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Today’s CIOs are faced with a growing set of challenges to do more with less and make it…. Faster, Better, Easier. Challenges include:
Infrastructure needs such as virtualization strategies, data Center strategies, and optimizing resources
Application needs such as getting access to the best applications, rapidly deploying them to users and as a result reducing time to market for their services
Financial needs such as reducing capital expenses, linking expenses to consumption and outsourcing to 3rd parties
To meet these challenges, many CIOs are considering how Cloud Computing can play a role in their IT strategies. Benefits of cloud computing include:
Enhancing business agility
Linking expenses to resource consumption rather than resource capacity
Gaining access to a much richer range of services and applications at a much lower cost and in a shorter time frame than traditionally possible

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tw telecom Intelligent Network Presentation

  1. 1. tw telecom’s IntelligentNetworkMay 3, 2012 Lito Delmo AEII 602-385-8441
  2. 2. CIO Priorities – Movement to the Cloud “Make it…Faster…Better…Easier” Infrastructure Needs Virtualization Strategies Data Center Architecture Optimization of Resources Financial Needs Reduce CapEx Application Needs Link OpEx to Access to Best of Breed Apps Consumption Cloud Computing Rapid ApplicationLeverage 3rd Party Solutions Development Resources Reduce Time to Market IDC predicts that in 2012 over 80% of new applications will be distributed / deployed on clouds. IDC 2012 Predictions, Dec. 2011
  3. 3. Changing Network Dynamics * As businesses move their applications outside of their private networks and into the “Cloud”, they need to consider the impact to application security, reliability, visibility and control* Cisco Data Center Report 2011
  4. 4. tw telecom’s Intelligent Network• tw telecom’s Intelligent Network helps businesses solve problems and enable next generation IT strategies by providing value added capabilities to increase visibility, flexibility and control for Managed Services and Ethernet solutions that connect Enterprises, Data Centers and Applications Providers.• The Intelligent network supports businesses changing applications consumption and delivery models to ensure peak performance in cloud computing or traditional applications environments 4
  5. 5. It All Starts with the Network• tw telecom’s assets, customer experience and solutions are the foundation for the Intelligent Network. • One nation-wide network and systems architecture and platform The Network • Multiple logical services running on one physical infrastructure • National and metro reach connecting over 15,500 enterprise buildings and data centers • Innovative product portfolio • Next generation Ethernet and Managed services with robust features • Industry leading customer experience • Customer self service and control through our portal • Leverage new IT consumption models enabling real time connections between enterprises and IT infrastructure 5
  6. 6. Our Ethernet Position• 3rd largest Ethernet provider in the United States• Over 10 years of experience designing and managing Ethernet metro and WAN solutions• 2010 MEF 9 & 14 Certification • 10 Gig, Fractional 10 Gig, Long haul• Industry Leadership: • 2011 Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award for Retail Carrier Ethernet Services • 2006 Awarded “Best in Class” for metro Ethernet Services -Atlantic ACM 6
  7. 7. Value Added Capabilities• Value Added Capabilities are layered on to tw telecom’s network services to provide greater visibility, flexibility and control of applications traffic traversing Value Added Capabilities your Metro or Wide Area Network:• Enhanced Management: Real time visibility of end-to-end network performance metrics to assist planning, trouble shooting and fine tuning your network for optimal performance. Available for all Visibility managed locations and backed by comprehensive SLAs• Dynamic Bandwidth Capacity*: Ability to make real-time, on the fly bandwidth adjustments via MyPortal to address fluctuating traffic demands• Application Aware Networking*: Real-time, granular visibility of application traffic and the ability to adjust prioritization by specific application to optimize performance *Future capabilities
  8. 8. Tying It All Together The Ecosystem• tw telecom’s Intelligent Network brings enterprises, data centers, application providers and cloud solutions together to create a business ecosystem for our customers.• tw telecom is enabling a partnering strategy with key data centers and application providers to facilitate connections for businesses that need more security and reliability than provided by Internet connections. • Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is the first of these arrangements
  9. 9. Benefits of the Intelligent Network• tw telecom’s Intelligent Network provides real time visibility of key performance metrics, flexibility to make real time changes to your bandwidth, and control of applications prioritization. With tw telecom, your business can receive a private network connections into private cloud environments with all the tools and network intelligence needed to make the transition with confidence.• Benefits Include: • Comprehensive end-to-end and segment by segment real time visibility into key network performance metrics • Ability to scale your bandwidth up and down on-demand to meet the needs of specific application traffic patterns and align with new application consumption models • Visibility and control of specific application traffic on your network. • Reliable, secure, cost effective connections to public and private data centers throughout the United States. • Private network connections to leading cloud-based applications providers allowing you to bypass “best effort” Internet connections • End to end Service Level Agreements guaranteeing network performance
  10. 10. Thank YouMay 3, 2012