning, buildingpermissionS R Grigar, D., (Reviewer): “Review: e th International Research Conference: Con-sciousness Reframed: Qi and Complexity, - November , Beijing, China”;Group review; Leonardo - Digital Reviews, Jan. R G & S Research funds from the University of Applied Arts and the City of Vienna for Con-sciousness Reframed  International Conference; one of three main organizers of theconference (  Euro) ESF-LiU Conference: Cities and Media, Linköping, Sweden; Invitation, funded bythe European Science Foundation (  Euro)- Genesis grant of the ZKM for the production of btd x and Widerhall – video compo-sitions; in cooperation with composers Sean Reed and Florian Hecker –  months(approx.   Euro production grant)- Erasmus scholarship of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for studiesin Architecture at the University of Technology Tampere, Finland –  months- Canada scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and Education Baden-Württemberg,Germany –  monthsA & R Nomination of btd x in the category animation, International Festival of Cinema andTechnology, New York, USAcv – 
  • 9.  Good design medal Hugo Häring Preis by the BDA (German RIBA equivalent) forthe reconstruction of Mann Mobilia Karlsruhe, home-centre ( Mio Euro), contri-bution to all phases of design while employed with Rossmann & Partner Architects;listed as team member in the official publications related to the prize First Purchase, competition entry, Two New Buildings for the Uniersity of AppliedSciences and Arts Hildesheim, Germany ( sqm /  Mio Euro), lead designer, incooperation with Planum Architects, Baden-Baden, Germany th prize, competition entry, A Monument for the Karhumäki Brothers, Kuorevesi,FinlandO A- Member of the administration team for “Syndicate Mailing List for Media Culture -for the fostering of exchange between Eastern and Western Europe”~400 subscribers, e list’s main years of activity were om 2001 to 2007. Diverse online-com-munity-projects. Syndicate was funded by Atelier Nord in Oslo om 2001 to 2009, and by Kudain Novi Sad om 2009 onwards- Co-Author of “balles/voir-venir” project and collaborative blog with  au-thors. First French blog according to anthology. Initiated by Frédéric Madre.Last updated: June , . Typeset in XELATEX.Laboratory for Inhabitable eories and Research in Architecturecv – 