Borders Were Made to Invite & Intrigue Us, Not Divide Us


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Fewer than 1/2 of 1% of minority college students study abroad. EcoPassports has partnered with the national student agriculture organization, MANRRS, to help remedy that.

EcoPassports is devoted to study abroad, global citizenship and the life-changing opportunities that come about when people of different places and cultures unite. We are committed to empowering world communities, local economic development, and sustainable land practices through the growing legion of global student citizens.

EcoPassports has developed a variety of study abroad options to fit the wide range of schedules, interests and travel goals.

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Borders Were Made to Invite & Intrigue Us, Not Divide Us

  1. 1. “Borders were made to intrigue us, not to divide us” MANRRS Travel Abroad Workshop Steve Sheppard, President EcoPassports
  2. 2. It’s Time to Go Abroad Challenge Thought: TRAVELis the only thing you buy that makes you RICHER
  3. 3. Agenda: What we’re going to accomplish in 50 short minutes • About Me, EcoPassports, and the MANRRS partnership • Who I Am (yes, there is a difference) • Who Are You and Where Do You Want to Travel? Group Exercise • Three Study Abroad Myths that we have to SHATTER TODAY! • Make it Happen: The Steps to Becoming a Global Citizen • Financing: Two upcoming trips, Hawaii & Costa Rica • Conclusion/Wrap-Up: Ok, I Want to Go…Now What? -Sign up Today & help write the next chapter in MANRRS history: Study Abroad -Hawaii Trip: Winter Break 2013 -Costa Rica: Spring Break 2014
  4. 4. About Me(according to LinkedIn)
  5. 5. It’s fair to say you’ve learned ABOUT ME…BUT, THIS IS WHO I AM Steve Sheppard: Traveler, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Doer, Dad Salzburg Rome- The Coliseum Adriatic Sea Frankfurt Croatia Panama
  6. 6. WHAT I’VE HEARD ABOUT STUDY ABROAD Travel Mythbusters
  7. 7. Myth #1: Travel is expensive I could never gain enough money to travel & study abroad
  8. 8.  Have the Right Tools  Plan (WAY) Ahead  Budget Carefully
  9. 9. Myth #2: Study Abroad isn’t for me… My grades aren’t good enough… I don’t have time… I don’t know a foreign language… etc, etc., etc.
  10. 10.  Stop Selling Yourself Short: Figure out a way Abroad  Achieve Your Goals & Dreams  Time & Space for a lifetime of personal experiences LIFEHACKING* * Life hacking refers to any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase results in all walks of life; in other words, anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way might be called a life hack.
  11. 11. Myth #3: Study Abroad is a nice “trip” and way to have fun… But that’s about it
  12. 12. • Have the Right Tools • Plan (WAY) Ahead • Budget Carefully Remember this guy…? Here’s how he views your study abroad experience Source: Next Generation UK Report (December 2011)
  13. 13. • Have the Right Tools • Plan (WAY) Ahead • Budget Carefully Intentional Success: Additional Benefits of joining an EcoPassports Study Abroad Trip • New Experience(s) = New Resume! One-on-One Resume Review • Your resume WILL BE provided to an HR Representative at all corporate tour locations
  14. 14. FIRST STEPS(S) • Figure out WHY you want to travel • Read the book- The 4 hour work week and apply it to your life on campus • Download a GOOD budget planner • Choose your destination • Start Planning: Over which break do you want to go? • Start saving money (beg, borrow, sell stuff)
  15. 15. SECOND STEP(S) • Review your budget and determine best destination based on funds & schedule • Submit your EcoPassports travel deposit: $275 • Update family, friends, and significant others that you’ll be traveling soon • Get your passport NOW! Online or during the upcoming MANRRS Passport Drive
  16. 16. THIRD STEP(S) • Research Funding Resources • A Big & Important Step: More on this in a moment
  17. 17. FOURTH STEP(S) • It’s time to go abroad: Apply online • Lifehack: Complete all the requirements by the application deadline • GO ABROAD! Keep in close contact with EcoPassports or your MANRRS Advisor for specific questions
  18. 18. THE HARD STUFF Must Ask Questions for Diversity Abroad • How is my ethnic group perceived in my host country? What kind of stereotypes are there? • How should I react if I find something to be offensive? • Is the person curious or do they have bad intentions? • The more you get into the spirit of your trip & INTEGRATE with the culture, the less you'll stand out: REMEMBER THE GLOBAL KINSHIP OF AGRICULTURE • Don't go abroad expecting racism or discrimination.
  19. 19. THE GOOD STUFF • You can do this…you really can • Focus on the experience, visualize being there • One you’re there, travel with all five of your senses • Once you do travel…welcome’ll never be the same
  20. 20. Costa Rica? Yes! Cuba? Yes!
  21. 21. YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO GO ABROAD! Funding Your Study Abroad Experience (oversimplified… but only slightly so)
  22. 22. Plan Ahead & calculate the rough costs: •Program Deposit: $275 •Program Fee: $3,500 (avg.) •Passport/Visa: $250 •Meals: Included! •Immunizations: Free! •Personal Cash: Your call! PRIORITIZE Set priorities. Try to put aside 25% to 50% of your paycheck and deposit funds into a separate study abroad account. Do without that coffee, movie, or mall trip & push the additional funds towards your trip.
  23. 23. Financial Aid: •YES! It can be used for study abroad •Visit the Financial Aid Office •Aid amounts vary •Do not assume you will be awarded 100% of the money needed to cover the costs of your travel program. FAST FACT: If you are not currently receiving financial aid, complete a FAFSA. If you currently receive financial aid, you must first apply to a study abroad program.
  24. 24. Scholarships: •Plenty, Plenty, Plenty of availability •Administered by the Ag School & others by the Study Abroad Office • Professional, social, and service organizations also provide scholarship opportunitiesREMEMBER: Don’t miss the application deadlines!
  25. 25. Creative Fundraising: •Direct, informal appeals: the key to successful fundraising is confidence & perseverance! •Flamemaker Projects & Crowdsourcing •Holiday & Birthday Gifts: Request financial gifts or loans! How about a Passport for your birthday? QUICK TIP: Fundraising will help to make your trip more affordable and serves as a way to educate the public about the world of agriculture
  26. 26. To Do: The Call to Action Sign up today and help write the next chapter in MANRRS history: Study Abroad Inaugural Domestic Trip: Hawaii, Winter Break 2013 Inaugural International Trip: Costa Rica, Spring Break 2014
  27. 27. Your Study Abroad Experience = Intentional Success All-inclusive, affordable LifeHacking! • The next chapter in MANRRS history • Loans/Funding Assistance available • Post-travel employment assistance
  28. 28.  Once you travel, you’ll never be the same  Focus on the experience, visualize being there  Once you’re there, travel with all five of your senses  You can do this…you really can THE GOOD STUFFAre You Global Citizen Ready? Don’t Wish It…Be It EcoPassports & MANRRS Study Abroad Questions?