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Barton reading and spelling powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Barton Readingand SpellingInterventionBySuellen Mee
  • 2. Barton Reading and SpellingSystem Influenced by Dr. Orton and AnnaGillingham A unique method and sequence toimprove reading skills of children and adultswith dyslexia Intensive reading intervention designedfor students who struggle with reading Students are taught phonemic awarenessand phonics
  • 3. The Barton Reading andSpelling System (Cont.) Scripted lesson plans guide students in themastery of the language continuum Increases fluidity and flexibility betweenlistening, speaking and writing Skills build on each other so no essentialskill is missed
  • 4. Implementation Students meet in small groups (1:4teacher/student ratio) 45 minutes to 1 houreach day Lessons can not be taught unless all studentsare present Lessons consist of phonemicawareness, practice reading words andphrases, and decodable text Work on fluency, vocabulary andcomprehension
  • 5. Benton County Benton county has implemented earlyintervention program in all 4 elementaryschools Screened kindergarten and first graders toidentify students at risk The Barton Reading and Spelling Systemwas used for high risk students in the “Tier3” category
  • 6. Benton County
  • 7. Florida Independent Study Involved 2 different Speech-Languageclinics Significant improvement seen after 40weeks of 1 on 1 Barton tutoring More than 2 years of decoding andreading comprehension More than 1.5 years of fluency
  • 8. Florida Independent
  • 9. Alaska Independent Study 45 students, grade 2-11, were given GORT4 pretest for “before” scores Students given 2 to 3 hours of one on oneBarton tutoring per week Students showed 2 years of gain in just 6months
  • 10. Alaska Study
  • 11. The Barton Reading andSpelling System A unique researched based readingintervention Successfully teaches phonemicawareness, phonics, fluency andcomprehension Proven study that would help manychildren across the country
  • 12. Works Cited Lewis, E., & Bowers, C. (2003). Research supportsphonological gains with intervention. BartonReading & Spelling System. Retrieved from Benton, AR Intensive reading intervention report.(n.d.). Retrieved from Significant gains demonstrated in reading realizedafter utilizing the Barton Reading and SpellingProgram. (n.d.). Retrieved from